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Georgia Breweries Tours in Jeopardy

We recently received notice that the Georgia Department of Revenue has decided to change the rules that apply to tours at Craft Breweries in Georgia. The new proposal calls for a limit of a 2oz pour of each beer style on the tour with a maximum limit of only 16oz. The 16oz pour is only possible if we have eight different styles of beer to offer on the tour. If a brewery only has four beers available to taste, then only 8oz can be poured at the tour.
It is the belief of the Georgia Craft Breweries, and our Wholesalers, that the proposed rule change would essentially kill the tours. Since the breweries have spent significant sums of money on tasting rooms for the purposes of conducting tours this investment would be lost. In addition it would cause the layoff of employees who now operate as tour guides and could cause serious harm to the well being of all local breweries. The tours are our primary marketing tool and by losing the ability to continue tours as they are currently structured, we would lose customers, lose sales, and find it much more difficult to continue in business and support our local economy as well as numerous community projects and charities.
If you have enjoyed our tours at SweetWater in the past and you would like to continue to enjoy tours at our location then please take the time to respond to the Department of Revenue as indicated below.
SweetWater Brewing Company, Atlanta Brewing, and Terrapin have worked together to generate opposition to the proposed rule changes. If you agree with us that the proposed rule change is egregious and will harm the brewery tours and thereby harm our businesses, please take the time to send the attached response to the Department of Revenue, as indicated below.
The Department must receive all comments regarding the proposed Rules from interested persons no later than 10am on June 19th, 2007. Written comments must be sent to:

Georgia Department of Revenue
1800 Century Blvd N.E.Suite 15300
Atlanta, GA 30345-3205

Electronic comments must be sent to:

Again, attached to this email is a response you can send to the Department of Revenue. If you agree with the Georgia breweries that the rule changes will bring critical harm to your local breweries, please send the attached response by following the directions above.

We thank you for your continued support of not only SweetWater Brewing, but the other local Craft Breweries as well.
Here's a sample Letter you can send

To: Commissioner Graham

From: Concerned Supporter of our local Breweries

Re: Notice Number AT-2007-1


The Georgia Department of Revenue has proposed a significant change in the states' long standing policy on service limitations for all Georgia Brewery Tours.

The proposed new rule will adversely affect my decision as a customer of the breweries, to attend the tours. By doing so it will also put at risk the brewer's investment in facilities designed to attract and accommodate tour attendees such as myself and will severely limit the marketing and sales of the brewery's products.

 This regulation, if imposed will generate such a negative impact that it will put at risk the existence of our valued local breweries in Georgia. Such risks includes economic development, jobs, taxes and significant contributions to local community projects and charities.

 I oppose adoption of the proposed rule change and respectfully urge the department to withdraw proposed rule 3a.


Thanks, time is tight on this one so all the help you can give us is greatly appreciated.  Spread the word on this as well, the more folks they hear from the better.
SweetWater Brewery Tour Times
Wednesday 5:30 - 7:30
Thursday and Friday, 2 Sessions
4:20 - 5:35 or 6:00 - 7:15


Steve Farace
SweetWater Brewery

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