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Nude Beach Summer Wheat brewed by Stevens Point Brewery - Wisconsin

Nude Beach Summer Wheat brewed by Stevens Point Brewery - Stevens Point, WI                    

Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat is the perfect summer pleasure. Available only during the warm months of summer, this lively and unfiltered wheat ale is well balanced using “au naturel” raw and red wheat, then delicately finished with Yakima hops. With a refreshing light flavor, Point Nude Beach is perfect while enjoying summer activities or just hanging out with friends. Clothing optional. Malts:2-row, 6-row, Crystal, Vienna, Red Wheat, White Raw Wheat. Hops: Mt. Hood. Alcohol: 5.17% by volume.


Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat

Beer Review by Beer Advocate:
Appearance: Pours a hazy yellow-orange with 2 fingers of off-white head. Good retention and lace, vigorous carbonation.

Aroma: Sweet wheat aromas with little banana and pepper.

Taste: Sweet wheat flavors with a bit of minerals up front, yielding slowly to light banana and pepper. A little hay in the middle. Simple yet tasty. About half way through the glass, the pepper seems to change into more of a lemon flavor.

Mouthfeel: Quite light with a foamy creaminess.

Overall: This beer says that summer is here, and I have to agree. Nothing outstanding, but not a single flaw. Haven't had anything from Point in quite a while and now I'm eager to visit a few of their other offerings again. Good stuff, enjoy it while it's here.

Steven Point Brewery History
The company was founded in 1857 by George Ruder and Frank Wahle. In 1864, the company provided its beer to the troops during the Civil War. The brewery was subsequently sold to Andrew and Jacob Lutz in 1867. The Lutz family continued operations until it was sold to Gustav Kuenzel in 1897. The company was then organized as the Gustav Kuenzel Brewing Company in 1901. The following year, it was renamed the Stevens Point Brewing Company. Ludwig Korfman purchased a controlling interest in the company in 1924 and reorganized the company as the Stevens Point Beverage Company. The company faced local competition from the mid-1860s through the Prohibition era of the 1920s, when the remaining competition went out of business.
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During the 1950s, the brewery began using cans in production. In 1973, Point Special brand beer was rated the top American beer in a taste test as reported by Mike Royko, a prominent columnist for the Chicago Daily News. By the 1970s the company was owned by Felix and Ken Shibilski. In 1990, the company first began selling its product outside Wisconsin, in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota. In 1992, the Shibilskis sold the company to Chicago-based Barton Beers Ltd. The new ownership was unique for Barton in that Point beer was its only domestic product line, with all of its other offerings being imports. The company planned to tie sales to its Mexican brand, Corona, but when that brand's sales exploded, the Point brand became a distraction. In 2002, the company was sold back to Wisconsin ownership by Milwaukee-based real estate developers Joe Martino and Jim Wiechmann. That same year, the company introduced gourmet sodas to its beverage list. In 2003, Point Special won the gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the premium lager category. That same year, the company bought the Augsburger brand from Stroh Brewery Company. In 2005, the company bought four beer brands from the James Page Brewing Company. In 2007, the company was listed in the top fifty craft brewers list by the Brewers Association.

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