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Top 50 Worst Beers by

The 50 worst beers in the United States

1. Olde English 800 3.2
2. Natural Light
3. Natural Ice
4. Milwaukee’s Best Premium
5. Sleeman Clear
6. Michelob Ultra
7. Busch Ice
8. Budweiser Select 55
9. Bud Light Chelada
10. Milwaukee’s Best Light

11. Busch Light
12. Bud Light
13. Keystone Light
14. Miller Genuine Draft Light 64
15. Camo Genuine Ale
16. Keystone Premium
17. Busch Beer
18. Budweiser Chelada
19. Labatt Sterling
20. Milwaukee’s Best Ice
21. Old Milwaukee Ice
22. Hurricane High Gravity Lager
23. Bud Ice
24. Camo Silver Ice High Gravity Lager
25. Beer 30 Light
26. Cave Creek Chili Beer
27. Icehouse Light
28. Corona Light
29. Coors Light
30. Tuborg T-Beer
31. St. Ides Premium Malt Liquor
32. Old Milwaukee
33. Keystone Ice
34. Tuborg T-Beer Citrus/ Lemon
35. B-40 Bull Max 8%
36. Rock Green Light
37. King Cobra Malt Liquor
38. Miller Lite Ice
39. Olde English 800
40. Miller Genuine Draft Light
41. Old Milwaukee Light
42. Molson Ultra
43. Miller Lite
44. Schlitz Malt Liquor OML
45. PC 2.5 g Low Carb
46. Matt Accel
47. Fosters Ice
48. Miller High Life Ice
49. Miller High Life Light
50. Budweiser Select

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