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Warped Wing's Esther’s Lil Secret Brewed in Dayton, Ohio

Warped Wing Brewing & Esther Price Candies collaborate on inaugural holiday beer

Warped Wing Brewing, a Dayton craft brewery and Esther Price Candies, a Dayton premium chocolate company have joined forces to create a unique holiday ale.

Do you remember the magic that happened when chocolate bumped into peanut butter? Or when a cookie slipped from a hand into an unsuspecting glass of milk? Now imagine another euphoric scenario.

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Esther Price, a beloved Dayton icon had a passion and vision for chocolates that changed the way Daytonians experience handcrafted candies. To help carry on Esther’s legacy, Warped Wing is collaborating with Esther Price Chocolates to create a special holiday Scotch Ale called “Esther’s Lil Secret”. This year we’re using Esther’s signature caramels during the brewing process.

This will mark the first in many years to come that both companies will collaborate on a craft holiday beer and chocolate creation. V.P. of Operations, Doug Dressman states “We are pleased to be working with another fine Dayton company using our hand-crafted caramel to create this special holiday Scotch Ale.”


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“What’s up for next year?” “Only Esther knows for sure. And she’s not telling.” Says Nick Bowman, head of Sales & Marketing at WWBC.

The Brewery will host a release party on December 4th at 5:00pm featuring the opportunity to taste the new beer and sample some of Esther Price’s famous candies. The beer will be available for sale in draught only to taverns, restaurants and select retail outlets the following week.
Esther's is red in color with brown highlights. Aromas of nutty/bread and warming hints of caramel. The flavor is full bodied with a malty sweetness and a very low bitterness. There is also a sweetness throughout that finishes with a kiss of Esther Price's signature caramel. Slight roast characteristics complement the maltiness rounding out the flavor. IBU: 22. ABV: 6.5%

Warped Wing Brewing Story
Warped Wing is operated by four Co-Founders: Joe Waizmann, John Haggerty, Nick Bowman, and Mike Stover.

At Warped Wing we believe that our passion for craft beer brings a unique approach to the Dayton, O beer scene. We share enthusiasm for local community development and are committed to brewing well-crafted beers that Daytonians and Ohioans can embrace.

Warped Wing distinguishes itself through its brewing philosophy inspired by Dayton’s rich history of innovation and invention. WWBC is committed to bringing that same spirit forward into today’s American craft beer scene by introducing new proprietary beer styles and brewing their own “warped” interpretations of existing styles. Warped Wing also maintains a focus on creating unique seasonal and specialty beers.

The Warped Wing name is derived from one of Dayton’s famous inventions, “Wing Warping”, a technology invented by the Wright Bros which made controlled flight possible. 


Warped Wing Brewing Company
26 Wyandot Street
Dayton, OH 45402  


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