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Scaldis Noël Premium brewed by Brasserie Dubuisson

Scaldis Noël Premium brewed by Brasserie Dubuisson in Belgium      

It is the custom in Belgium custom to brew a beer a bit bolder and stronger as a holiday gift to loyal patrons. Presented in 750 ml cork-finished Scaldis Noël Premium is Scaldis Noël that is refermented in the bottle. Beautiful lacing, mahogany hue, it has plum, date and caramel overtones, and a cognac warming finish. Premium clocks in at an impressive 13% ABV. Compare it to Prestige de Nuits—which is Scaldis Noël re-fermented in Côtes de Nuits barrels—for a Belgian sparkling variation on New Year’s Eve.

Scaldis Noël Premium brewed by Brasserie Dubuisson in Belgium

Beer Review by Beer Advocate
The brew poured a murky, rosy-brown into my Duvel tulip. A 3 1/2 finger light-tan head that recedes rather quickly, leaving no lacing.

A rich, sweet, spicy and syrupy aroma explodes out of the glass. Coriander is evident, enlivening the aromas of raisins and prunes. A bit of grape imparts a winey aroma.

Grapes are much more evident in the taste, accompanied by more dark fruits and a substantial taste of alcohol as well. Coriander spices things up, and flavor of light bubblegum makes an appearance, also. Very sweet, but tart and winey as well. Somewhat cloying at first, but improving as it warms.

Medium-thick bodied with a peppery feel on the tip of the tongue, a light syrupy coating in the mouth, and substantial burn of alcohol in the throat.

This is a great beer! It's richness, and high alcohol content command respect, and it will perhaps become a worthy ritual in years to come!

Brasserie Dubuisson - The oldest and most authentic brewery in Wallonia
The Brasserie Dubuisson has deep roots and values that give it an authenticity that few breweries can boast… and that make it the oldest and most authentic brewery in Wallonia.
Created in 1769 by Joseph Leroy, the maternal grandfather of current manager Hugues Dubuisson, the Brasserie Dubuisson is the oldest brewery in Wallonia and is still situated on the same spot. Eight generations of brewers have succeeded each other in a direct line and the Brasserie Dubuisson is today still 100% independent.Edward Joseph Leroy en 1886, grand-père d'Alfred et Amédée Dubuisson et fondateur de la Brasserie.
The family’s brewing origins are older still, since before this date, Joseph Leroy and his family were brewing on the seigniorial estate of Ghissegnies just opposite the current brewery. In order to remove the unfair competition represented by the seigniorial breweries, until then exempt from tax, the Empress Maria-Theresa of Austria, who at the time reigned over our regions, ordered their unconditional destruction in 1769. Joseph Leroy then decided to set himself up on the current estate, which was non-seigniorial land, and at the same time acquired his independence as a farmer-brewer.
At this time, the brewing activity was much more limited than today and consisted mainly of producing beer intended for the farm’s workers and the villagers. It was only much later, in 1931, that Alfred Dubuisson decided to abandon farming in order to devote himself exclusively to the production of beer. He then went into partnership with his brother, Amédée Dubuisson, and together, they purchased the farm brewery from their parents, which later became the Brasserie Dubuisson Frères Ltd.
Between the founding in 1769 and 1931, the Dubuisson farm brewery experienced numerous periods of turmoil, in particular being occupied by Napoleon’s troops at the beginning of the 19th century and by German forces in 1914 and in 1940. The Dubuisson family got back on its feet each time and rebuilt and revived the facility.
In 1933, Alfred Dubuisson, Hugues’ grandfather, created a genuine fine Belgian beer in the English style, very fashionable at the time. He called his beer Bush Beer, the English translation of Bière Dubuisson. This beer, the recipe of which has remained unchanged for 75 years, is therefore one of Belgium’s oldest brands of beer still being sold.

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Imported by
Vanberg & DeWulf

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Phone: 607.547.8184


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