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How Sierra Nevada Developed the 'Holy Grail of Beer'(July 22) - Ask Danny Kahn how technology is changing brewing, and he’ll take you back 7,000 years to its origins in Mesopotamia. “That’s one of the coolest things about brewing,” says Kahn, technical director for the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Chico, Calif. “There’s such a rich history.” Complete Story

U.S. Open College Beer Championship
Niagara College Takes Top Honor
2016 U.S. Open Beer Championship
 Medal Winners
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Here's Why Shares in the Maker of Sam Adams Beer Are Foaming Over
(July 22) - Boston Beer Company SAM 15.43% stock popped more than 15% on Friday after the Sam Adams beer brewer blew the cap off Wall Street’s expectations. While Boston Beer reported that revenue and profit lost some fizz in the second quarter, declining 3% and 11% respectively, analysts were expecting a bigger decline. The company had $244.8 million in sales during the period, with nearly $27 million in profits, or $2.06 per share. Complete Story
Cigar Pairing: Dogfish Head Bière de Provence
(July 22) -What happens when a brewer adds herbs usually found in southern French cuisine to a malt-forward farmhouse ale with a higher-than-usual alcohol content? You get a brew that's not only refreshing on a hot summer day, but pairs well with a premium cigar. Complete Story
Craft Beer Is Officially Out of Names
(July 22) - With over 4,600 craft breweries in America each brewing a wide variety of beer, and a limited number of words to choose from, it's difficult to select a beer name that hasn't already been slapped on a label. And while we recognize the plight of the brewer in America regarding the naming crisis. Complete Story
Blue Moon Opens 30,000 Square-Foot RiNo Brewery and Restaurant
(July 22) - Blue Moon  opened its new 30,000 square-foot brewery Sunday, introducing a 400-person bar and restaurant and 20-barrel brewhouse to the craft-dominated RiNo district. The new space at 3750 Chestnut Place is designed with the moon in mind and features round lighting fixtures, walls, booths, and a bar. Complete Story
Old Louisville Brewery to open Friday
(July 22) - Over the past three years, brothers Wade and Ken Mattingly have spent every spare minute turning a former neighborhood grocery store into a retro neighborhood brewery. And this weekend, their hard work will be on display when they open to the public for the first time. Complete Story
Reality TV show centered around beer to premiere pilot episode
(July 22) - A West Michigan team has been quietly brewing an idea for a TV show for almost the last two years. Now, it's ready to crack open. The show, titled Modern Ahabs, explores the hunt for the world's most elusive craft beer. Complete Story
MillerCoors takes majority stake in Georgia's Terrapin Beer
(July 21) - MillerCoors said today it has agreed to acquire a majority stake in Athens, Ga.-based Terrapin Beer in an all-cash deal expected to close in August. The Chicago-based joint venture, via its Tenth & Blake Beer subsidiary, in 2012 acquired a minority interest in the craft brewer, which operates an 84,000-square-foot brewery and 100-barrel brewhouse in the college town, home of the University of Georgia. Complete Story
MillerCoors takes majority stake in Georgia's Terrapin Beer
(July 21) - MillerCoors said today it has agreed to acquire a majority stake in Athens, Ga.-based Terrapin Beer in an all-cash deal expected to close in August. The Chicago-based joint venture, via its Tenth & Blake Beer subsidiary, in 2012 acquired a minority interest in the craft brewer, which operates an 84,000-square-foot brewery and 100-barrel brewhouse in the college town, home of the University of Georgia. Complete Story
The science of serving draft beer at 35,000 feet
(July 21) - The main challenge has been how to get the beer out of the keg when you’re that high up in a pressurized environment. Draft beer poured at your local bar is pushed out of a keg using carbon dioxide—CO2 from a tank is piped into the keg, displacing the beer so it travels up the line and out of the tap. Complete Story
Anheuser-Busch/SABMiller Mega-Merger Gets Justice Dept. OK, After Miller Agrees To Sell All U.S. Brands
(July 21) - The $107 billion (with a b) merger of beer titans Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller has cleared a major hurdle today, with the U.S. Justice Department signing off on the merger — under the condition that Miller divest itself of all its remaining U.S.-based businesses. Complete Story

Master Brewer Academy Coming to Miami(July 21) - A new brewing school in Miami — the Master Brewer Academy — will hold its inaugural class August 29 and is meant to take homebrewing to another level. Here, students will learn how to make beer on an industrial scale. Complete Story
