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Two Oldest Beers in the USA - Yuengling Porter & Lord Chesterfield Ale

Yuengling Porter and Lord Chesterfield Ale brewed by D.G. Yuengling and Son  - Pottsville, PA

Yuengling Dark Brewed Porter is an original specialty beer that has been brewed expressly for tavern owners and family trade since 1829. An authentic craft-style beer, our Porter calls for a generous portion of caramel and dark roasted malts, which deliver a rich full-bodied flavor and creamy taste with slight tones of chocolate evident in every sip. It pours dark, with a thick foamy head, and imparts a faint malty aroma that is enjoyed by even the most discerning consumer.


Lord Chesterfield Ale
One of our distinct classic beers brewed since 1829, Yuengling Lord Chesterfield Ale has as much rich heritage as it does flavor and appeal. Crafted in a unique two-stage European brewing style for enhanced bitterness, it utilizes both conventional kettle hopping and dry hopping after fermentation, resulting in a dry, sharp finish. Brewed with select hops, its distinct robust flavor is derived from a delicate combination of sweet maltiness and lingering herbal bitterness.


Yuengling brewery workers

History of D.G. Yuengling and Son
The German brewer David G. Jüngling immigrated to the United States in 1823 from Aldingen in the Kingdom of Württemberg. He anglicized his surname from Jüngling to Yuengling and began the "Eagle Brewery" on Center Street in Pottsville in 1829. His eldest son, David, Jr., left the Eagle Brewery to establish the James River Steam Brewery along the James River in Richmond, Virginia. The first brewery burned down in an 1831 fire and the company relocated to Mahantongo Street. The Eagle Brewery changed its name to "D.G. Yuengling and Son" in 1873 after Frederick Yuengling joined his father David in running the company. Although the company's name changed, the bald eagle remained the company's emblem. During the late 19th century, breweries were also opened in Saratoga, New York City, and Trail, British Columbia, although they were eventually merged with the Pottsville plant.

Frank Yuengling began heading the company in 1899 after his father Frederick died.During the Prohibition era, Yuengling survived by producing "near beers" called "Yuengling Special", "Yuengling Por-Tor", and "Yuengling Juvo". The company also ran a dairy which produced ice cream and opened dance halls in Philadelphia and New York City. After the 18th Amendment was repealed in 1933, Yuengling sent a truckload of "Winner Beer" to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in appreciation, which arrived the day the amendment was repealed – particularly notable since Yuengling beer takes almost three weeks to brew and age. Richard L. Yuengling and F. Dohrman Yuengling succeeded Frank Yuengling after their father's death in 1963.
Yuengling suffered from the rise of large commercial breweries during the 1970s. It was able to survive owing to demand from its customer base in Schuylkill County. The company also experienced an increase of sales after a renewed interest in history owing to the United States Bicentennial in 1976.
Yuengling Sign Yuengling Ales and Lagers

In 1985, the Yuengling brewery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the oldest brewery in the United States. It was also so listed in the Pennsylvania Inventory of Historic Places at some unspecified date. Yuengling has been a registered trademark since 1995.

Richard L. Yuengling, Jr. took over as company president in 1985. In 1987 the brewery reintroduced a lager they had not made in decades to take advantage of a spike in lighter-style beers. Since this time, Yuengling Lager has become its flagship brand, accounting for 80% of production and much of its rapid growth. In the early 1990s, demand throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware outstripped the existing brewery's abilities. In 1999, they increased their manufacturing capacity by purchasing a Stroh's plant in Tampa, Florida, hiring the former Stroh employees, and began working with a trade union for the first time.In 2000, the company built a third brewery in Pennsylvania, in Port Carbon in Schuylkill County near Pottsville. With production at the Port Carbon, Tampa, and original Pottsville plants, the company has been able to expand throughout the East Coast.





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