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Cameronís Auburn Ale brewed by Cameron's Brewing - Oakville, Ontario

Cameronís Auburn Ale brewed by Cameron's Brewing - Oakville, Ontario    

Cameronís Auburn Ale is the brewery's most awarded beer. Named after its unique rich colour, this beer offers a complex full body that evokes a multitude of different flavours. It has a hoppy aroma and a hoppy dry finish. Deliciously complex, this west coast style Ale uses citrus aromatic hops. It offers the palate a distinguished smooth maltiness and is the perfect accomplice for red meat, fish or a spicy food. Our Auburn Ale will leave your taste buds with something to think about.

Camerons Auburn Ale

Beer Review by Beer Advocate
'Auburn Ale' may not be the most creative name but it is pretty accurate. The beer is, as you might have guessed, a clear and rather sparkling tone of auburn that might remind one of fall foliage or perhaps a new penny.

The aroma may not be too robust or overtly dynamic, but there can still be much grace and distinction in subtlety. Sweet toffee-ish malts and earthy, floral hops make for an elegant and unexpectedly intricate bouquet. The scents are lively: the hops softly fragrant like spring flowers and the malts dank and soggy like wet autumn leaves.

The beer may speak softly but it carries a fairly big stick. The malts are gluey and, while not too thick, offer a hefty toastiness and really nutty roast. (That nutty taste resembles roasted pecans or macadamia nuts and is, for my palate, quite delicious.) Beneath this chewy caramel flavour is a crew of bitterly floral, earthy hops.

For their part, those hops do well to get noticed. I was skeptical reading the label's promise of a "full hop flavour" but while they aren't anywhere as animated or zestful as you'd find in most American brewed amber ales, they do offer a spritz of rose water and a lengthy shaving of grapefruit peel that both linger ever so gently on the finish.

Cameron's Auburn is a gracefully flavourful ale that makes for a wonderfully social and satisfying pint. While I typically prefer more adventurous, more sassy, more bold beers, I equally (if not more) appreciate elegance and quality craftsmanship, which those more audacious examples often don't have. This is welcome in my fridge anytime.

Cameron Brewing
With over 40 brewing excellence awards in our 15-year history, Cameronís Brewing Company is a true craft brewery. We have been passionately brewing our all natural ales and lagers since 1997 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Original founder, Cameron Howe, began his journey with the idea of introducing quality craft beer into the Ontario marketplace. What started as a mere hobby quickly turned into a flourishing small business. Today, Cameronís Brewing Company remains true to its roots, with a dedicated team of beer experts committed to brewing quality, award-winning, locally crafted beer.

 Tapping a keg of Cameron's AleCamerons Brewing Delivery Truck   
In 2010, the new President and Co-Owner of Cameronís, Bill Coleman, was looking for a locally established brand of superior products that needed an injection of sales and marketing expertise. Cameronís met the criteria tenfold. In fact he liked the company so much, he bought it as the old adage says.

By adhering to traditional brewing practices using the finest ingredients available, along with our unmatched expertise, we are true beer artisans. As a brewery, we are both environmentally and socially conscious in our day-to- day practices. Our chief brewmaster, Jason Britton, who is traditionally trained in Germany, is a seasoned craftsman, and a veteran of the Ontario microbrewery industry. His team brews all our beer in small batches using all-natural ingredients. ďWe never compromise flavour or quality to save a penny, something that shows when you taste one of our lagers or ales,Ē says Britton. We pride ourselves on the consistency of our four traditional brews, while we celebrate our evolving specialty Brewmastersí series releases, such as the Oak Aged and Deviator Doppelbock.

Cameronís continually strives to invent new and unique brews; all to ensure our brand remains fresh and intriguing. But donít take our word for it, come to the brewery here and see for yourself! Get in touch to arrange a tour, or visit our retail store. Cameronís Brewing Company Ė brewed by a connoisseur, not an accountant.

Starting a Craft Brewery - Brewers Library

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