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Hoptologist Double India Pale Ale brewed by Knee Deep Brewing Company

Hoptologist Double India Pale Ale brewed by Knee Deep Brewing Company - Lincoln, California

Hoptologist Double India Pale Ale is an American Double India Pale Ale that packs a punch when it comes to hops. The aroma and flavors will give you citrus and pine with a slight malt sweetness that finishes dry. The malts for this DIPA are a blend of Canadian, German, Chile and United Kingdom malts. And the hops consists of Cascade, Citra, Columbus, Magnum and Hersbrucker. IBUs: 102. ABV: 9%.

Knee Deep Hoptologist DIPA

Beer Review by Beer Advocate:
Appearance: Golden copper orange with faint sediment and a bone white finger of head which fades to minimal bubble leftovers.

Aroma: Fresh spring, grass, sunshine, and pine needles. There is citrus fruit, pineapple, honey, and cane sugar. The background is caramel and bread. Some spice also, but the fresh hops singe the nose.

Taste: Big and spicy hop wallop which fades to a glimmer of sugary, bready maltiness. The citrus, pine, and grass come through between the spice. The pineapple and honey notes are faint but present. The finish is warm and with a peppercorn spice which never gives way throughout the whole palate.

Mouthfeel: Oily linger with good feel and matching carbonation. Full and smooth with good drinkability.

Overall: A great DIPA with sports 102 IBU's and keeps some fruit complexity. Knee Deep is a young brewery that is making some wonderful ales. I was able to pick up a couple of there offerings from a Northern California BevMo and hope to continue to experience new and exciting brews sporting there labels.

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The Knew Deep Brewing Story
In June 2010 Jeremy founded Knee Deep Brewing Company, LLC. For the first few months of operation, Jeremy was “contract brewing” his beers at Mt. Tallac Brewing in beautiful Lake Tahoe and selling kegs exclusively into the Northern Nevada (Reno) market. In the fall of 2010, Jeremy and Jerry Moore (our CEO & Janitor) met, sampled a few of Jeremy’s creations and ultimately agreed to work together to get more than “Knee Deep” in a premium craft beer brewery. In the mean time, Knee Deep Brewing Company continued to “contract brew” and sell kegs in Northern Nevada.

In the first quarter of 2011, the company reached an agreement to lease the former Beermann’s Brewery in Lincoln, CA. During the renovation and startup phase Knee Deep’s beers continued to be contract brewed in another brewery in California. In May 2011, our first batch of beer was brewed in our Lincoln brewery. Over time we phased out the contract brewing and now all our beer is brewed in our Lincoln facility. We currently have two UC Davis trained brewers managed by Jeremy and we operate 7 days a week. Our beers can be found throughout California and are also sold in Arizona, Nevada, Ohio and Idaho. This past summer we also started our “Loading Dock Friday Growler Sales”, it’s now possible to purchase a growler of the freshest possible Knee Deep beer directly from the brewery. Growler sales are, as described, conducted at the loading dock.

In his relatively short brewing history, Jeremy has produced over 40 different beers. Jeremy’s brews have received several awards; most recently our Hoptologist DIPA took the Gold Medal earlier this year at The Bistro 14th Annual DIPA Festival. Jeremy and Knee Deep Brewing Company have a rapidly growing reputation and we are becoming known for our unique blends and creative outlook on brewing. We take pride in our reputation and strive to continue brewing outstanding craft beers.

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