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Panty Peeler Tripel brewed by Midnight Sun Brewing - Anchorage, AK

Panty Peeler Tripel brewed by Midnight Sun Brewing Company - Anchorage, AK   

Free spirited Panty Peeler Tripel pours rambunctiously into your glass, releasing its engaging aroma. Curacao (bitter) orange peel and coriander create a beautiful yet bolder tripel by infusing color, citrus and spice. Belgian yeast adds playful character. Bottle conditioning assures a perfectly heady experience.
Brewed as a Belgian tripel but with American boldness, Panty Peeler is delicious yet spirited. Originally named Extreme Polar White Bier, it got nicknamed "Panty Peeler" along the way. Then we translated it to French for a while: E'pluche-culotte. Now we're back to calling it Panty Peeler and we've kicked up the coriander and orange peel to represent its original design. 8.5 % Alcohol By Volume. 15 IBUs

   Midnight Sun Panty Peeler

Review from Beer Advocate(For more reviews of this beer:
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Apperance- Received with a Semi-Dark Orange Body with 2 fingers of off-white head. Good retention and good looking carbonation when it comes to the visible bubbles. The lacing was minimal which came as a surprise but still a great looking tripel!

Smell- Starts off with a huge amount of orange/citrus aroma and then a good amount of holiday spice. This citrus sounds like it comes from the Curaco orange used in the brewing process. Didn't care for this as much and thought it was an average Tripel scent...

Taste- A very bold beer to start off with a mild fruity/sweetness (almost all tropical fruits mixed). This spiciness I pointed out in the scent came off well balanced and didn't particularly affect anything in the taste but made it more like a Belgian ale. Then the yeast came into play and this was an awesome characteristic! Very warming and added more character.

Mouthfeel- Medium-Full Bodied, Nice amount of Carbonation, Lively, and very creamy all the way through. There may have been a touch of a sour taste as well.

Overall- Wow! After enjoying, this was my one word that can describe this Tripel. Great drinkability but then able to enjoy all the flavors and characteristics as it is very complexed. Very fruity and spicy at times and had a great ABV.
Midnight Sun BrewingMidnight Sun Brewery
Midnight Sun Brewing Company
Since firing up its brew kettle in 1995, Midnight Sun Brewing Company has become a serious yet creative force on the American brewing front. From concept to glass, Midnight Sun relies on an "art marries science" approach, mixing tradition with innovation, to design and craft bold, distinctive beers for Alaska...and beyond.

We at Midnight Sun find inspiration in the untamed spirit and rugged beauty of the Last Frontier and develop unique beers with equally appealing names and labels. But the company’s true focus remains in its dedication to producing consistently high-quality beers that provide exciting flavor and satisfying refreshment in all seasons.

From our extreme Pacific Northwest locale, we offer our wonderful beers on draft and in 22-ounce bottles throughout Alaska. Some of these beers are also distributed in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and California. We invite you to visit our hardworking brewery and retail Loft in South Anchorage every chance you get!
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