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Hop God Aged in Chardonnay French Oak Barrels Brewed by Nebraska Brewing - Papillion, NE

Hop God Aged in Chardonnay French Oak Barrels Brewed by Nebraska Brewing - Papillion, Nebraska

This barrel aged ale is an artful creation which began with our Hop God Belgian-Style IPA, then enhanced by a 6 month maturation in French Oak Chardonnay Barrels. This version of Hop God is a fascinating, big, bold Belgian-style Tripel hopped in very high amounts to concentrate citrus, grapefruit and floral aromatics in the nose. The addition of Chardonnay barrel aging adds further dimension and oak tannins to an already wonderfully complex Ale - bringing to mind tropical fruits and peach. We know of nothing that compares - enjoy!

Nebraska Hop God

Beer Review by Beer Advocate
Appearance - Nice thick white head with tiny clinging bubbles, awesome lacing. Hazy Golden color, semi-translucent. A very pretty beer

Aroma - Tons of soft belgian yeast esters linger with a funky chardonnay and oak notes in the background. Not too much of a hoppy aroma left from the aging. Very pleasant.

Taste - Oh wow. Tons of ripe green apple, subtle citrus and a really nice oak-y chardonnay intermingling. This is bright, vibrant and complex. I am blown away, seriously. This holds so many flavors together in an balanced and perfectly integrated manner. Absolutely no boozyness despite the 10%abv. So polished and clean. I am very impressed.


Mouthfeel - Clean and light, nice amount of gas and viscous enough to have a full body without coating the palate.

Overall - I am really impressed, I typically find the Belgian IPA style too abrasive and contrasting with musty yeast and citrus hops. Not sure if it is the oaking on chardonnay barrels or the fermentation staying at a lower temp limiting the ester blow off but this is so polished, well integrated and an absolute pleasure. I will buy a few cases no matter the cost next time I am in Nebraska. Excellent work Nebraska Brewing Company.
   Nebraska Brewing BrewmasterNebraska Brewing Company 
Nebraska Brewing Brewers
Paul Kavulak and Tyson Arp round out the brewing lineup and have come together to build a broad beer portfolio complete with Brewer's Choice specials that will keep you coming back for more. As brewers go, they tend to be incredibly passionate about their craft. Nebraska Brewing Company is fortunate to have two brewers with the fire burning in their souls.

Paul has been brewing since 1992, after he and one of his buddies had a discussion on brewing beer at home. Paul began a journey that would span more than a decade and expose him to the incredible world of diversity, tastes, and other individuals that enjoyed this art as much as he did. Over the course of time, Paul has won a number of awards at the amateur level and even had one of his recipes on tap at a local brewpub. Paul is a volunteer beer judge whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Tyson has what some call a brewing affliction. He drove his hobby so hard that it went from kitchen stovetop to brewhouse in zero to 60 fashion. Incrediby detailed, he possesses an invaluable knack for solving the most difficult brewing problems. It really does an injustice to Tyson to say that he's the junior guy in the group, so let's just say that he's an awesome member of a tremendous brewing team. (anything else would go to his head and our brewhouse door isn't that big)

Paul and Tyson welcome the opportunity to discuss their beer passions with others who share an appreciation for everything that craft beer has to offer. If you've got a comment or suggestion, don't hold back - they'd love to hear from you!

Starting a Craft Brewery - Brewers Library

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