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Beer Advocate Beer Forum - BeerAdvocate is a most unique phenomenon within the beer industry, a beer revolution, and a true champion of craft beer that's powered by an independent community of beer enthusiasts. Not only does it offer beer enthusiasts a forum and resource to appreciate and support the beer scene, but it's become an essential resource throughout the beer industry - from breweries, brewpubs, bars, restaurants, retail stores, and every other business involved with beer.

The Opinionated Beer Page - We drink beer. We write about beer. You read what we wrote. That's pretty much it. If you get pissed off about our reviews, we have beer humor, Beer Facts & Quotes, or you can leave.  
RateBeer Forums - Beer ratings and beer establishment reviews at RateBeer are authored by thousands of beer consumers around the world. The site is not, in whole or in part, a product of any brewer, beer restaurant, beer marketing company or other beer product-related enterprise. We maintain our independence in order to serve the craft beer community with the best possible feedback on the beer brands and establishments you care about most. Thanks for contributing to the community.

Real Beer Community - One of the best beer(not homebrewing) site on the web.

Topix Beer Forum - News of the world website including whats happening in the world of beer.

Beer Pal

Beer Tutor - Simply put, it is a site for beer lovers. A ton of information about beer where you can research brews, review beers you have tried, and keep track of your favorites.  Beer Tutor also has fun and educational articles, beer forums, recipes, drinking games, and much more! 

Brew Board - BrewBoard is apart of This website constantly searches for new and better sources of both basic ingredients and exotic and unusual items. From base malts and extracts to specialty grains, herbs, spices and honey to the newest and neatest toys and tools, we’re hunting them all down! If you’re searching for a new or unusual item, give us a call… we’ll be happy to find it for you. Be sure to browse our web site and stay in touch by email. We’re constantly adding new articles and tips here, as well as updating product information and monthly specials.

Brewing Network Forum - This forum is apart of This site has been put together out of my desire to promote the art, science, and joy of homebrewing and enjoying beer. I hope that you will poke around, make yourself at home and contribute your own ideas, comments, articles, and whatnots.

Burgundian Babble Board - This is an international community of Belgian beer lovers. Everyone is welcome to join the discussion. While our common interest here is Belgian Beer, this is like a virtual pub, so many other topics are discussed too.

Drink Craft Beer - Devon and Jeff Drink the East Coast!  Catch the beer drinking adventures of Devon and Jeff as they promote the Craft Beer Industry.
Opinionated Beer Forum
- From the website - And yea, the great Steve hath spoke so: let there be beer, not just any beer, but the beer made of the finest hops and barleys and malts, beer made with the clearest water running down from the heavens, not beer like that abomination thus called Milwaukee's Best, which, having been naughty in my sight, shall be granted with the poorest of reviews.

Starting a Craft Brewery - Brewers Library

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Top 10
Ales & Lagers
in the USA

Golden Ale
Blonde Ale
English Summer Ale
English Pale Ale

English IPA
Imperial IPA
Imperial Red Ale
English Mild Ale
 English Brown Ale
American Stout
Oatmeal Stout

Imperial Stout
Old Ale 
Barley Wine
Scottish Ale
Strong Scottish
Irish Red Ale
American Amber
American Pale Ale
American IPA
American Brown Ale
German Alt
German Kolsch
German Wheat
Belgian Saison
Belgian Ale
Belgian Abbey Ale
Belgian Lambic
Belgian Witbier

American Light Lager
American Pilsner
Premium Lager

Amber Lagers
Bohemian Pilsner
German Pilsner
Munchner Helles

Munchner Dunkel
Vienna Lager

American Cream Ale
American Wheat
American specialty wheat

Fruit/Vegetable beer
Pumpkin beer
Herb and Spice beer
Chocolate Beer
Coffee beer
Rye/Roggen Beer
Wood / Barrel
Aged beer
Aged strong beer

Wood/Barrel Stout
Smoked/Rauch beer
Specialty Ales/Lagers

 Root Beer

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