903 Brewers announces expansion
(July 20) - Local business 903 Brewers announced an expansion Tuesday that will allow the local craft brewer to more than double its number of employees and brew nearly seven times as much beer next year. Complete Story
Adorable Kitty Enforcers Handle Brewery’s Rodent Problem
(July 20) - Venkman, Raymond, Egon and Gozer are the “Ghostbusters”-named kitty enforcers that have taken up residence in Chicago’s Empirical Brewery. The cats came from Tree House Humane Society’s Cats at Work Project ― a program that removes feral cats from dangerous situations and puts them in new homes where they can control Chicago’s rampant rodent problem. Complete Story
Niagara College Teaching Brewery wins big at the U.S. Open College Beer Championship
(July 19) - Niagara College was named Grand National Champion at the inaugural U.S. Open College Beer Championships, held recently in the United States. The new competition is open to any college or university offering courses in brewing. Complete Story

The cost of a beer: Then and now(July 19) - MooseRoots, a genealogy research site powered by Graphiq, set out to discover how the price of beer has changed over time. Using data aggregate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and, MooseRoots found the average cost of a pint dating back to 1952. Complete Story
Goose Island recalls two more stouts
(July 19) - Goose Island Beer is recalling two more of its 2015 Bourbon County Brand Stout beers after confirming they were infected with a type of bacteria in the lactobacillus family, the second such recall the Chicago-based brewer has undertaken this year, the company said today. Complete Story
Sun King Brewery to Begin Selling in Grocery and Convenience Stores
(July 19) - Sun King Brewery, one of the initiators of the craft beer movement in Indiana and the largest brewery in Indiana that distributes beer exclusively within the state, is celebrating seven years of growth and innovation by announcing statewide distribution in grocery and convenience stores. Complete Story
Stone Brewing 20th Anniversary Celebration & Beer Festival
(July 18) - Two decades of innovative brewing and remaining true craft is worth celebrating. To commemorate its significant milestone,Stone Brewing is staging its largest annual charity event—the Stone 20th Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival—on August 19 and 20. Southern California’s largest annual 100% craft beer festival will take place at California State University, San Marcos in north San Diego County. Complete Story
How Craft Brewers Advance Science, and Make Better Beer
(July 17) - Not long ago, I found myself in a beer-tasting room in upstate New York, looking out on a field of hops and sampling the craft brews of a company called Indian Ladder Farmstead. Among the list of beers chalked on a blackboard was one particularly hoppy creation named “Dr. Paul Matthews I.P.A.” Naturally I felt obliged to inquire about the eponymous doctor. Complete Story
How Harpoon Seeded a Beer Startup Mafia in New England
(July 16) - Boston's booming craft beer scene owes a lot to three of its founding fathers, Dan Kenary, Rich Doyle and George Ligeti of Harpoon Brewery. Since the Seaport-based craft brewery started in 1986, it has been pumping out seasoned brewers by the case-load. Some of the best brewers in Massachusetts in 2016 cut their teeth in the early days of Harpoon. Complete Story

2016 Great American Beer Festival® Celebrates 35 Years with the Largest Showcase of American Breweries. Ever.(July 13) - For the 35th year in a row, beer lovers will gather in Colorado at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), the premier beer festival and competition in the U.S. With 379,000 square feet in the tasting hall, an anticipated 60,000 attendees will have the opportunity to sample some 3,800 beers from more than 800 breweries. Complete Story

U.S. Beer Shows Calorie Counts With New Industry Guidelines
(July 13) - The largest sellers of beer in the country will begin listing calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat -- along with alcohol by volume -- on their labels, the Beer Institute trade group said in a statement Tuesday. The companies involved, which include Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors, account for more than 81% of beer volume sold. Complete Story
Firestone Walker named, ‘Grand National Champion’ at competition
(July 13) - Breweries from Maui to Munich sent in almost 5,000 beers representing over 90 different styles for the 2016 U.S. Open Beer Championship. This competition includes professional breweries and award-winning home-brewers. U.S. Open judges from England, Canada and the United States announced the winners. Complete Story
Celebrate the release of Drew Curtis / Wil Wheaton / Greg Koch Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout with Hop-Con 4.0 on July 20.
