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The ultimate craft beer bracket: Final Four(March 27) - There were 32 craft breweries on Monday when we began the ultimate craft beer bracket. Now, the four greatest as determined by our readers remain. Out of the East Region, Southern Tier overcame The Alchemist in the first round before pulling off two massive upsets against overall No. 1 Dogfish Head and No. 2 Victory. Complete Story and Bracket

 Craft Beer of the Day
Boomstick Double Black Rye Coffee Ale
Craft Brewery of the Day
Terrapin Beer Co. in Athens, GA
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Men's Journal The 101 Best Beers in America
(March 27) - There's never been a better time to be a beer drinker. There's also never been a more confusing time. Over the past five years, the number of craft breweries has more than doubled, to nearly 3,500, cranking out countless new ales, lagers, porters, and stouts in all 50 states. Complete Story
Sam Adams founder Jim Koch taps into craft brewing, taxes and small business loans
(March 27) - Boston Beer Co. founder Jim Koch may be the country’s biggest craft brewer at just over 1 percent of the U.S. beer market, but he still identifies with the plight of small businesses — something evident this week when he joined several other craft brewers in Washington to lobby for the Small BREW Act, a bill that would reduce the federal excise tax on beer for small and medium-sized breweries. Complete Story
Top beer brands soon to list calories
(March 26) - Nutritional labelling on alcoholic drinks could become the norm after four of the world’s biggest brewers backed plans to add calorie counts to their products in Europe — and the US potentially is their next stop. Complete Story
Alchemist gets permit to build Stowe brewery
(March 26) - The Alchemist Brewery was issued a land use permit Wednesday to build a new brewery in Stowe. The permit was granted by the District 5 Environmental Commission. It was issued to the brewery and to Baraw Enterprises, owner of Stoweflake Resort. Complete Story
The ultimate craft beer bracket: The Elite Eight
(March 25) - The Sweet Sixteen of the ultimate craft beer bracket saw two major upsets, as one seeds Lagunitas and Dogfish Head were run over by Stone and Southern Tier respectively. We move into the Elite Eight with absolutely no idea who the favorite is or what will happen next. Complete Story 

Foreign markets thirsty for America's craft beer
(March 25) - America’s craft beer industry isn’t just taking away market share from Budweiser, Miller and Coors. It’s starting to impact brewers in other countries as well. Craft beer export volume was up by 35.7% in 2014 for a total of $99.7 million, according to the Brewers Association, the trade group for American independent craft brewers. Complete Story
Pub Sheds Are What’s Been Missing From Your Life
(March 25) - Everyone needs their space to escape to after a long day, crack open a cold one, and just relax, undisturbed. It’s the whole idea behind the “man cave.” But trust me, it applies to women, too. Hear me out for a second now…what if that escape place was…your shed? Complete Story

Most loved beer label contest: Underdogs to watch
(March 25) - The contest features breweries of all sizes. On Monday, CNBC looked at some of the larger players in the contest that will be tough to beat. Now, here are three potential Cinderella labels that could make some noise in the brackets this year. What these breweries may lack in size, they make up for in label flair. Complete Story

White Squirrel to open as community brewery in Bowling Green, Kentucky
(March 25) - On 871 Broadway Avenue, there is a maroon building that houses a dream that has been brewing for about three years. By this May, WKU alumni Jason Heflin, Sean Stevens and Damon Wilcox hope to open the White Squirrel Brewery. While the decision to start a brewery together has been an idea in the making for nearly three years, the three men’s experience with the craft goes back further than that. Complete Story
New Hi-Wire brewery coming to Biltmore Village
(March 25) - Asheville's Hi-Wire Brewing will build its $3 million expansion brewery on the edge of Biltmore Village, a project that will greatly boost its beer production and add 25 jobs to its workforce. The new Hi-Wire space, dubbed the "Big Top," is at 2 Huntsman Place, just behind Appalachian Vintner off Biltmore Avenue. Complete Story
How we're killing craft beer classics: The death of Stone Ruination
(March 24) - Breweries do not casually make decisions about murdering iconic brands. It’s sad but true: Ruination is just not selling the way it once did. I’ve seen this scenario play out in my day to day as a sales rep, watching as we pick up out of date Ruination and are ultimately forced to replace it with some newer, special, or limited release. Complete Story

