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Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus Brewed by Sawdust City Brewing

Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus Brewed by Sawdust City Brewing in Gravenhurst, Ontario Canada

“What’s in a name?” Uranus by any other name would smell so sweet. That was written many eons ago by Toftorg Golshop, Ruler of the Third Empire of Uranus on one of his many voyages to Earth (it was stolen and rewritten by “you know who” sometime later). And while on Earth for one of those trips, Toftorg grew fond of the rich, robust stouts of Northern England. Designed to withstand the grueling voyage from Earth to Uranus. Long, Dark Voyage is a Uranal Imperial Stout of the highest order. Tongue crushingly bitter and dry as a bone, this dark chocolate treat is quite dangerous and will sneak up on you from behind if you don’t keep your wits about you. You’ve been warned. Enjoy the decadence of Uranus with a friend.

Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus Brewed by Sawdust City Brewing

Review by Beer Advocate
Appearance: 650 ml bomber is poured into a tulip glass. It has a nice dark tan head over a jet black body. This imperial stout retains a quite impressive amount of lace and bubbly film given the style, less oily appearance, looks great.
Aroma – Notes of dark figs and bitter dark chocolate, rich chocolatey fudge, with a strong roasty dark malt, dark coffee, with some vanilla also, a rich and decadent nose that is fairly expected but less assertive than some examples.

SawLumberjack.jpg (350×250)

Taste – Layers of chocolate, milk and dark initially, lots of dark malt, with a dark fruity fig character, mild creaminess pervades it, some of the strong herbal hops come in, pine antiseptic, chili, cuts the creamy chocolate with a solid spice character, then leads to a spicy dry finish. It is really tasty, the chocolate, coffee start is nice and then transitions into a full bitter-pepper that is a bit aggressive but works well enough.
Mouthfeel – Full bodied, nice thick feel, but with a slight creamy start before it gets plenty of bitter-spicy, slight carbonation as appropriate, and it is very satisfying with an alcohol presence that is slight but spicy and warming.
Overall: Certainly a beer worth having a go at if you see it, I also appreciate the comedic name and also especially the recipe details on the bottle, well done Sawdust for this, its my first beer from them and I was impressed by this, a good hearty bitter RIS, pretty awesome flavour profile and drinkability, it could be better I think if the balance was finetuned (tone down the spice) and allowed some more rich complexity to come through, otherwise a really solid offering. Think it would be worth trying to age it and see what happens.

Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus Imperial Stout Ingredients
Malt Bill - Canadian 2-Row, Crystal 120, Rye Malt, Munich II, Chocolate Malt, Dark Chocolate Malt, Carafa II Special, Roasted Barley, Demerera Sugar, Flaked Barley
Hops - Summit, Chinook
IBUs - 60
ABV - 10.2%
 SawLongUranus.jpg (350×250)sawyoutube.jpg (350×250) 
Sawdust City Brewing Company
Located in Gravenhurst Ontario, the gateway to Muskoka, Sawdust City Brewing Company is dedicated to the art and science of creating exceptional craft beers. We produce traditional ales in an array of styles, but there is nothing traditional about the flavour. Our brewmaster, Sam Corbeil, and his talented team create award-winning exciting beers that expand the borders of traditional flavour profiles. The rule at Sawdust City is there are no rules. We are just here to make great beer.

In addition to our five year-round core brands, we brew exceptional seasonal offerings, exciting limited batch brews, barrel-aged and experimental beers. Of course all of our beers are all-natural and made with only the finest ingredients. We don’t take ourselves too seriously as our labels express and hey, beer should be fun! What we do take seriously is the quality of our beers, which we are sure you will enjoy.

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Sawdust City Brewing Co.
397 Muskoka Rd. N
Gravenhurst, Ontario P1P 1G3
Phone: 705-681-1100



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