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The North American Beer Championships

Bavarian Style Hefeweizen
Gold: Haystack Wheat, Left Hand Brewing Company
Silver: Michelob Bavarian Style Wheat, Anheuser-Busch  
Bronze: Ruby Mountain Hefeweizen, Mountain Brewing Company
Dunkel Weizen
Gold: Ascent 54, Anheuser-Busch 
Silver: Timber Wolf Wheat, Pagosa Brewing Company
Bronze: Funkendunkel, Prescott Brewing Co.
Other German Wheat
Gold: Santa Fe Wheat, Santa Fe Brewing
Silver: Sheppards Weiss Beer, Bottoms Up Brewing
Bronze: Baron Uber Weisse, PBaron Brewing Co.

Märtzen – Oktoberfest
Gold: Michelob Marzen, Anheuser-Busch 
Silver: Samuel Adams Octoberfest, Boston Beer Company  
Bronze: Fest Bier,Grand Teton  
Munich Dark
Gold: Munich Dunkel Lager, Red Rock Brewing Co. 
Silver: Caldera Dark Lager, Caldera Brewing Company  
Bronze: Dunkel, Trail Creek 
Munich Helles
Gold: Bikini Blonde Lager, Maui Brewing Company 
Silver: Capital Bavarian Lager, Capital Brewing Company
Bronze: Especial, Grupo Modelo


Gold: Kings Peak Porter, Uinta Brewing Company 
Silver: Baron Schwarzbier, Baron Brewing Company  
Bronze: Samuel Adams Black Lager, Boston Beer Company 
Traditional Bock
Gold: Slam Dunkel Bock,Ram Restaurant and Brewery Salem
Silver: Dunkles Bock, Boundary Bay Brewing 
Bronze: Winter Bock, Silver City Brewing Company  
Helles Bock/Maibock
Gold: Sierra Nevada Summer Fest, Sierra Nevada Summer Fest
Silver: Bannock St. Bock, Ram Restaurant and Brewery Boise
Bronze:  Don't Mock Mai Bock, Bull & Bush Brewing 

Doppel Bock/Eisbock
Gold: Samuel Adams Double Bock, Boston Beer Company
Silver: Red Cock Doppel Bock, Maui Brewing Company
Bronze:  Capital Autumnal Firek, Capital Brewing 
Ordinary Bitter
Gold: Moab Scorpian Pale Ale, Moab Brewing Company
Silver: Diamond Back Ale, Roosters Brewing Company
Bronze:  New Castle, New Castle Brewing
Best Bitter
Gold: Cutthroat Pale Ale, Uinta Brewing Company
Silver: Levity, Odell Brewing Co.
Bronze:  Big Daddy's ESB, Silver City Brewing Company
Strong Bitter
Gold: ESB, Boundary Bay Brewing
Silver: CSB, Laughing Dog Brewing Company
Bronze:  Bitch Creek ESB, Grand Teton Brewing Company
English Pale Ale
Gold: Saranac Pale Ale, F.X. Matt Brewing Company
Silver: Samuel Adams Pale Ale, Boston Beer Company
Bronze:  Whistler Classic Pale Ale, Northam Brewery
American Pale Ale
Gold: Maui Pale Ale, Maui Brewing Company
Silver: Tumble Off Pale Ale, Barley Brown's
Bronze:  Ice Harbor Pale Ale, Ice Harbor Brewing
American Strong Pale Ale
Gold: Single malt IPA, Blackfoot River Brewing Company
Silver: Hop Bomb IPA, Rock Bottom – Bellevue
Bronze:  Sharptail Pale Ale, Montana Brewing Company
English-Style India Pale Ale
Gold: Big Red IPA, Ram Brewery – Tacoma
Silver: Pike India Pale Ale, Pike Brewing Company
Bronze:  Indianola Pale Ale, Silver City Brewing  
American-Style India Pale Ale
Gold: WFO IPA, Barley Brown's
Silver: India Pale Ale, Odell Brewing Co.
Bronze:  Tracktown IPA, Eugene City Brewing

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Top 10
Ales & Lagers
in the USA

Golden Ale
Blonde Ale
English Summer Ale
English Pale Ale

English IPA
Imperial IPA
Imperial Red Ale
English Mild Ale
 English Brown Ale
American Stout
Oatmeal Stout

Imperial Stout
Old Ale 
Barley Wine
Scottish Ale
Strong Scottish
Irish Red Ale
American Amber
American Pale Ale
American IPA
American Brown Ale
German Alt
German Kolsch
German Wheat
Belgian Saison
Belgian Ale
Belgian Abbey Ale
Belgian Lambic
Belgian Witbier

American Light Lager
American Pilsner
Premium Lager

Amber Lagers
Bohemian Pilsner
German Pilsner
Munchner Helles

Munchner Dunkel
Vienna Lager

American Cream Ale
American Wheat
American specialty wheat

Fruit/Vegetable beer
Pumpkin beer
Herb and Spice beer
Chocolate Beer
Coffee beer
Rye/Roggen Beer
Wood / Barrel
Aged beer
Aged strong beer

Wood/Barrel Stout
Smoked/Rauch beer
Specialty Ales/Lagers

 Root Beer

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