The ultimate 32-team craft beer bracket
(March 24) - There are few topics more hotly debated than sports. Over the years, craft beer has risen to the top of that list. Since 2007, craft beer sales have soared as new breweries have opened at a dizzying pace. Craft beer is responsible for 14.3 percent of the $100 billion-dollar beer market, thanks to innovation, creativity, and an unwillingness to be like your dad’s lager. Complete Story
Bell's Brewery releases Oberon beer for 2015 season
(March 24) - Larry Bell, the brewery's owner says the summer wheat beer isn't available year round because it's simply designed for warm weather consumption. Many bars across metro Detroit are gearing up for the release with special Oberon parties. Complete Story
What are Cincy's favorite local beers?
(March 24) - No surprise: Cincinnatians love their local IPAs. The two most popular beers by far were Rhinegeist's Truth IPA and MadTree's: PsycHOPathy IPA. Truth just barely won out, earning 1,011 points over PsycHOPathy's 1,005. (For comparison, the third most popular beer with survey respondents, MadTree's Happy Amber, scored 770 points, well below the top two.) Complete Story

Donum Dei Brewery opens in New Albany, Indiana
(March 24) - Kentuckiana's newest craft brewery just wants to fit in. Donum Dei Brewery, located off Grant Line Road in New Albany, opened last week after about three years of planning and is now gunning to join the burgeoning craft beer community — which has seen four local breweries open within the past year. Complete Story
Register for the AHA National Homebrewers Conference in San Diego, June 11-13
(March 23) - The AHA National Homebrewers Conference is a fun, educational gathering designed to enhance homebrewers’ brewing skills and knowledge and increase homebrewing camaraderie. Special seminars and events cater to beer enthusiasts and amateur brewers of every level. Complete Story
Back Forty Beer Company Releases Seasonal Paw Paw’s Peach Wheat
(March 23) - Spring is here, which means Back Forty Beer Co.’s Paw Paw’s Peach Wheat is back. As one of Back Forty’s most popular seasonal beers, this unique peach wheat ale celebrates the return of warm weather by bringing together two Southern staples for spring: peaches and craft beer. Complete Story
Shipyard Brewing Releases its first lager, Imperial Pilsner
(March 23) - Shipyard Brewing Company announces the release of its first lager, Imperial Pilsner. Available this spring in bottles and on tap, this pilsner is a unique blend of German pilsner and imperial IPA. This brew is bright gold and full-bodied with a hint of sweetness up-front and a round, dry finish. A pure American creation that balances malt and a big hop profile. Complete Story
Firestone Walker's Easy Jack is Back
(March 23) - Firestone Walker Brewing Company launched Easy Jack last year as a different kind of session IPA, one with surprising complexity fostered by a rare selection of newer hop varieties from around the world. But the brewery learned the hard way what “rare” really meant when it launched Easy Jack as a summer seasonal—and then promptly ran out of the hops by mid-summer, spelling an early end to Easy Jack. Complete Story  
New Demented Brewery opening in Middlesex Boro, NJ(March 23) - The best thing that ever happened to Tom Zuber was losing his job in January. That allowed the software engineer to pursue full-time his dream — his "passion"— of opening his own brewery, just a few months after he was laid off from a New York company that downsized. Complete Story
Couple opening Pointless Brewery & Theatre in Ann Arbor, Michigan(March 23) - For Tori Tomalia, and her husband Jason, life has taken them through an unexpected journey, as Tori was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2013. Through medication, Tori has been able to manage her cancer, but the process made her and Jason realize there was no time like now to make their dreams come true. Complete Story
More gas stations want to sell beer on tap
(March 23) - Move over slushy machines. Gas stations and convenience stores are making room for a more adult beverage dispenser. Draft beer taps where customers can have 64-ounce growlers filled with beer to go have been installed in dozens of gas stations, grocery stores and other retailers around the country. Complete Story
“Grateful Red:” Capital Brewery debuts Badgers-themed beer just in time for March Madness!
(March 20) - Watching the games and wearing red isn’t the only way to cheer on the #1 seed Wisconsin Badgers as they begin NCAA Tournament play this week. There’s a new Badgers-themed beer, available just in time for March Madness! “Grateful Red” is the name of Capital Brewery’s newest beer. While the red IPA isn’t affiliated with the University of Wisconsin or the Badgers basketball team, they’re hoping it’s the drink of choice for many during the big dance. Complete Story

