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Never Summer Ale brewed by the Boulder Beer Company - Boulder, CO

Never Summer Ale brewed by the Boulder Beer Company

Never Summer Ale is an aggressive winter seasonal. This winter ale is a deep ruby red in color and is assertively hopped and brewed with dark caramel malt. Specifically brewed for the drinking town with a skiing problem. In 2004, it won the gold medal ath the World Beer Cup.

Beer Stats:
Malt: British Dark Caramel Malt and U.S. 2-Row Barley
Hops: Nugget, Willamette, Cascade and Top Secret Brewmaster's Spice
Original Gravity: 15.2
Alcohol by Volume 5.94%

Beer Review from Beer Advocate:
Appearance: rich mahogany hue with a clear body. Head is a thick finger of frothy ivory foam, demonstrating pretty good retention and a nice lace. I like it.

Smell: malty aroma with a nutty, biscuity character. There's also some crystal malt aroma thrown in; overall, well-composed, but just not among my favorite aroma choices.

Taste: caramelly malt flavor with just a hint of the biscuit found in the aroma. I find the flavor much more appealing than the aroma; it is sweet and heady, with just a touch of toasty character. Good stuff.

Mouthfeel: medium body with an unexpectedly good level of carbonation. Creaminess on this beer is quite nice, and complements the style well.

Overall: I am somewhat surprised. Winter warmers are not always my favorite beers, but this brew has found a niche within my palate. I'd definitely quaff this again.
Boulder Beer Company History
The Boulder Beer Company was Colorado's first microbrew and the forty-third licensed brewery in the United States. It was founded on September 25, 1979 by David Hummer, Alvin Nelson, and Randolf Ware. Ware and Hummer were physics professors at the University of Colorado at Boulder and home brewers. When the laws surrounding home brewing were relaxed, the brewery originally started on a farm in a "goatshack.

The Boulder Beer Company was originally known as the Boulder Brewing Company and went public in 1980, raising over $1.7 million. A decade later, in 1990, the company changed its name to Boulder Beer Company when Gina Day took the company private. In 1993 the company again renamed itself as the "Rockies Brewing Company." In 2002, the Rockies Brewing Company entered into a strategic agreement with Rock Bottom Breweries allowing Rock Bottom to brew and sell their Singletrack Ale. In 2005, the company again changed it name back to the Boulder Beer Company.

The Boulder Beer Company is also known for being civic minded. In 2008, it became a sponsoring partner in Boulder's "10 for a Change Challenge," a program designed to reduce energy consumption by 10% via eco-friendly improvements for increased energy efficiency. In addition to being a sponsor for the challenge, the Pub is already PACE Certified (Partners for a Clean Environment) using bio-diesel fuel, recycled/compostable "to go" containers, and recycling. The brewery uses 100% recycled 6-pack carriers and non-petroleum based inks.

Every year, the Boulder Beer Company participates in "Beer 4 Boobs," a nationwide charity program raising money for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. They also host an annual "Goatshed Revival" Beer Festival in honor of their first brewery that was in a shed shared by goats. Part of the planning of the revival is a homebrew competition wherein homebrewer compete to have the Boulder Beer Company brew and distribute their homebrew. Proceeds from the Goatshed Revival are donated to the Community Food Share, a non-profit organization feeding the community's poor.

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