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Recreational Smoke brewed by West Flanders Brewing in Boulder, CO

Recreational Smoke Porter brewed by West Flanders Brewing in Boulder, Colorado‏

In honor of Colorado's history making new laws today, West Flanders Brewing of is releasing Recreational Smoke. A homegrown, fully legal, American-style porter, Recreational Smoke is enhanced with beechwood smoked malts from Bamburg, Germany. These specialty grains are paired with an array of other baked and toasted malts to create a unique beer with notes of chocolate, brownies, and satisfying smoked flavors throughout. All rolled up in a heady beer with a mellow 6% ABV.

Recreational Smoke Porter brewed by West Flanders Brewing

“Since we opened last year,” says head brewer Brian Lutz, “many of our customers have told us they wanted to be able to enjoy Recreational Smoke here at our brewpub. In light of recent events, we decided the time was right for us to make that happen.”

The beer is on sale at West Flanders Brewing for just 30 cents per ounce. West Flanders customers are allowed to purchase up to 16 ounces of the beer at a time inside the brewpub. Customers can take the beer home in quantities of 64 ounces in West Flanders Brewing’s custom glassware.

You must be 21 years or older to purchase Recreational Smoke.

Out-of-state visitors can legally purchase West Flanders’ Recreational Smoke.

“But if you’re traveling here by plane to enjoy it,” note West Flanders co-founder Mark Heinritz adds, “be aware that Recreational Smoke is not permitted on the property at Denver International Airport. Possession of it there can get you into serious trouble.”

“We also want to remind our customers,” Heinritz says, “that it’s still illegal to consume Recreational Smoke in public here in Boulder or anywhere else in Colorado.”

As it always does, West Flanders serves a wide array of delicious edibles (from Chef Tony Hessel) for those who partake of Recreational Smoke and the brewpub’s other exceptional beers.

Thank you for any coverage you can do on this historic beer. I'm attaching a Recreational Smoke logo for you to use.

Information on this beer and all of West Flanders Brewing's beers, food and events can be found at .
West Flanders BrewingBrewers of West Flanders Brewing
The Story of West Flanders Brewing
In 2009, Mark and Chris Heinritz meet longtime restaurateur Barry Wolfman. After quickly becoming friends, the three made several attempts to buy existing restaurants but nothing materialized. At the same time Brian could barely get his tie off quick enough to get back to a slew of home brewing projects. He was and still is continually working on creative and audacious beers while dreaming about the day he could again share his creations with the world.

Then the opportunity that had been 16 years in the making finally came. Brian was contacted by Dave Welker, who owned the building at 1125 Pearl Street. Welker is an avid home brewer, one of the top beer judges in the country and one of the founding fathers of the Great American Beer Festival. Knowing the building would be vacated reignited all the unfulfilled dreams from Red Fish. It was the perfect second act in a better location and with the addition of decades of collective experience.

Barry Wolfman joined as a partner and GM. Brian was the obvious choice for Brewmaster and immediately started fine tuning recipes and making new test batches. Through a nine step interview process the only missing piece was found; Executive Chef Anthony Hessel. Tony was brought on board because of his understanding of how to pair food with beer to create entirely new flavor combinations. Together Brian and Tony created an unbelievable beer lineup with a beer-centric food culture and menu.

West Flanders is the fulfillment of 16 years of dreaming and planning to build a brewpub that celebrates both community and beer. The world, as beer drinkers, has also evolved for the past 16 years after that first batch of Angry Monk. Now the craft beer community is finally ready for dynamics and intrigue of Brian Lutz’s brewing creativity. To quote Brian, “make sure your seat belt is buckled because we are about to go on one hell of a ride!”

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