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Strange Brew - Starring Bob and Doub McKenzie - Part 1


Strange Brew Movie Summary

Two unemployed brothers, Bob and Doug McKenzie are in a bind when they squander their father's beer money and then run out of beer. The brothers place a live mouse in a beer bottle in an attempt to blackmail the local beer store into giving them free Elsinore beer, but are told to take up the matter at the Elsinore brewery instead. After presenting the mouse to management at the brewery, the brothers are given jobs on the bottling line inspecting the bottles for mice. They take this opportunity to drink lots of free beer off the line; later, they present their parents with a van full of Elsinore products.

Meanwhile, the evil Brewmeister Smith is perfecting a secret plan to take over the world by placing a mind-control drug in Elsinore beer which, while rendering the consumer docile, also makes him or her attack others when stimulated by certain musical tones. Smith tests this adulterated beer on patients of the conveniently located Royal Canadian Institute for the Mentally Insane, which is connected by underground tunnels to the brewery. The effects of the tainted beer are demonstrated in an extended sequence during which the mental patients don armored Star Wars–style hockey garb and, after consuming the beer, respond to synthesizer music by variously playing hockey, skating together in sync, and brawling on the ice.

It seems the former brewery owner John Elsinore has recently died under mysterious circumstances and his daughter, Pam having recently turned 21, has been given full control of the Elsinore brewery. Pam's uncle Claude, in the interim, had married her widowed mother and is reluctant to give up his recently-gained control of the brewery. The reason for this is further revealed to be that the bumbling Claude is collaborating with Brewmeister Smith, for whom he is a buffoonish toady, providing a cover for the Brewmeister's nefarious plans. Bob and Doug blunder into the midst of these plans when they rescue Pam from a malfunctioning security gate and become friends with her. While exploring the massive brewery, they find a shuttered cafeteria containing an old Galactic Border Patrol video game that supernaturally reveals that Brewmeister Smith murdered John Elsinore and that Uncle Claude was deeply involved. Additionally, while poking around the brewery, Bob and Doug meet a one time hockey great, Jean "Rosie" LeRose, whom Bob recognizes from the hockey card he has back home at his parents' house. Having suffered a career-ending nervous breakdown and fallen under Smith's control, Rosie gets locked up at the Insane Asylum but is determined to fight against the Brewmeister's plot for world domination.

Strange Brew MovieDoug and Bob McKenzie

Bob and Doug McKenzie

Bob and Doug McKenzie are a pair of fictional Canadian brothers who hosted "The Great White North", a sketch which was introduced on SCTV for the show's third season when it moved to CBC Television in 1980. Bob is played by Rick Moranis and Doug is played by Dave Thomas. The duo became a pop culture phenomenon in both the United States and Canada.

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