‏(July 13) - Calling all fangirls / fanboys, gamers, otaku, and simply anyone who truly appreciates rare, great-tasting beer. Beginning July 11,Stone Brewing is releasing the latest regeneration of its geekiest collaboration beer—Drew Curtis / Wil Wheaton / Greg Koch Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout—in 22-ounce bottles and on draft to retailers, bars and restaurants in select markets nationwide. Complete Story
Alberta backtracks on graduated beer tax for craft brewers
(July 12) - The government of Alberta is changing the way it marks up beer, moving away from the graduated fees for small brewers announced in October to a flat price for all brewers no matter how much they produce. Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci said Tuesday he has directed the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to set the beer markup to $1.25 per litre. Complete Story
Goose Island rolling out new barrels? Plus, new beer coming
(July 12) - A Goose Island beer label approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau last month indicates that this year’s release of Proprietor’s Bourbon County Stout could be aged in scotch barrels. Complete Story
Brewery Vivant to make beer with solar power
(July 12) - Brewery Vivant is tapping the sun to produce its beer. There are now 192 solar panels on the above the Grand Rapids brewery and adjoining pub. The 54Kw rooftop system is expected to produce 20 percent of its energy needs. Complete Story
Craft Beer Isn’t As Healthy As It Sounds, But There’s Still Some Good News
(July 10) - Craft beer often features funky labels, quirky descriptions and creative ingredients. But while it might look healthier than mass-produced brews, the real way to select the healthiest option is by taking stock of what’s inside the can. Complete Story
Why Is Drinking Beer At The Brewery So Cool?
(July 10) - Last week I was speaking to a good mate of mine about life, kids and beer. I was wrapped up in ugg boots at home in front of the footy and he was on his way home from the pub, well the pub at the local brewery that just happens to be down the street from where he lives…lucky bastard. Complete Story
Research suggests music can make beer taste better
(July 9) - Beer can taste better when presented along with music, according to a recent study published this May in Frontiers in Psychology. The study found that music may be used to add value to multisensory tasting experiences when there is a previous connection between a person and the music. Complete Story  
KLM airlines launching world's first on-tap draught beer on flights
(July 9) - Passengers who have thirsted for a better beer experience on a flight are in luck — a tasty addition to the drinks menu is coming to one of Europe’s major airlines. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is gearing up to be the first airline to serve draught beer on tap. Complete Story
How Portland’s 65th craft brewer has learned to compete
(July 9) - What does it take to stand out in a crowded craft beer market? A little bit of everything. Portland, Ore., had 65 breweries in its city limits at the end of 2015, according to the Oregon Brewers Guild. That total, which doesn’t include breweries in the surrounding area, is more than the brewery count of 33 entire states. No. 65, which snuck in under the wire on New Year’s Eve, was Great Notion Brewing. Complete Story
How Sierra Nevada Developed the 'Holy Grail of Beer'
(July 8) - Ask Danny Kahn how technology is changing brewing, and he’ll take you back 7,000 years to its origins in Mesopotamia. “That’s one of the coolest things about brewing,” says Kahn, technical director for the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Chico, Calif. “There’s such a rich history.” Complete Story
New Glarus Ships Smoke On The Porter
