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Depot Street Brewing Co. - Jonesborough, Tennessee


Depot Street Brewing Company

Depot Street Brewing is a 10 barrel system capable of brewing about 310 gal of beer at a time. Malts and grains are carefully selected to meet the qualities necessary for a specific batch of quality beer. The grains are placed in a hopper located above the grinding Mill. The grains are ground and travel by a screw auger to the top of the Mash Tun. As they fall into the tank a spray mist of water is applied to aid in wetting the grain. Heat is applied by steam boiler and the temperature raised in steps. This process is to free the enzymes in the grain to act upon the carbohydrates and convert them into sugars. After the sugars are liberated water is sparged (rinsed) through the grain bed in order to recover the maximum amount of sugars. This fluid (now called wort) is transfered to another vessel, the Brew Kettle. Also steam heated, this is where the wort is boiled and hops added. The boiling is for many reasons. Among them killing stray organisms and precipitating out various proteins in the wort. After whirlpooling the wort is moved through a heat exchanger which cools it to about 70 degrees, oxygen in injected into the stream, and the wort is piped cooled and oxygenated into a Fermenter. Yeast are then added. They now have what we all want-a nice temperature controlled home, lots to eat, oxygen to breathe, and plenty of friends. The yeast convert the sugars to carbon dioxide and alcohol as well as many flavor compounds. After about a week the food supply is used up and most of the yeast go dormant, where they fall to the bottom of the fermenter to be reused for the next batch. The beer is then transfered to other Conditioning tanks for weeks or months where the flavor matures and the beer is carbonated further. When flavor is at a peak the beer is kegged and sold.

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Depot Street Beers
DSB Pullman Porter - Flavored with Fine Coffee and with faint Chocolate Malt flavors with just a moderate amount of bitterness for a tasty treat. Good with your favorite dessert or just by itself.

The Limited - A Maple Pecan Porter A Great Beer for tasting in front of the fire. Kegs available .

Eurail Gold - A light bodied German style ale ( kolsch like)well suited for quenching your thirst after a long day on the lake or behind the mower.

Freight Hopper - A true India Pale Ale IPA. 75 IBU's flavored with lots of Chinook and Nugget hops. Try it on tap now.

Southbound Scottish Ale - An rich reddish beer with a smooth malt character, low bitterness, and a slight smoky finish reminiscent of single malt scotch. Good with steaks and other hearty meals.

Loose Caboose Lager - A Dortmunder style German Lager with a malty taste and balanced hop content. Appreciated by beer connoisseurs and lovers of domestic styles alike. Good anytime.

Roundabout Stout - A dry Irish style stout made with a touch of Rye Malt for a refreshing astringency which is easy on the palate.

Depot Express - An American style Amber Ale with a clean crisp maltiness and just a moderate amount of hops to satisfy but not overwhelm the taste buds.Currently infused with OAK.

Depot Street Brewing Website
904 Depot St.
Jonesborough, TN 37659
Phone: 423-753-7628

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