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Andechs Brewery and Monastery - Brewing Beer since 1455

Andechs Brewery and Monastery - Brewing Beer by the hand of Monks since 1455

Located on the Holy Mountain above the eastern shore of Lake Ammersee in the middle of Upper Bavaria’s Five-Lakes Region, Andechs Monastery is easily visible from far away. For more than half a millennium it has been a cherished destination for pilgrims.
Andechs Monastery - with its brewery, Bräustüberl, monastery restaurant, and not least its rich cultural offerings in the representational environs of the “Fürstentrakt” and the Florian Stadl multi-purpose hall - is a much sought after meeting place attracting visitors from around the world. The Florian-Stadl has by now turned into the regional center for culture and also become the permanent location for holding the annual Orff Festival.



As a successful economic entity, Andechs Monastery fulfils its mission as a foundation and as a business resource provides all necessary financial means for the support and maintenance of St. Bonifaz Abbey in Munich through its own efforts - all without relying on subsidy from public church tax funds.
Manager of the Monastery is Dr. Johannes Eckert, the abbot of the Benedictine Abbey St. Bonifaz in Munich and Andechs. The common model provided by the monks and lay workers best illustrates the Monastery’s activity as a productive entity and is highlighted by the motto: “It is our tradition to be progressive, and we can attribute our progress to a great tradition".
From this standpoint, Andechs Monastery’s concept and activity at this time creates the basis for the future: To prevail and – historical awareness notwithstanding - without being entrapped in the past or tradition. To relish the present and the moments which go by so quickly, yet indeed not forgetting that which went on before.
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Brewing beer at the Andechs Monastery Brewery
When it comes to beer, think of Andechs Monastery Brewery! Brewing since 1455, you know you can trust our experience! In order to brew our first-class beer, we exclusively use high-quality Bavarian raw materials and allow our specialty beers plenty of time to develop their taste and flavor.
Andechs Monastery beer is brewed with the latest equipment, but as always in keeping with traditional recipes. The new mashhouse and all the new equipment of the Andechs Brewery at the foot of the Holy Mount were put into operation in the winter of 1983/84. Most of the processes are also computer controlled and monitored.
Hopfen und Malz – Gott erhalt’s (Hops and malt – God preserve ´em!)
This brewery complies with the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot (beer purity regulations) from 1516, according to which only malt, hops, and water may be used. Yeast was not mentioned in the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot, because the fermentation in those days was initiated spontaneously by wild yeast in the air. It was much later before the law specified this fourth critical component.
Only the best ingredients are utilized for brewing top quality Andechs beer, and they all stem from Bavarian agricultural cultivation. The grains for making the different types of malt – up to five kinds per beer – grow mostly in the greater Munich region, and also in Franconia and in Upper Palatinate. Malted wheat and barley go into the two varieties of Andechs Weißbier, but the other brews take only malted barley. The hops come exclusively from Hallertau located north of the old cathedral town of Freising.
Fresh Andechs Monastery beer passes roughly fifty internal quality checks during the brewing process. The brewers are aware of their particular responsibilities, and employees of each brewing department are required to sign-off on designated control measures. The central lab coordinates, monitors, advises, and assembles all quality data in a computer network.

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