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Heavy Seas Beer and Clipper City Brewery - Baltimore, Maryland

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Clipper City Brewing/Heavy City Beer
Clipper City is the name of a Baltimore, Maryland brewery. The brewery was established by Hugh Sisson in 1995, after previously operating Maryland's first brewpub, Sisson's. In 1998, Clipper City acquired the Oxford Brewing Company and began to produce organic recipes under that brand.

In 2010, Clipper City rebranded its expanding line of beers under the name Heavy Seas Beer and currently brews 24 beers under 3 different fleets (Clipper, Pyrate, and Mutiny Fleet). Loose Cannon Hop3 Ale, Heavy Seas Märzen, a repeat winner at the Great American Beer Festival (gold in 2007; silver in 2006), McHenry Lager, a bronze medal winner at the 2007 Great American Beer Festival, Small Craft Warning Uber Pils, a bronze medal winner at the 2004 Great American Beer Festival, and Heavy SeasGold Ale, a gold award winner at the 2010 World Beer Cup.

Heavy Seas Beer

What is Heavy Seas? More than anything else Heavy Seas is an attitude. It is a challenge and a response. It captures what we all hope to do every day – successfully encounter a challenge with a sense of audacity and enthusiasm! Bold without being reckless - it is the attitude that drives our success. And we choose Heavy Seas to name our beers because it perfectly captures the attitude we desire as we start our daily journey.

Who is Heavy Seas? Brewed by Baltimore’s Clipper City Brewing Co., Heavy Seas is produced by Baltimore craft beer pioneer Hugh Sisson – the brewery’s founder and managing partner – and Brewmaster Ernesto Igot, formerly brewmaster at San Miguel Brewery in the Philippines. After successfully lobbying the Maryland Legislature to legalize brewpubs, Hugh began brewing professionally in 1989 at his family’s Baltimore pub – Sisson’s – which was coincidentally Maryland’s first brewpub. In 1994 he left Sisson’s to found Clipper City and has been involved in all aspects of the business – brewing, finance, marketing, and sales.

Why Heavy Seas? Combined Hugh and Ernie represent over 50 years of experience in developing, producing, marketing, and selling fine beer. Totally driven by a passion to make richly flavored beers, they are also focused on making beers with finesse and balance. Their wealth of experience gives them a firm foundation in the values of traditional brewing methods, yet they also share a desire to create new beer experiences. The result is a brand that captures the best of both worlds – modern beer thinking blended with the best elements of traditional methods. We offer:

Multiple flights showcasing a broad range of styles and gravities
   Over 7 different yeast varieties to create unique flavors
   Many beers are naturally conditioned in either the bottle or cask. Our cask ales are sought after up and down the east coast
   Using both flower and pellet hops results in bold flavors with elegance and subtlety
   Filtration is often coarse and sometimes eliminated entirely, yielding more rounded, complex flavors
   Certain beers are given special wood aging treatments yielding additional complexity
   A number of beers are vintage dated, intended to be aged for increased complexity

Heavy Seas Mission
Heavy Seas is to be the best combination of modern beer thinking blended with traditional brewing methods in the beer world today. The experience of our team means we have the folks to do it. We believe that adherence to this goal will deliver beers of unique character with both a sense of adventure and hedonistic pleasure.

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