Is IPA responsible for the growth of the craft beer industry?
(March 20) According to the Brewers Association, in 2014 IPA was up 47 percent by volume and 49 percent by dollar sales, accounting for 21 percent volume share of craft and 23 percent dollar share of off-premise beer sales. Among all the different style of craft beer out there, one out of every five beers sold was an IPA. Complete Story
First Fort Collins craft brewery reopens after 13 years
(March 20) - The year was 1989. Colorado law had changed just 10 months earlier to allow for the production and sale of beer in one facility. In Fort Collins, Anheuser-Busch was the only brewery, though CooperSmith's Pub and Brewery and Odell Brewing Co. were both racing to open for business. In August of that year, Old Colorado Brewing Co. beat them to it, becoming the first microbrewery in Fort Collins and one of the first in Colorado. Complete Story
Asheville's Catawba brewery opening days away
(March 20) - Asheville's latest craft brewery should be open and pouring beers by the end of March. Catawba Brewing has targeted March 30 to open its tasting room at 32 Banks Ave., if a certificate of occupancy and alcohol permits are completed, said Billy Pyatt, who is opening the brewery with his brother Scott. Complete Story
It’s time for craft beer brewers to stop acting like children
(March 20) - When you have more than 3,700 brewers, some toes are going to be stepped on. Those digits should never belong to a brewery’s customers. Observers like to dedicate a lot of breath and letters to craft beer’s litigious side. Brewers are running out of names, they say. They’re trying to trademark fairly universal beer terms such as IPA and nitro. Complete Story

Wicked Weed breaks ground on Enka brewery
(March 19) - Groundbreaking started Wednesday on the new $5 million Wicked Weed production brewery in Enka, the latest construction project on the booming Asheville craft beer scene. Wicked Weed is building its expansion at the Enka Commerce Park west of Asheville. The 40,000-square-foot building will let Wicked Weed ramp up brewing production to 50,000 barrels of beer annually, making it one of the larger brewers in the region. The brewery will add 82 jobs. Complete Story

