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Schlafly Titanium, The Rarest Beer on Earth - St. Louis, Missouri

Schlafly Titanium, The Rarest Beer on Earth - St. Louis, Missouri

Fermentation was carried out with a wild “space yeast”, harvested from ancient residue recently unearthed at a meteor crash site. Schlafly Titanium is dry-hopped 7 times with our proprietary hybrid of Galaxy, Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra hops, resulting in a beer with a theoretical count of over 10,000 IBU’s.

In addition to the choicest raw materials, Schlafly Titanium is also brewed with a host of other premium ingredients. This process is so exhausting, so extravagant, so expensive, that it yields but one single bottle of Schlafly Titanium.  

schlafly-titanium-Bottle1.JPG (350×250)

Schlafly Titanium, An Ebay Auction
Schlafly Titanium, An Ebay Auction For A Great Cause, And The Schlafly Beer April Fool's Video Tradition
April Fool’s Day was this past Sunday and that meant that once again, I had the opportunity to dust off the trusty video camera (or in this year’s case, an iPhone) to create a online “commercial” for a new, fake style of Schlafly beer to unleash upon an unsuspecting Internet. 2012 marks the fourth year I have done this, and at this point, for those in on the joke, it’s actually become something of an event that a lot of folks look forward to around here with a good deal of anticipation. It also happens to be something that I have a blast doing.

The concept behind the Schlafly April Fool’s commercial is a pretty simple one. Each year, I come up with an idea for a fake Schlafly beer that somehow ties into a current trend or “product” in the beer industry that I think might be a good candidate for some friendly ribbing and then I film a fake “commercial” for it to share online. The other consistent element of this project over the past four years has been that I write, shoot, and edit the commercial entirely on the final day of March. This means that each year I end up glued to my computer trying to piece the video together up until the stroke of midnight (or sometimes even a couple hours past) in order to release it as early on April Fool’s Day as possible. Producing a video from scratch in a day also means that the final result… looks like it was made in a day, which I feel definitely adds to the “charm”.

To Bid on the only bottle of Schlafly Titanium:

Saint Louis Brewery - Schlafly Beers
The Saint Louis Brewery, Inc. was incorporated in 1989. It was founded by Dan Kopman and Tom Schlafly, a lawyer and nephew of political activist Phyllis Schlafly, although she is not involved with the brewery in any way. Their goal was to create quality local microbrew beer.

  SchlafyBrewery.jpg (700×250)

The brewery was built in the former Swift Printing Company building in downtown St. Louis. the Swift Company moved out in 1969, and the building remained vacant until renovated for the St. Louis Brewery in 1991. The brewery produced its first beers in 1991, with the official public opening on December 26, 1991. The first batches of pale ale and wheat beer were available only in draft form for purchase at a pub on the premises.

   Schlafly Tap Room.jpg (350×250)Schlaflybeers.jpg (350×250)

In 1993, Schlafly expanded to bottled beer, and began selling to local grocery chains, restaurants, and bars. The bottled beer was contract-brewed by August Schell Brewery in New Ulm, Minnesota, as the St. Louis Brewery had limited brewing capacity and no bottling operation of its own.

In 2003, the brewery opened "The Schlafly Bottleworks" in a former Shop-n-Save supermarket building in the St. Louis suburb of Maplewood. This facility includes a brewery and bottling plant in addition to a restaurant, beer garden and produce garden. With the addition of this facility, the St. Louis Brewery now brews and bottles all the beer sold under the Schlafly brand. This facility was cited by the Saint Louis Business Journal in its naming the Saint Louis Brewery its 2008 Sustainable Operations Winner. The Schlafly brand has since expanded to seven styles available year-round, as well as over 25 seasonal brews.



Starting a Craft Brewery - Brewers Library

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