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Capital Pilsner(1986) brewed by Capital Brewery in Middleton, WI

Capital Pilsner brewed by Capital Brewery in Middleton, Wisconsin

An authentic German style pilsner, this is Capital’s largest selling beer. A superbly balanced beer, with a firm maltiness alongside hearty hop bittering and flavor notes. 2009 Gold Medal Winner at the World Beer Championships. This pilsner is brewed with Saaz and Northern Brewer hops and Continental and Pilner malt. ABV: 4.7%. IBUs:32

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Beer Review by Beer Advocate:
Into a narrow stange glass, Capital Pilsner pours a brilliant straw gold, with a billowing sticky mass of foam on top. The head slowly settles to about a fingers width eventually, but not before coating the glass with delicate lacing. Looks great, like a very traditional pils judging by the look of it.

Soft floral and grass notes segue into a sweet doughy biscuit aroma, fresh and clean, some light minerals also.

Lightly malty biscuit flavors, trace hop florals, very low level bitterness in the dry aftertaste. Clean with a soft feel, not especially biting or crisp, but flavorful. Overall it's a winner, worth sessioning at summer bbq's or by the pool.
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History of Capital Brewery
Located in historic downtown Middleton, Capital Brewery has been at the forefront of the dynamic craft beer scene in America for decades. From rich and dark-tasting German beers to newer styles that please a wide variety of beer fans, we're always experimenting and refining what we offer.

The brewery began more than 25 years ago, before “local” was the buzzword of the day, as it is now. Back then, not everybody knew how to appreciate authentic carefully crafted beers, like our ancestors used to enjoy. Yet Capital's founders knew that they could educate the public's palette toward accepting more genuine-tasting German-styled beers. Ever since then, the brewery has remained focused on recapturing Wisconsin's brewing heritage while still moving forward.

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Like making a great brew, the development of this plan depended on pulling together the right sources, in our case a handful of dedicated individuals. We won't say fanatics, but a certain single-mindedness of purpose sure helps. These founders had one goal and only one goal in mind: to make the best beer America could produced—then offer it to people in the hopes they would embrace it, and the brewery, for years to come.

From the onset, Capital Brewery has had all those components in place. Founder Ed Janus, former owner of the Madison Muskies baseball team, dreamt that it was possible to bring real beer to the forefront in Wisconsin, replacing the lesser-tasting brews people were drinking pre-1985. So he paired up with Anthony Frey, another businessman, and they brought in an experienced brewmaster from—where else?--Germany to get things going.

A few trials and errors followed amidst growing anticipation from a public curious about what was going on at the facility on Terrace Avenue. Standing on uncertain ground but daring to go forward, the brewery produced, in April 1986, its first release, Garten Brau, a rich and dark-tasting beer that represented everything shocking to beer-drinkers who were used to much less. It was so much more than they had ever encountered.
This was no light beer. Didn't come from a large conglomerate. Had no extra—read: unneeded—ingredients. Just water, barley, yeast and hops. Made slowly in a traditional lagering fashion.

Bier Garten As Gathering Place.
Prior to Capital Brewery's early success, the last time the Madison area had its own brewery was back in 1966, when the Fauerbach Brewery brewed its last for area drinkers. Now, there was a place to fulfill that desire again. When the bier garten opened in Middleton, throngs descended upon it. That set the stage for decades. Plenty of interesting folks have found respite and enjoyment in the grassy, picnic-table filled area, with its nearby stage and casual serving counter.


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