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Frankenmuth Brewing Company - Frankenmuth, Michigan


Frankenmuth Brewing Company

Frankenmuth’s founding fathers brought the tradition of brewing to the mid-Michigan forests in 1845. John Matthias Falliers founded Frankenmuth’s first brewery in 1857. Cousins William Knaust and Martin Heubisch opened the Cass River Brewery just north of the Fallier property in 1862, where the Frankenmuth Brewery continues to stand today.

The Cass River Brewery was purchases by Johann Geyer in 1874 and renamed Geyer’s Brothers Brewing Co. For the next 112 years, the facility operated under many names including the Frankenmuth Brewing Co.

Ferdinand “Fred” Schumacher from Duseldorf, Germany, purchased the brewery one year before a fire destroyed most of the structure in 1987. The microbrewery continued operation following the ownership acquisition by Randall E. Heine in 1990. The nation’s second oldest microbrewery was at peak production in 1996, distributing more than 30,000 barrels of locally produced microbrews across 25 states, when an F3 tornado struck our facility, causing several million dollars of damage. A brew pub was opened in 2003 and closed three years later.

The Frankenmuth Brewing Company, housed in the historic 4 story, 28,000 square foot building is an exciting destination for food lovers and beer aficionados alike. We provide banquet and meeting facilities, along with seasonal outdoor dining to accommodate your needs. Frankenmuth Brewing Company will be developing new, exciting varieties of craft-brewed beer as we continue to grow. Our most popular blends will be distributed and marketed initially in Michigan.

Frankenmuth Brewing Co. beer will be available to our guests across the country as our popularity grows and increases.

Frankenmuth 69Frankenmuth AleFrankenmuth_dunkel.png (147×146)Frankenmuth_hefeweizen.png (147×146)Frankenmuth Pilsner


Frankenmuth Brewing Beers
Cass River Blonde Ale
Classic ale, made using nothing but malt, fermented at a lower temperature to lend a clean, crisp finish. Easy to drink and lower in alcohol, making it a terrific cross-over beer for those who enjoy American style ales.

A sweet mixture of spices and fruit with hints of clove and banana. This refreshing pale German wheat is top fermented, unfiltered and lightly hopped to achieve its smooth, pleasant flavor and unmistakable cloudy appearance. The finish is long, quenching and fruity with a good spiced, hop that subtly bursts in between sips.

A time-honored German style Pilsener, this definitive golden lager is made following the traditional German purity law: using only malted barley, water, German hops and German lager yeast. The even blend of hops and barley gives the lager a well balanced finish that is fresh and aromatic. Pouring the Pilsener and drinking it from the glass is part of what makes this beer so enjoyable. Let it bubble as you pour, it will allow the soft head and aromatic hops to slowly rise.

Munich Style Dunkel
Named for the city it calls home, this German lager has a distinguished dark appearance and notably smooth malty flavor, balanced by sweet malt and a slightly bitter hop taste that gives it a certain toasted-bread quality.

Red Sky Ale
This malt-focused ale uses roasted barley to give it a robust red color and roasted taste with subtle caramel notes for a clean taste and dry finish.

Batch 69 American Style IPA
A medium light bodied beer with an intense hop aroma and flavor. This beer will wake up your senses to fine American hops and discover the tastes of citrus, flowers and pine.

Oktoberfest Lager
four different malts give it a smooth barley flavor. German Nobel hops give it balance and a nice finish.

Frankenmuth Brewery


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