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Beer Books - How to Start a Brewery

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A Brewer's Guide to Opening a Nano Brewery
Dan Woodske is the owner and operator of his own nanobrewery, Beaver Brewing Company in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania. Starting as an avid homebrewer he wondered why there wasn't a brewery within an hour drive of his home...that's when he decided to take his passion for brewing to the pro level. This book describes everything you need from buying brewery equipment, marketing your beer, licensing, and running your brewery. The process of opening a brewery can seem daunting, but in under 100 pages you will find brewing good beer is the hard part, the rest seems easy once it is all laid out for you.
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Starting Your Own Brewery
Thousands of beer lovers have realized their dream by building successful brewing businesses. This guide describes how to start a brew pub or packaging brewery with success stories straight from the entrepreneurs that have pioneered America's most exciting brands. It also covers many details required when researching and planning a new business, including an example business plan and chapters on key equipment and facility issues. A "must read" for anyone considering a career in the brewery business.  Chick Here to Order from Amazon

Brewing Up a Business: Adventures in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Entrepreneurial dreams do come true! Starting with nothing more than a home brewing kit, Sam Calagione founded Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and made it America's fastest growing independent beer. This unconventional business story reveals how Calagione found success by dreaming big, working hard, and thinking differently-and how you can do it too. "Rarely is a book as good as a beer but this one is. It's written with humor, humility, and passion, essential ingredients for any entrepreneur."
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Beer School: Bottling Success at the Brooklyn Brewery
What do you get when you cross a journalist and a banker? A brewery, of course. "A great city should have great beer. New York finally has, thanks to Brooklyn. Steve Hindy and Tom Potter provided it. Beer School explains how they did it: their mistakes as well as their triumphs. Steve writes with a journalist's skepticism-as though he has forgotten that he is reporting on himself. Tom is even less forgiving-he's a banker, after all. The inside story reads at times like a cautionary tale, but it is an account of a great and welcome achievement."— Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter 
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Redhook: A Microbrew Success Story
"Redhook: Beer Pioneer" takes the reader into the lab and behind the bar at one of America's most successful specialty breweries. Led by the company's two charismatic founders, Paul Shipman, a beverage biz whiz kid with an MBA, and Godron Bowker, cofounder of Starbucks, Redhook was born in 1977 when Bowker first suggested to Shipman that they start a brewery.

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  Nanobrewery U.S.A.: A Chronicle of America's Nanobrewery Beer Phenomena
We've all heard of Microbreweries...but what about the Nanobrewery? Up until about 2007 they were pretty much non-existent, today they are popping up almost across the country. These "nanos" are VERY small breweries sometimes brewing only 10 gallons of beer a batch. They are also pumping out some of the most unique beer on the planet. This book takes a look at nanobreweries across the U.S.A, talking to the brewers behind the phenomena and giving you a rundown of where you can sample some nanobrewery beer.  Chick Here to Order from Amazon

Starting a Craft Brewery - Brewers Library

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