(July 8) - The newest Thumbprint release from New Glarus Brewing Co. should be familiar to long time fans of the New Glarus, Wis.-based brewery. The beer in question is Smoke on the Porter, a 6.1 percent ABV smoked porter that is brewed with barley sourced from Wisconsin. Although the smoked porter was originally released in 2007, the newest version uses both a different smokehouse as well as a different malt supplier. Complete Story
Heavy Seas Announces Third Installment of The Partner Ships Series with Terrapin Beer Company
(July 8) - BALTIMORE, MD — Heavy Seas Beer is excited to announce the third release in its 2016 Partner Ships series of collaboration beers – a Barrel-aged Rye Wit brewed with Terrapin Beer Company. This series will feature beers produced in collaboration with other regionally and nationally recognized brewers in the spirit of friendship, creativity, and adventure. Complete Story
Top 100 Beer Bars in the USA
(July 7) - In 2016, most bars have good beer, and a lot of bars have a lot of good beer; but it’s few that can tell you why. In creating this annual list, we looked for bars with purpose, ones that have a reason for serving what they do, and with a well-trained staff that can tell you all about what you’re enjoying in your glass. These top 100 beer bars come in all shapes and sizes. Complete Story
20 Best Breweries More Than 25 Years Old
(July 7) - If you want proof that craft beer is still a relatively nascent phenomenon, take a look at the oldest breweries in each state. You might be surprised to find out that say, Alabama doesn’t have a single currently operating brewery that opened before 2008. Complete Story
Crowds swarm to new Alchemist Brewery in Stowe
(July 7) - The folks at the new Alchemist Brewery — the house that Heady built — opened the doors last week on short notice and a flood of social media-savvy beer drinkers immediately aimed their cars toward Cottage Club Road in Stowe. Complete Story
The Flavors & Aromas In Craft Beer's Popular Hops
(July 6) - While there are dozens of hop varieties available, we’ve chosen to show you the flavor and aroma characteristics of the most popular hops. These are hop names you’re likely to hear in relation to some of the best-known IPAs on the market, meaning you’ll now have the opportunity to taste these beers with a whole new perspective, taking you from craft beer novice, to craft beer expert. Complete Story
10 Breweries Near National Parks‏
(July 6) - This year also marks the 100th anniversary of our National Park system as a whole. So we thought it would be a good time to highlight some breweries that have the good fortune of being located near some of the most iconic parks in the system. Scroll through the gallery and raise a glass for beer and wild, open spaces. Complete Story
How South Florida helped start the tropical fruit beer trend
(July 6) - Ryan Sentz had been open barely a year at Funky Buddha Brewery when one of his best customers brought him a load of mangoes and a sweet idea: How about a beer highlighting South Florida’s ubiquitous summer fruit? Complete Story
Grand Teton Brewing Releases Farmhouse Ale Aged in Wine Barrels
‏(July 6) - Grand Teton Brewing’s third release in their Brewers’ Series in bottles is called “Farmhouse.” It is their second 2016 release in this series. This big, flavorful, traditional Belgian-Style Saison was aged in red wine barrels for eight months, taking on wonderful dark fruit flavors. The alcohol has become almost undetectable. Smooth, crisp, complex, delicate, this beer is perfect to enjoy fresh or cellar for years to come. Complete Story
Wellington Brewery Launches Against the Currant Blackcurrant Kettle Sour Collaboration Beer
(July 6) -  Wellington Brewery is excited to announce details about a unique summer seasonal brewed in collaboration with Escarpment Laboratories. Against the Currant is a refreshing and tart kettle sour beer brewed with local Ontario blackcurrants. After taking home a Bronze Medal in the Fruit Beer Category at the Ontario Brewing Awards this past April, Against the Currant will be available as a summer seasonal at the LCBO and brewery.
