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Flying Dog Brewery Tour - Part 1

Flying Dog Brewery Tour - Part 1
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Myth and Legend of Flying Dog
The villains of the peace in this story are two non-conformist, 'not likely to take it lying down' ranchers named George Stranahan and Richard McIntyre. Rumor has it they were camping high in the Himalayas with a mule, enough local contraband to pacify a herd of stampeding buffalo and very little else when IT happened…
A Strange Encounter
George and Richard swear that upon emerging from their tent one evening they witnessed a strange airborne creature heading towards the campsite. They say the creature, which was now looking increasingly like a flying dog, barrel-rolled through the camp sending sherpas scurrying for their lives. George and Richard were apparently left untouched…well almost. The duo were in fact so inspired by the sight of this mischievous, non-conforming creature that they totally forgot about the loss of their mule and the contents of their tent now rolling down the mountainside and took it as sign they should do something big. Something really big.
Now whether you believe this weird story or not, is up to you but what we do know is in 1990 George and Richard opened the Flying Dog Brewpub in Aspen, Colorado. The venture was an immediate success and people came from far and wide to kick back with a Flying Dog brew and soak up the bohemian atmosphere.
Things Get Wierder
A few years later George and Richard met up with Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman in the Woody Creek Tavern and things got a whole lot weirder… As Dr. Gonzo once stated though, "when the going gets weird the weird turn pro," so today we ship over 400,000 cases a year across the U.S from our state-of-the-art facility in the Fredrick, MD. The Maryland Brewery utilizes cutting-edge technologies to aid in water conservation and to ensure the same great drinking experience time after time.
The Way of the Dog
Purposeful, provocative irreverence. These words echo through the brewery corridors. Purposeful in the pursuit of making bold, yet highly drinkable craft beers and provocative and irreverent in the way we view and communicate with the world around us.
Our provocative streak rears its misshaped head in a variety of forms: from the names of the our brews, the labels, and of course the beers themselves, a few of which appear in the big gray book of 'Beers and What They Should Look Like.'
Road Dog Scottish Porter was the first member of our litter of ales to cross the line with the authorities. Shortly after its launch in 1995, we were told to remove it from the shelves due to the alleged use of profanity. The offending text was Ralph's inscription that simply read, 'Good Beer. No Shit.' We replaced the text with, 'Good Beer. No Censorship.' and with the help of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) we fought to get the original text re-instated. In 2001 we achieved our goal and today, 'Good Beer. No shit.' stands proudly as a statement of fact on all Road Dog Scottish Porter labels.

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