Latitude 42 named Michigan Brewery of the Year by international competition
(March 19) - Latitude 42 Brewing Co. has been named Michigan Brewery of the Year by judges of an international competition. The Portage microbrewery announced its award from the New York International Beer Competition this week. The competition uses trade judges including retail store buyers, restaurant owners, beverage directors, distributors and importers. Complete Story
Stone crab beer? Two Florida breweries are making it a reality
(March 19) - There’s nothing better on a hot Florida day than stone crabs and beer. But how about stone crabs in beer? Jupiter’s Tequesta Brewing Co. and the upstart Tampa brewery Coppertail Brewing Co. want you to rethink that combination. Complete Story
New craft brewery opens in St. John, Indiana
(March 19) - The Saint John Malt Brothers’ new Triple Threat Belgian microbrew starts with an explosion of fruity aroma, followed by a Belgian malt build and finishes with hints of clove and nutmeg. And at 9.5 percent alcohol, you’ll have to sip it slowly from a snifter or it truly will become a triple threat. Complete Story
New beer bill could have negative impact on Texas breweries
(March 18) - The craft beer industry has taken off in Texas in the past few years. In 2013, several beer-centric legislation helped brewers grow their business. This time around, there’s a proposal that might hurt the way they do business. Complete Story
DC's Newest Beer Release Smells Like Marijuana
(March 18) - On Tuesday night, a protest beer from the District’s own DC Brau brewery will cater to fans who savor the flavor of marijuana. “Smells of Freedom” is DC Brau’s newest seasonal india pale ale, made in collaboration with Colorado’s Oskar Blues Brewery. It does not, however, contain actual weed. Complete Story
Changing from home brewer to brewery
(March 18) - Five years ago, Craig McBay was a single guy experimenting with brewing his own beer. He tried it and he liked it. Weeks turned into months and McBay began entering local competitions and studying the industry. It soon became apparent to his fiancée, Cheryl, that there was a future for them not only as a couple but as entrepreneurs. Complete Story
More Americans Are Learning to Love Beer That Actually Tastes Like Something
(March 18) - America's craft breweries are thirsty for a lot more market share. By 2020, the trade association representing small and independent brewers in the U.S. says, its members will satisfy 20 percent of the country's beer consumption. Complete Story
It's no longer Guinness time
(March 17) - This year, Diageo hopes to sell 7.5m pints of the black stuff on St Patrick's day alone. Since 2009, it has stepped up its marketing efforts for Ireland's national day, as well as for "Arthur's Day", a pseudo-national celebration it created that year. These efforts appear to be paying off—in January, Diageo announced that sales of Guinness in its homeland had risen last year for the first time since 2008. Complete Story
Wormtown Brewery celebrates 5 years with party opening new tap room
(March 17) - Wormtown Brewery, Worcester's first microbrewery, will be celebrating two milestones with a party on St. Patrick's Day - the opening of its new tap room on Shrewsbury Street and its five year anniversary. The new tap room, located at Wormtown's new 72 Shrewsbury St. location, will make one of the city's two breweries open to the public, allowing them to sample beers, buy six-packs and growlers and purchase merchandise. Complete Story