7 of the coolest new craft-beer concepts in MSP
(July 5) - It’s been a banner half-decade for MSP’s brewing community. According to a CBRE report released earlier this year, the so-called Surly Bill — passed to much fanfare by the Minnesota legislature back in 2011 — touched off a bona fide brewery boom across the North. Complete Story
10 great beer tents of summer
(July 5) - Go annually to a particular beer tent, and you’ll be awash in memories of summers past. Even a new beer tent feels, somehow, familiar, with the pyramids of cups and cans and the laughing, shouting and bellowing. Bottle or draft? Blue or light? If only life were always this simple. Complete Story
7 Patriotic Craft Beers for Independence Day
(July 4) - First brewed in 1975 to commemorate the bicentennial of Paul Revere’s iconic ride, Liberty Ale has roots in two separate American revolutions. The star-spangled eagle soaring across its label has become synonymous with American craft brewing since it was first introduced over 40 years ago. Complete Story
Summit Brewing, at 30, finds itself in crowded craft beer market
(July 4) - More than 30 years ago, a serious home-brewer named Mark Stutrud wrote a letter to the head of the American Brewer’s Association. Stutrud told the guy who represented the likes of titanic Budweiser and Miller that he was thinking about launching a beer company. Complete Story
Stone Brewing Releases Stone Citrusy Wit & Stone Mocha IPA
(July 4) - Once again resisting status quo, Stone Brewing is introducing two unique and highly anticipated summer seasonals. Both in 12-ounce six-packs and on draft at bars, restaurants and retailers where Stone beer is sold, Stone Citrusy Wit, a 5.3 percent witbier brewed with tangerine and kaffir lime leaf and Stone Mocha IPA, a 9 percent double IPA brewed – inexplicably – with cocoa, milk sugar and coffee, will begin arriving in select markets nationwide the week of June 6. Complete Story
Craft Beer’s Crazy Sales Rise Is Starting to Go Flat
(July 3) - Most industries would be more than happy if sales rose 6% in a year. For America’s craft beer world, however, which has positively flourished in recent years—production rose 42% in 2014, while sales grew 18% by volume and 22% by dollars—6% growth represents an off year. Complete Story
Craft beer: Sideswipe Brewing moves head-on toward growth
(July 3) - Thailand and South Korea are lacking a craft beer scene — which is bad for Asia, but good for Columbus. In the absence of good beer, Craig O'Herron honed his home brewing skills while living in those countries, studying abroad and teaching English. He brought those skills home with him and now is owner of Sideswipe Brewing. Complete Story
Tech businesses cash in on craft beer fever
(July 3) - In Des Moines, two new businesses have emerged recently looking to tap into the craft beer market. John Jackovin, a local entrepreneur, has started Fermented Labs and its first product, Brewd, software to help brewers better manage their business. Complete Story

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Craft beer maker Lagunitas to convert Charleston brewpub into a taproom
(July 1) - One of the nation’s largest makers of craft beers has struck a deal to invest in and take over Southend Brewery and Smokehouse in downtown Charleston while mixing in a novel twist for nonprofit groups. Lagunitas Brewing Co. announced on its website Wednesday that it has signed a contract to convert the longtime brewpub at East Bay and Queen streets into Lagunitas Taproom and Beer Sanctuary. Complete Story

The Alchemist opens new Stowe brewery
(July 1) - In 2013, when the Alchemist brewery announced it would stop retail sales of Heady Topper at its Waterbury brewery, the Alchemist's website crashed — an indication of people's love for and devotion to the double IPA in 16-ounce cans. Complete Story
Russian River Brewing Co. moves forward with new Windsor brewery
(July 1) - Russian River Brewing Company is ready to expand its empire. Owners Natalie and Vinnie Cilurzo have secured financing to proceed with the construction of the popular Sonoma County brewery’s second location. The Cilurzos closed escrow this month on a 15-acre plot of land in Windsor, about 7 miles from their original downtown Santa Rosa brewpub. Complete Story



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