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Wyncoop Brewing Company - Denver, Colorado

The Wyncoop  Story

When Edward W. Wynkoop came here in 1858, this was Arapahoe County, Kansas Territory. The governor of the territory, James Denver, named Wynkoop to be its first sheriff. A nice pay-back came when the city was organized here and Wynkoop proposed that it be named for the Kansas governor.  In 1860, a local newspaper published these nice words about Ned Wynkoop (as he was called): "Ned is considered by his personal friends a warm and genial companion, true as steel." We like to think that the same could be said of the pub that bears his name.
Ned Wynkoop was also an actor. In 1861, the Rocky Mountain News reviewed his performance at the Apollo: "His rendition of the Drunkard was given with most thrilling effect and in the scenes of delirium... he exhibited more than an ordinary histrionic ability." Let this be a lesson to us all.
Wynkoop spent five years as an officer in the army, rising to the rank of colonel. In 1864, he was an unwilling party to an act of betrayal and treachery. In his own words: "I congregated some 500 friendly Cheyenne Indians together, assuring them the protection of the United States; the consequence of which was they were attacked by a large body of volunteer troops... and nearly 200 of their women, children and old men were brutally murdered. The infamous massacre of Sand Creek will not soon be forgotten."

The Wyncoop  Brewing Story
The Wynkoop Brewing Company, Colorado's oldest brew pub, was founded in 1988. It is housed in the glorious J. S. Brown Mercantile Building. The Mercantile Company was the most impressive of its time with hardwood floors, thick timber pillars and pressed tin ceilings. Miners, ranchers and city folks would walk these very floors looking for goods to furnish their frontier homes. The main floor, now the bar and restaurant, served as the original showroom in 1899.
The second floor is the home of Wynkoop Billiards, considered by many to be the city's most elegant pool hall. There are 22 pool tables, two private pool rooms, several dart lanes and a bar serving all of the same refreshing beers you'll find downstairs. We hauled the backbar from across the creek where it was used in the original tasting room of the old Tivoli Brewery. You're more than welcome to take a look or shoot a game of pool at any time.
The Mercantile Room was renovated into a banquet room a few years ago. It has high ceilings and expansive arched windows. The Mercantile Room is located next to the big vault door off the main bar and can accommodate up to 300 guests. Other private rooms throughout the building are nice for smaller groups and private parties. Give us a call if you'd like to set something up.

Impulse Theater is Denver's longest running show!
This wildly funny mix of comedy, theater and audience interaction plays to sold-out houses every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night right in the basement of The Wynkoop Brewing Company! For more info please call the Impulse directly at 303-297-2111 or visit them online at Did you know you can have your party (for over 25 people) catered in the Impulse Theater prior to the show?

To commemorate your Wynkoop experience, take home a half-gallon jug of our beer. Gifts for yourself or loved ones are also available upstairs at the Billiards counter. For more information, call our retail hotline at 1-888-WYNKOOP.

Wyncoop Beers
B3K Schwarzbier
This German-style black lager has a deep color and gently roasted flavors balanced by an understated hoppiness. A thirst-quenching version of dark beer. A 2008 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner in the German Schwarzbier category. ABV 5.3%

Railyard Ale
Our flagship brew is a smooth, amber beer that combines the malty goodness of an Octoberfest lager with the slight fruitiness of an ale. Hearty but refreshing. ABV 5.2%

Wixa Weiss
An unfiltered wheat beer, weiss beer is a Bavarian tradition. Our version is immensely refreshing and authentic, delivering the classic weiss aromas of clove and banana. A two-time Great American Beer Festival Medal winner in the German Style Wheat Ale category. ABV 4.8%.

Patty's Chile Beer
A light German-style beer made with Anaheim chiles and smoked Ancho peppers. A 2006 Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal Winner in the Fruit and Vegetable Beer category and Wynkoop specialty. ABV 4.2%

St. Charles ESB
Our British-style session beer is cask conditioned and dry hopped. Tea colored with a toasted malt flavor, it's an easy drinker with a light mouthfeel and elegant hop nose. ABV 4.5%.

Two Guns Pilsener
A Czech style Pilsner, Two Guns is golden in color with a soft malt character derived from Bohemian barley and just enough spicy bitterness to make another taste desirable. ABV 5.0%

Light Rail Ale
This blonde beer has a very light body and mild flavors of hops and pale malts. A hint of caramel malt gives color to this popular choice for craft beer newcomers. ABV 5.0%

Sagebrush Stout
A dark, deeply roasted and full-bodied ale. Rich with kisses of chocolate, coffee and oats, it's a glorious version of an American-style stout. A longtime house favorite. ABV 6.1%

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