Dining in Dayton, OH: Carillon Brewery: Old-timey mixed with flavor
(March 17) - When I heard a historically-themed brewery and restaurant was in the works, I was lukewarm at best. Those places are often gimmicky — yes you, medieval, jousting place. After making one visit, there's often little reason to return. Yet, people who visited Carillon Brewing Co. assured me that is not the case. They have been raving about how good — and dare I say cool — it is. Here's what I found. Complete Story
Craft Brewer Volume Share of U.S. Beer Market Reaches Double Digits in 2014
(March 16) - The Brewers Association (BA), the trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers, today released 2014 data on U.S. craft brewing1 growth. For the first-time ever, craft brewers reached double-digit (11 percent) volume share of the marketplace. In 2014, craft brewers produced 22.2 million barrels, and saw an 18 percent rise in volume2 and a 22 percent increase in retail dollar value. Retail dollar value was estimated at $19.6 billion representing 19.3 percent market share. Complete Story
Cranley: Halt brewery crackdown
(March 16) - During the last month, the Metropolitan Sewer District started charging breweries extra for their wastewater disposal, but a brewer outcry prompted Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black late Thursday to temporarily suspend the new surcharges program – though there won't be relief for breweries or businesses already inspected for the surcharge. Complete Story
Bringing craft beer to Germany
(March 16) - In Germany foaming golden beer is more than a drink; it's the lifeblood of tourism, an excuse to dress up. And for Germans, it's a pillar of national identity -- at least for the older generation. But the young (who tend more to dance clubs than beer halls) have been losing interest in the traditional brew, and turning to hipper mixed drinks. Enter Greg Koch, who thinks he's got what it takes to tempt them back: U.S.-style craft beer. Cool, bold, experimental. The Berliner Kurier newspaper cast Koch as an American beer "savior" come to shake up a boring German beer scene. Complete Story
Newnan's First Brewery, Abide Brewing Opens To Brisk Business
(March 16) - Newnan’s first brewery, Abide Brewing Company, opened for business a little more than a month ago and seems to have been accepted into the community gracefully. The brewery, located on Werz International Blvd., has offered several successful tours and tastings since its grand opening in February. Complete Story
Newest Missoula brewery takes aim at social issues
(March 16) - Missoula is home to eight micro-breweries and has a thriving community of home brewers, so it's no secret that the Garden City loves its craft beer. But for the newest member of Missoula's brewers, it's not just about what's on tap. Imagine Nation brewery brings the humanitarian touch to beer. Complete Story
Wildrose craft brewery blossoms in Griffith, Indiana
(March 16) - Brewers David DeJong, Karen DeJong, Ed Halajcsik, Tony Nichols, Kevin Krippel and their landlord collectively invested about $750,000 to turn a former warehouse into Griffith's largest craft brewery, which opens at noon Saturday. Wildrose, 1104 E. Main St., features a seven-barrel brewing system, a 2,000-square-foot bar with restaurant seating, and a spacious patio with cornhole and a garage door that opens into the bar. Complete Story
The History Of St. Patrick's Day: 9 Facts You Need To Know
(March 15) - St. Patrick's Day 2015 is almost here, and you know what that means. Get out your green garb, find some shamrocks and build up your strength to partake in some over-21 festivities, if you know what I mean. Complete Story
Craft breweries compete for more than just good beer
(March 15) - More than one new craft brewery opens up in the United States every day. That is a lot of competition, and the battle is over more than just the beer itself. Growing pains are emerging about the names and even the symbols attached to the different beers. CBS News' David Begnaud reports on the barrels of problems it's creating. Complete Story
Georgia beer bill passes state Senate
(March 15) - Georgia’s craft brewers could get more beer into the hands of customers who visit their breweries under a bill passed Friday by the state Senate. Senate Bill 63 would allow 36 ounces of beer to be consumed “on-premise” of a brewery and up to 64 ounces of beer to be taken home. It would mandate, however, that the beer could only be purchased in a single container — a growler, say, or one 12-ounce bottle of beer. Complete Story
History pours from the Lehigh Valley's breweries
(March 15) - When Christopher Bowen gets a beer, it's more than a drink. "I see history in a glass," he says. Bowen is a historian of Lehigh Valley beer. In the color, clarity, smell and taste of each beer, he senses its place in the centuries-long journey from ales to lagers to today's experimental brews. Complete Story
West Newbury, Massachusetts says 'no' to brewery, lawsuit bubbling
(March 15) - When Christopher Bowen gets a beer, it's more than a drink. "I see history in a glass," he says. Bowen is a historian of Lehigh Valley beer. In the color, clarity, smell and taste of each beer, he senses its place in the centuries-long journey from ales to lagers to today's experimental brews. Complete Story
Why large West Coast breweries are building East Coast plants
(March 13) - Breweries used to be shunned as nuisances. Now, politicians are courting them, as the largest craft brewers in the West seek East Coast base camps. Virginia was slow getting into the game, losing Sierra Nevada Brewing, New Belgium Brewing and Oskar Blues to neighboring North Carolina before passing Senate Bill 604 in 2012. Complete Story
America's 10 Best Brewery Tours
(March 13) - This St. Patrick's Day, the focus might be on the quantity of beer imbibed versus the quality. But with upward of 3,000 craft breweries now brewing in the U.S., there's no shortage of places to go to get a behind-the-scenes look and sample something special, whether it's your favorite IPA, Imperial Stout or Hefeweizen. Consider these top brew tours, listed in no particular order: Complete Story

5 things Bell's Brewery wants you to know about Innovation Brewing trademark dispute
(March 13) - After days of drawing criticism on social media and even their own Facebook page, Bell's Brewery Inc. is trying to set the record straight about their trademark dispute with Innovation Brewing. Complete Story

