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Top 10 Chocolate Beers for Valentines Day

Chocolate Beers for Valentines Day
Instead of bringing your valentine a box of chocolates, bring that special person in your life a magical bottle of chocolate. More and more brewers are brewing chocolate ales and lagers for Valentine’s Day. Chocolate compliments porters and stouts extremely well. And brewers try different chocolates from all over the world to blend with their roasted malt barley and hops.


Shake Chocolate Porter - Boulder Beer Company


1. Shake Chocolate Porter - Boulder Beer Company - Coloardo  
A twist on the traditional robust American Porter, Shake Chocolate Porter is dark black in color with rich, sweet aromatics and flavors of dark chocolate, coffee and caramel. This unique brew blends five different grains, including Chocolate Wheat, that along with cacao nibs create a devilishly delicious chocolate finish with a velvety mouthfeel. 5.9% ABV 39 IBU

2. Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout - Samuel Smith Brewery - England
Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout is brewed with well water (the original well, sunk in 1758, is still in use with the hard water is drawn from 85 feet underground), the gently roasted organic chocolate malt and organic cocoa impart a delicious, smooth and creamy character, with inviting deep flavours and a delightful finish - this is the perfect marriage of satisfying stout and luxurious chocolate. ABV: 5%

FoothillsChocolateStout.jpg (350×250)0samchoc.JPG (350×250)

3. Choklat - Southern Tier Brewing Company - New York 

Moving through centuries, the circular journey of cacao has been realized at Southern Tier Brewing, encompassing the complexity of the darkest, bitter-sweet candy together with the original frothy cold beverage of the ancient Maya to bring to you Souther Tier's Blackwater Series Choklat Stout. They have combined the finest ingredients to tempt your senses & renew the power & interrelation of history in every bottle. ABV: 11%
4. Sex Panther Double Chocolate Porter - SanTan Brewing - Arizona 
Sex Panther Double Chocolate Porter is a Winter Seasonal that is brewed with Colonial Rosewood Cocoa and large amounts of Chocolate malt giving this beer a huge chocolaty flavor combined with hints of truffle and molasses. White Wheat is added to give Sex Panther a smooth, creamy head. .ABV: 6.9% | IBU: 20

5. Death By Coconut - Oskar Blues Brewery - Coloardo 
Death By Coconut is an Irish porter aged on dessicated coconut and dark chocolate from Robin Chocolates in Longmont, Colorado. This porter is deep brown like dark, dark chocolate. The aroma is tangy chocolate and oodles of fresh and toasted coconut. Th flavor is brilliant -- sugary coconut flakes, bittersweet chocolate. It’s like a liquid Mounds bar. Body is a creamy, milky medium, with mild prickles of co2. ABV:6.5%. IBUs: 45.

6. Sweet Baby Jesus! - DuClaw Brewing Co.  Maryland 
First brewed in 2011, this Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter is jet black in color with a tan, rocky head, full body and creamy, luxurious mouthfeel. Its lightly sweet, malty flavor is accented by rich flavors of chocolate, coffee and peanut butter, and balanced by a subtle hop character and moderate 6.5% abv. Sweet Baby Jesus finishes smooth, dry, and roasty with lingering notes of chocolate and peanut butter so savory, you will exclaim its name!

7. Chocolate Stout - Rogue Ales - Oregon

Ebony in color with a rich creamy head. The mellow flavor of oats, chocolate malts, and real chocolate are balanced perfectly with the right amount of hops for a bittersweet finish. Rogue Chocolate Stout has 11 incredients including 2-Row, C120, Chocolate & Rogue Farms Dare™ and Risk™ Malts; Rogue Farms Rebel™ Hops; Rolled Oats, Roasted Barley, Chocolate; Free Range Coastal Water and Pacman Yeast

8. Sexual Chocolate - Foothills Brewing Company
A cocoa infused Imperial Stout. Opaque black in color with a dark brown head. Big chocolate aroma with notes of espresso, blackstrap molasses, dark sweet toffee and dark fruit. Smooth dark chocolate backbone with complex notes of coffee, dark toffee and dark fruit. Alcohol by Volume: 9.75%. IBUs: 85.
9.  Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout - Brooklyn Brewery - New York 
Brewed since 1994, our Black Chocolate Stout has become a modern classic, heralded the world over. It achieves its dark chocolate aroma and flavor through the artful blending of six malts and months of aging. Properly kept, it will improve in the bottle for many years. This stout is the toast of the winter season, and there is nothing better to enjoy with chocolate desserts, cheesecake, ice cream, fine cheeses and roaring fireplaces.
10. Fort Collins Chocolate Stout – Fort Collins Brewing - Colorado

A velvety smooth mouthfeel, satisfyingly roasty flavor and medium body make this brew positively seductive. Subtle hop bitterness rounds out the character of roasted barley and chocolate malt in this proven classic. In 2010, it took the GOLD Medal for chocolate beers at the U.S. Open Beer Championship. ABV: 5.3%. IBUs:33


Chocolate/Cocoa Beer
Chocolate beers use “dark” chocolate or cocoa in any of its forms other than or in addition to hops to create a distinct (ranging from subtle to intense) character. Underhopping allows chocolate to contribute to the flavor profile while not becoming excessively bitter. Beers made with white chocolate should not be entered into this category. The brewer should list the classic or experimental style of the base beer, to allow for accurate judging. Beer entries not accompanied by this information may be at a disadvantage during judging.
OG: 1.030-1.110
FG: 1.006-1.030
Alcohol by Volume: 2.5-12%
IBU: 15-40
Color SRM: 15-50




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