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March Madness IPA Winner - La Cumbre Brewing's Project Dank Tank IPA

Project Dank IPA brewed by La Cumbre Brewing in Albuquerque, New Mexico      

La Cumbre Brewing's Project Dank is just that; a project. It's an ever changing expression of our hoppiest endeavors. Each recipe is different, featuring different hops and hopping techniques. One thing will remain common - HOP INSANITY. The lastest Project Dank, an IPA, took on the country's best IPA's in the Brewing News March Madness IPA competition. 64 IPAs and 7 rounds later, Project Dank IPA won the National Championship by defeating Barley Brown's Brew Pub Pallet Jack IPA in the Finals.        


Project Dank IPA brewed by La Cumbre Brewing in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Beer Review by Beer Advocate
Appearance: Hazy amber, next to no head. What head there is there fades away quickly. Just the thinnest of crowns around the edge. No lacing to speak of.

Smell: Holy hell. Holy. Hell. Best smelling IPA I've ever had. As soon as I popped the top the room filled with beautiful citrus, apricots and tropical fruit. Putting my nose in the glass, the beer reeks of cream. I can't wait to taste the beer!

Taste: Well I wasn't expecting that. Unlike the fruity smell, the flavor is much more earthy even dusty. Quite herbal. Dank, too, because of course it is. The fruitiness comes through a bit more toward the finish. Cat pee and pine, bitterness isn't bracing. Aftertaste is mostly bitter and sticks around a while.

Mouthfeel: Very sticky. Carbonation is lower, but far from flat. Really coats the mouth.

Overall: This is a ridiculously good IPA. Unlike any other IPA I've had, and it's fantastic. I wish I lived in New Mexico so I could drink this more frequently. Just...oh my god. Five stars. Good job, La Cumbre.
   Jeff and Laura Erway brewing La Cumbre Ales and LagersLa Cumbre Brewing in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Owners Jeff and Laura Erway
The story of Master Brewer Jeff Erway and his wife Laura is really a story of beer. They met at a bar over a beer. They have travelled the country and the world in search of good beer. When they aren’t drinking great beer or making great beer, they can often be found in New Mexico’s high country talking about…you guessed it; beer.

The 2 moved to Church Rock, NM in 2002 to pursue teaching jobs, and quickly realized that one cannot live on Sierra Nevada alone, though they certainly tried. The traveling started.They visited hundred of breweries in dozens of states. They once hit 8 in one day while driving through California.

When not teaching, they were either camping or on the road seeking out the great beer available throughout the country. Then came trips to England. Then Belgium, tirelessly searching for great beer.

During one such trip in Arizona, they came upon a homebrew store. The thought had never crossed their minds, but Jeff picked up the most important book he ever read, John Palmer’s How To Brew. The rest, as they say, is history.

He brewed feverishly for 3 years before he decided to leave his position as a music teacher. A degree from the American Brewers Guild found him a job at New Mexico’s most successful and award-winning brewpub, Chama River Brewing Co. There, Jeff thrived.

Not only was he running the states busiest little brewery, but he was making plans for his own. It didn’t stop him and his then assistant, Justin Hamilton, from racking up 2 silvers at the World Beer Cup as well as 2 Bronzes and a Gold at the Great American Beer Festival.

In late 2009, Jeff knew it was time to pursue his and Laura's dream; La Cumbre Brewing Co. is the realization of that dream.

La Cumbre Brewing Company
3313 Girard NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico


Starting a Craft Brewery - Brewers Library

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