Ballast Point is second California brewery with interest in Richmond
(March 13) - Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits, a California-based craft brewery and distillery, has recently taken an interest in Richmond for a potential expansion, according to multiple state and local sources. Complete Story
Dogfish named official beer of Record Store Day 2015!
(March 12) - It’s a natural fit for a brewery that makes “Analog Beer for the Digital Age” to be the Official Beer of Record Store Day, a celebration of the unique culture of record stores and the special role they play in their communities. Complete Story
New Wormtown brewery good news for Boston
(March 12) - Wormtown Brewery of Worcester celebrates the official opening of its brand-new brewery Tuesday — yup, St. Patrick’s Day — which means more of its critically acclaimed beers will flow through Boston-area restaurants and retailers. “We have a nice presence in Somerville, and the city of Boston is very important to us,” said Wormtown managing partner David Fields. Complete Story

Oregon Brewers Festival toasts 28th year, features 90 North American breweries
(March 12) - There’s been turmoil brewing in the craft beer world recently with acquisitions and ad punches, but one thing has stayed constant: the Oregon Brewers Festival will return this summer for its annual five-day celebration of craft beer. The 28th annual Oregon Brewers Festival will take place July 22 through July 26 at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland. Event hours are Noon to 9pm Wed. through Sat., and Noon to 7pm Sunday. Complete Story

Oregon craft brewers make up one-third of Brewery Climate Declaration signers
(March 11) - Deschutes Brewery, Widmer, Ninkasi, Hopworks and four more Oregon craft brewers join 18 other breweries including New Belgium and Guinness who've signed the Climate Declaration, a business call to action that urges policymakers to seize the economic opportunity of tackling climate change. The 24 brewery signatories range from local microbreweries to major international brands, and are headquartered all across America, from Oregon to Wyoming to Maine. Complete Story
You're drinking your beer too cold -- and here's why
(March 11) - The ideal minimum temperature for most craft beer is in the low to mid-40s. For hearty yeast or hop-forward ales, a bit warmer. For even more adventurous styles, such as lambics or imperial stouts infused with flavors of oak, bourbon, chocolate, coffee or vanilla, warmer still — arguably as high as the upper 50s. When trying to meld an array of intricate flavors by pairing beer and food, proper temperature becomes even more important. Complete Story
Full Sail Brewing Employees Vote To Sell To Private Equity Firm
(March 10) - It’s the end of an era as Full Sail Brewing’s employees and founders voted on Friday to sell to Oregon Craft Brewers Co. which is a local investment group formed by Encore Consumer Capital a San Francisco based private equity firm.“The votes were returned confidentially to our ESOP attorney. It passed nearly unanimously” said Full Sail founder and CEO Irene Firmat. Complete Story
Sierra Nevada Brewing's Taproom and Restaurant opens in Mills River, NC
(March 10) - Sierra Nevada Brewing's gleaming new Taproom and Restaurant opens Tuesday, with nearly two dozen beers on draft, plus a full lunch and dinner menu. But, be prepared for a wait, at least until the initial rush eases up. Just off Interstate 26, about 50 miles from Greenville, the Taproom and Restaurant will likely pulls crowds from both Carolinas and beyond. Complete Story
Cognition Brewing Company opens in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan
(March 10) - The beer industry continues to thrive here in the Upper Peninsula and a new microbrewery is set to open its doors later this week. Cognition Brewing Company will feature five different beers on tap when they open for business this Saturday. The brewery is located in the taproom of the Mather Inn in Ishpeming. Owner Jay Clancey has spent the better part of two years bringing his idea of a brewery to fruition. He wants Cognition to be a part of the re–vitalization of downtown Ishpeming. Complete Story
Take a look at Goose Island Beer Co.'s new tasting room
(March 10) - Goose Island Beer Co. is opening its Near West Side brewery to the public. The brewery, at 1800 W. Fulton St., is set to open its new tasting room and begin offering tours of its brewing facilities by the end of the month. “This brewery has been around 20 years, but the public has never gotten tours,” said Mike Siegel, Goose Island's innovation manager. The 45-minute tours will be offered four times a day Thursdays through Saturdays. For $12, guests will get an inside look at the brewery, three beer samples and a pint glass to take home. Complete Story
Four new Santa Cruz breweries
(March 10) - Last fall, I took you on a tour down Highway 1 from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, with stops at 10 breweries. Since then, four more breweries have either opened their doors or are about to, effectively improving your odds of finding locally made beer by 40 percent. Complete Story
Hacker Claiming To Be ISIS Takes Over Minnesota Brewery’s Website
(March 9) - A local brewery had to shut down its website after a hacker claiming to be with ISIS took over the page. Similar website messages were reported across the country. Third Street Brewhouse in Cold Spring reportedly called police after discovering the message on Saturday. Complete Story
Flying Dog brewery wins free speech case
(March 9) - It's a landmark free speech case about advertising that's been raging for six years. It could have a big impact on what you see on TV and on billboards across the country. It all started over a bottle of beer. "We stand for more than just beer. This is about more than just a beer label. This is about government officials, violating constitutional freedom bit by bit," said Jim Caruso, the CEO at the Flying Dog. Complete Story

