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In 1992, Chris Lalli and Gary Bogoff of Montgomery, MA came to the conclusion that they both had a similar interest in make beer. Not just any old beer, but fresh ale. Ale that was produced with the same ethics and craftsmanship of an artisan. Applying that same ethic to his work as a master tradesman, Gary found an enthusiastic partner in Chris.

After three long years of planning and test brewing, and months of searching up and down the Pioneer Valley for the right location, BBC found a home in historic South Deerfield, MA. The building, a former cigar manufacturing plant became the prime choice site. In December of 1993 after the site was chosen, Deerfield Selectmen Chairman Franklin Sherburne voiced the town's unanimous approval, "You're the type of business we'd want here." In many respects the choice of South Deerfield, MA was a stroke of genius. South Deerfield is an immensely popular tourist attraction due in part to Yankee Candle Co., located less than a mile down the road. The town of South Deerfield, MA saw the brewery as another feather in its collective cap.

In the winter of 1994 construction began to renovate the brewery site. It was no small feat to transform the cigar factory into a cutting-edge micro brewery. Gary and Chris enlisted the aid and expertise of associates in the trades, and friends and family. It was a formidable undertaking that would continue through to September of 1994. The end of August was momentous as BBC received ATF approval and was now able to get down to the real business of brewing fresh ale.

BBC began brewing fresh unfiltered, un pasteurized ale and reviving the time honored tradition of another era of local quality ales. Within two years of business BBC went from brewing 24 barrels- the equivalent of 774 gallons at 31 gallons per barrel- per week, to 77 barrels-or 2,387 gallons- per week.

By word of mouth and taste buds, Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale, BBC's flagship beer, became an instant success with beer-drinkers in all of western Massachusetts and beyond.

By 1999 BBC was in need of more space. Gary and Chris began an expansion by building a 3,000 square foot addition on the north side for the office.

Since 1999, there have been many changes with our physical building and product distribution. In January 2003, BBC brought on G. Housen, a distributor in Vermont. In April 2005, BBC opened a warehouse in Worcester, MA. Then in August 2005, BBC started self distributing in Connecticut.

As demand for BBC was growing, they were again in need of more space. So, in 2005, Gary and Chris made an expansion on the south side. This expansion was made for a four truck garage, a cooler, and a packaging room. Beginning 2008, Berkshire Brewing was no longer a Micro brewery but became a Regional brewery. BBC's location in Worcester was also moved to North Oxford. In July 2008, Berkshire Brewing started self distributing in Rhode Island.

It has been many years now since BBC began it's journey, and the business is bigger and better than anyone could have hoped for. BBC is becoming more successful every day with the help of friends and family who keep the business growing. BBC now brews 9 year-round flavors of ales as well as six seasonal ales.

Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale
Berkshire Ale
Drayman's Porter
Lost Sailor India Pale Ale
"Shabadoo" Black & Tan Ale
Imperial Stout
River Ale
Coffeehouse Porter
Maibock Lager
Cabin Fever Ale
Raspberry Barley Wine
Gold Spike Ale
Oktoberfest Lager
Holidale Barley Wine

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