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Mountain High IPA brewed by Mount Shasta Brewing - Weed, CA

Mountain High IPA brewed by the Mount Shasta Brewing Company - Weed, California 

A deep golden, mild and malty India Pale Ale. Late hop additions contribute floral and pine aromas reminiscent of Mount Shasta. A classic American IPA uniting hops with fresh mountain spring water. The alcohol by volume is at 7% and uses Centennial and Simcoe hops to reach its 63 IBU's. The hop profile is not overpowering, starting smooth and building up to its mellow, bitter finish. A generous dryhop emphasizes a green hop accent and enjoyable aroma. A worthwhile trip, high on a mountain, to reach Hop Heaven. 62.1 IBU - 7% ABV

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Beer Review from Beer Advocate
I love this beer's label and packaging...for a beer label I think it is very arty and cool. Also known as Weed IPA..after the town in California where the brewery is located. I've also had a pint of this at Capone's about a month ago.

Poured into a tulip glass. A typical-to-style, orange color, with some foam which isn't too impressive. Leaves fresh lace on my glass.

Aroma notes I get are of the pungent herbal citrus variety. Lots of hops.


Taste is a subtle blend of different west coast hops..there is a nice grapefruit juice bitterness present, also a minty factor, and a nice spiceyness from the a bit of herbal piney resin.

Mouthfeel: typical to regular Ipa style...lighter than a DIPA, fruitier, with a typical boozy spiciness and a nice bitter drying effect from hop oils..but it finishes pretty clean, which in this beer.

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History of Weed Ales and the Mount Shasta Brewing Company
1992--Mount Shasta Brewing Company renovated the old Medo-Bel Creamery built in 1952. It had fallen into disrepair and was within three days of being auctioned for taxes when Vaune Dillmann purchased the property in 1992. His life long dream had been to follow in the footsteps of his German ancestors who were in brewing-related businesses. This prime location near Interstate 5 and College of the Siskiyous was the perfect site.

1999--The first challenge was to clean up the contaminated soil caused by an underground gasoline tank. Vaune wrote a grant and was awarded a $995,000 from the CA Clean Up Fund. It took over seven years of daily restoration before the property received a clean bill of health from the CA Regional Water Quality Control Board (CRWQCB) in May, 1999. In August, on a visit to family in Minnesota, Vaune got side tracked and toured St. Paul's Summit Brewery. He "found" 1938 25 BBL German brew haus Summit had outgrown and was willing to sell. It was shipped to Weed and a major renovation began to retrofit the old creamery. A smaller 15 BBL PUB system was purchased in order to get the brewery started and develop sales. Vaune's first brew was made for his daughter's wedding.
      Weed Ales and LagersMount Shasta Brewing Company Beers

2003--MSBC brewed it's first beer "Weed Golden Ale" in kegs and as our town was named after Abner Weed, founder of the first lumber mill, the family of Mr. Weed authorized "Abner Weed Amber Ale" in his honor. Two months before MSBC sold its first brew, a disaster occurred when Butte Creek Brewery of Chico, CA, patented a beer called Mt. Shasta Pale Ale. They sued MSBC for the right to take the Mt. Shasta Brewing Company name but lost.

2005--Bottled beer was produced to increase distribution throughout the west coast. MSBC has liquor licenses for the states of California, Oregon, Pennslyvania, and Washington. Tap handles, bottle labels, and growlers were designed to include an actual picture of the beautiful Mt. Shasta, and Vaune's Weed Arch, now the gateway to our town.

2008--MSBC submitted its Lemurian Lager label for approval. TTB would not approve the label until the "Try Legal Weed" bottle cap was removed. Vaune appeared on regional and national TV shows, radio talk shows, and was interviewed by newspaper reporters from around the world, everyone was astounded that TTB would challenge free speech. The ACLU was willing to take the case to the Supreme Court. TTB granted the challenge and reversed their decision. MSBC beers now proudly displace the "Try Legal Weed" bottle caps throughout the nation





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