Alamo Beer Company opens in San Antonio
(March 9) - San Antonio microbrew beer lovers now have another choice when it comes to locally brewed beer. The new Alamo Beer Company opened its doors to the public Friday. "You talk about a joyous occasion," owner Eugene Simor said, "It's fantastic. I am really excited about today." Complete Story
Tampa Bay brewers sweep the Best of Show awards at Brewer's Ball
(March 9) - Tyler Singletary hoisted the glass trophy high as shutters snapped and brewers and beer fans applauded in Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park downtown Sunday afternoon. Singletary, lead brewer for Southern Brewing & Wine Making in Seminole Heights, was one of several people who went to the front of the crowd to accept the 2015 Best Florida Beer Championships' Beer Best of Show Award for the brewery's Berliner-style Weiss, Prickly Pear Raised Bungalow. Complete Story

Braxton Brewing announces opening date(March 9) - Braxton Brewing Co. has announced its much-anticipated opening date: March 27. The brewery has also revealed new details about its tap room and announced its first two flagship beers. Brothers Jake and Evan Rouse; their father, Greg, vice president for production at dunnhumbyUSA; and locally renowned brewmaster Richard Dubé, the former vice president of brewing and quality at Christian Moerlein, are behind the new brewery at 27 W. Seventh St. Complete Story

Decimated Beer Jobs Bill passes through Regulated Industries
(March 7) - After an eventful week at the Gold Dome, both sides of the Beer Jobs Bill fight convened once again in Room 310 of the Coverdell Legislative Office Building Friday morning for a second hearing and voted in favor of Senate Bill 63, albeit a drastically altered version of the original bill designed to loosen the state's three-tier beer distribution laws for Georgia brewpubs and breweries. Complete Story

Ontario’s Beer Bottleneck Is Under Siege by Brewers and Buyers
(March 7) - Brewers Retail has sold beer pretty much the same way since it opened 88 years ago. At an older store in the downtown neighborhood of Glebe here, shoppers make their selection from a dizzying wall display of more than 300 slightly oversize beer labels. Their orders are dispatched to a windowless warehouse attached to the store. The beer then pops out of a small hole in the wall and clatters down steel rollers for pickup. Complete Story
And On That Farm There Was a Brewery
(March 7) - Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (LCCB) is known as “Virginia’s Farm Brewery” and opened its doors in September 2013 northwest of Richmond in Goochland. It has continued growing its capabilities and offerings ever since. I first became aware of LCCB in 2013 when they grew a large Instagram following with nothing but photos of their first plantings and the construction of their brewery building. It was clear then that this was a unique brewery. Complete Story Launches Digital Interactive U.S. Beer Styles Guide‏(March 6) - With the plethora of styles produced in the beer world today, finding the one you’d most like to savor can take some navigation. Whether you’re looking for an American amber ale or a Vienna-style lager,—the Brewers Association (BA) website for beer lovers, presents the new Beer Styles Guide to help. Complete Story

