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Schell's Stag Series - Barrel Aged Schmaltz's Alt

Schell's Stag Series - Barrel Aged Schmaltz's Alt
Coming off the success of our 150th Anniversary Draft Series, we are proud to introduce the Schell’s Stag Series. Drawing upon our 150 years of brewing knowledge, we are combining our experience, creativity, and curiosity with these new brews. The Stag Series is collection of innovative and experimental, limited-edition beers to be released periodically throughout the year.

For the Stag Series first release, we took our Schmaltz’s Alt and aged it for six months in French-oak, Pinot Noir wine barrels. This beer is dark, ruby-brown in color with a creamy tan head. It smells of dark cherries, vanilla and chocolate. The taste has an initial, slightly tart, dark cherry flavor which gives way to sweet malty chocolate body with a nice mellow vanilla oak flavor in the background. This first release will only be available in 22oz bottles. Look for the Stag Series to arrive on shelves beginning in May is select stores throughout Minnesota.

• Original Gravity: 1.056/13.8o Plato
• 5.1% Alcohol By Volume
• 28 International Bitterness Units
• 40 SRM

• 17 US Barrels
• 2600 22oz Bottles.


Year-round Beers
Original, ABV 4.8%, Straw colored classic American lager. Mild malt flavor and hop bitterness.
Original Light, ABV 4%, Light straw color. Mild maltiness complimented by mild hop bitterness and slight hop aroma. Light, crisp body.
Grain Belt Premium, ABV 4.6%
Grain Belt Premium Light
Firebrick, ABV 5%, A Vienna-style amber lager that has a reddish-amber hue, a mild maltiness with subtle sweetness and a light hoppy finish.
Pilsner, ABV 5.6%, Rich malt body accented by a large hop/malt aroma and a refreshing hop tang.
Pale Ale, ABV 5.75%, Rich maltiness with a distinct hop bitterness.
Stout, ABV 5%, A chocolaty espresso sweetness highlights our Schell’s Stout. Rich and creamy with a medium- to full-bodied mouth feel. A balanced bitterness is dominated by the flavor of the roasted barley. Color is dark to black. First introduced as the 2006 Snowstorm beer.
Dark, ABV 4.8%, Deep amber color with a light but classic maltiness. Mild hop bitterness, excellent drinkability.
1919, Root Beer.
Seasonal Beers
Carmel Bock, ABV 5.8%, Dark copper color, light caramel flavor, medium body. Lightly hopped with a hint of malt sweetness.
Maifest, ABV 6.9%, Assertive maltiness backed by a huge hop aroma.
Hefeweizen, ABV 4.4%, Fruity, ale character with undertones of banana and clove.
Zommerfest, ABV 5%, Light golden color with a frothy white head. Slight malt flavor and sweet hop aroma.
Octoberfest, ABV 5.5%, A rich balance of malt hops.
Snowstorm, ABV NA, Flavor changes yearly, see below for a list of past flavors.
Schmaltz's Alt, ABV 5.1%, The rich, sweet malty flavor with hints of licorice is balanced by a chocolaty bitterness. Dark brown in color and topped by a thick, creamy tan head.
Snowstorm Seasonal Beers History
2009 - Baltic Porter, ABV 5.8%, Few beers fit the season like a Baltic Porter does winter. The 2009 edition of Snowstorm was brewed with copious amounts of Munich malt coupled with three different British crystal malts, and British Chocolate. Snowstorm is dark mahogany in color with a tan head and displays flavors reminiscent of dark fruit, licorice, and chocolate.
2008 - Weihnachtsbier, ABV 6%, Reddish-brown in color with a complex maltiness yielding hints of spicy rye, sourdough and chocolate. Brewed with nine different malts, including copious amounts of Munich and a touch of Rye.
2007 - Begian Style Dubbel

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