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Most Haunted Bars in the United States

Most Haunted Bars in the United States(From Fodor's and Travel and Leisure)                  

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop(1761) - A Blacksmith shop in the front to hide the illegal activities of pirate Jean Lafitte. The building, now an atmospheric piano bar, is lit only by candlelight. Numerous guests have spotted Jean Laffite himself lingering around the fireplace. 941 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA

Shaker’s Cigar Bar(1922 Speak Easy) - This self-proclaimed “Milwaukee’s haunted bar” may not be a misnomer, either. There are a few floors at Shaker’s, and each is said to be crawling with ghosts. Elizabeth haunts the bathroom. Molly, an employee of the brothel that used to occupy this building, was hacked to death and is said to roam the penthouse. Call ahead before your next visit to find out when the owner is giving a tour, as he regularly does. 422 South Second Street, Milwaukee, WI 

Captain Tony’s Saloon(1958) - As the site of a former morgue, Captain Tony’s Saloon happens to be one of the few spots you can sip a gin and tonic next to an actual grave. There are, in fact, two here. Oh yeah, there’s also an old tree growing through the roof of the bar; according to legend, it was used to hang criminals. So it’s no wonder that bathroom doors become mysteriously locked on their own or that people regularly feel strange sensations while having a drink here.(Taken form Tavel + Leasure) 428 Greene Street, Key West, FL. Website: 

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Pioneer Saloon(1913) - This saloon lies the abandoned mining town of Goodsprings, Nevada. The ghost of a miner who was shot to death for cheating in cards is said to be trapped here, maybe still playing cards at the back table.

Ear Inn(early 1800's) - The Ear Inn has been serving drinks since the early nineteenth century and is considered on of New York City's oldest bars. Because of its location next to the Hudson River, the inn was frequented by sailors, merchants, pirates, and many of the city’s undesirables. The building was also reportedly used as a brothel during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when it was also a speakeasy. 326 Spring St. New York, NY  Website:

The Menger Bar(1859) - This bar is located in the Menger Hotel. This hotel is often called the “most haunted hotel in Texas.” There are said to be thirty-two different entities roaming the bar, hotel, and restaurant. Some of them, like the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt, are said to be good-natured and friendly. 204 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas Website:

Whitehorse Tavern(1673) - The oldest bar in the United States, of course, has some ghost stories to tell. The Whitehorse Tavern was opened in the Rhode Island Colony in 1673, making it the oldest bar in the country. Walking alone in the building feels a bit creepy, especially when one knows at any time they might see one of the spirits wandering around. One of the ghosts is an elderly gentleman who died while renting a
room upstairs in the early years of the Whitehorse. 26 Marlborough St., Newport, RI
Simon’s Tavern(Legally opened in 1934) - Located in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood this cafe, turned speakeasy, turned legitimate bar, has quite a few ghost stories to share. This bar has it all, including a love triangle complete with shunned lovers, a horrible car accident, and an expensive and extensive family cover-up. Stop by the bar, ask for Scott and request the nickel tour, then watch and listen as he tells you about the bar's haunted happenings—guaranteed to be a chilling experience. Finish it off with a few drinks at the bar and if you're lucky, a ghost or two may join you. 520 N. Clark Street, Chicago IL

Bridge Café(1794) - This cafe originally opened as a grocery and porterhouse, the Bridge Café is one of New York City’s oldest bars. Throughout its colorful past it has been a pirate haven, brothel, and speakeasy, and today’s paranormal activity reflects its notorious history. From random footsteps on the second floor, unexplained scents of lavender (the perfume of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century prostitutes), malfunctioning electronics, and unexplained late-night parties, the Bridge Café is sure to please those in search of paranormal activity. Hopefully will reopen soon after Hurricane Sandy put the bar underwater. 279 Water St. New York, NY Website:
The Tavern(1916) - During Prohibition, this Austin favorite was a grocery store by day and upscale bar, casino, and brothel by night—and some of the patrons refuse to leave. Numerous staff members and visitors at The Tavern report having seen a young lady dressed in early-twentieth-century garb, accompanied by her daughter while wandering the halls or looking out windows. The ghosts are thought to be Emily, a former prostitute, and her young daughter, who were supposedly killed accidentally during a fight between patrons. 922 West 12th Street, Austin, TX Website:

Tiger's Tap Room(1919) - The Hotel Congress and Tiger’s Tap Room have played host to some of history's most nefarious characters: John Dillinger’s gang stayed here, and Wyatt Earp shot and killed Frank Stilwell right across the street. But to really experience the hotel's late-night spiritual activities, spend the night in room 242, where a hotel guest took her own life; if you examine the closet you can still see the bullet hole. 311 E. Congress St., Tucson, Arizona Website:

Arnaud's(1918) - This New Orleans bar and restaurant is located right next to the world-famous Bourbon Street, right in the middle of some of America’s most active spirit haunts. Today, Arnaud's is haunted by a wide variety of ghosts, including those believed to be spirits of opium fiends, apparitions of gentlemen enjoying a late night at the bar, and even Arnaud himself appearing at random to look in on his legacy. 813 Bienville Avenue, New Orleans, LA. Website:



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