Top Ten Most Interesting Breweries in the U.S.‏
(March 6)Independent, small, craft brewers are popping up all over the nation. The last fifteen years or so has seen a massive surge in the popularity of unique and tasty alcoholic beverages that fit the desires of just about anyone. Quintessentially American, the explosive transformation of the beer industry presents everybody with an abundance of choices and fierce competition. To help you wade through the plethora of amazing options, check out our list of the top ten most interesting breweries in the United States. Complete Story

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 New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat to Travel to Ten Cities in 2015 for its 16th Season(March 6) - With many parts of the country buried in snow, it’s a good time to start thinking about the joys of summertime, including another season of New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat. The 2015 tour will travel to ten cities this year offering the best way to raise money for local non-profits, celebrate two wheels, dress up as your alter ego and be entertained. It all kicks off on May 30 in Washington, D.C. and wraps up in Tempe, AZ on October 3. This year marks the 16th season for Tour de Fat, which has raised close to $4 million for local non-profits since it all began and raised more than $600,000 last year alone. Complete Story
Lazy Magnolia hits 10 years, celebrates with ‘10’ beer‏
(March 6)Mississippi’s oldest brewery, Lazy Magnolia Brewing in Kiln, drinks in its 10th anniversary this year, with a Friday party and a limited release beer called — what else? — “10.” “It’s our 10-year anniversary. It is 10 percent alcohol. It’s made with 10 ingredients, it will be available for 10 months and it’s best served at 10 degrees Celsius,” said Leslie Henderson, Lazy Magnolia co-founder with her husband, Mark. For Fahrenheit fans, that’s 50 degrees, or “not in a cold glass.” Complete Story
Wachusett Brewing Gets New Brewhouse(March 6)
In January of 2015, Wachusett started the reconstruction of their brewhouse. Over the course of the past 20 years, WBC brewed 10,211 batches of beer on the original equipment. That 3 vessle brewhouse was designed by founders Ned LaFortune, Kevin Buckler, and Peter Quinn. The system was replaced with a state-of-the-art 5 vessel, 50 barrel brewhouse. Complete Story

Red Brick Brewing Company Adopts Novelis evercan™ Packaging
(March 6)Novelis, the world leader in aluminum rolling and recycling, and Red Brick Brewing Company, Georgia's oldest operating craft brewery, today announced that Red Brick will now offer its beer in aluminum cans made from Novelis' evercan™ – the world's first certified high-recycled content aluminum can sheet. Red Brick will expand its beverage packaging options to include evercan aluminum cans for all of its year-round offerings, beginning with Laughing Skull Amber Ale, and followed by its signature Hoplanta India Pale Ale in March 2015. Complete Story
Rhinegeist just got screwed by Kentucky beer bill
(March 5) - The Kentucky Senate Wednesday passed a controversial bill that more clearly separates the state's beer brewing and distribution systems but also could put one local company out of business and at least temporarily limit access to Rhinegeist in Northern Kentucky. Complete Story


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Imperial Red Ale
English Mild Ale
 English Brown Ale
Oatmeal Stout
Imperial Stout
Old Ale 
Barley Wine
Scottish Ale
Strong Scottish
Irish Red Ale
American Amber
American Pale Ale
American IPA
American Brown Ale
German Alt
German Kolsch
German Wheat
Belgian Saison
Belgian Ale
Belgian Abbey Ale
Belgian Lambic
Belgian Witbier

American Light Lager
American Pilsner
Premium Lager

Amber Lagers
Bohemian Pilsner
German Pilsner
Munchner Helles

Munchner Dunkel

American Cream Ale
American Wheat
American specialty wheat

Fruit/Vegetable beer
Pumpkin beer
Herb and Spice beer
Chocolate Beer
Coffee beer
Rye/Roggen Beer
Wood / Barrel
Aged beer
Aged strong beer

Wood/Barrel Stout
Smoked/Rauch beer
Specialty Ales/Lagers

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