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MillerCoors unveils largest solar array of any U.S. brewery at Irwindale plant(January 30) - As high clouds slipped in front of the sun, executives from MillerCoors flipped the switch Thursday on the largest solar panel array of any brewery in the country. When the sun is out — a pretty sure bet in Southern California — the 10-acre, 10,000-unit, fixed solar panels installed in three locations on the grounds of the Irwindale plant will generate enough energy to produce 7 million cases of beer per year. Complete Story

U.S. Open Gold Medal Winner
Tallgrass Brewing's Ethos IPA
American Craft Brewery of the Day
Tallgrass Brewing in Manhattan, Kansas
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Knee Deep in Great Beer
(January 30) - It takes moxie to tattoo your forearm with the logo of a company that may fold a few months later. But that’s exactly what Jeremy Warren did when he founded Knee Deep Brewing in Auburn. “I tattooed it on there when I started the company,” explains Warren. “That way, every morning when I brushed my teeth, I would have to look at the tattoo to remind myself that this was not going to be easy and I was going to have to work hard. Complete Story

HiveMind Brewhouse coming to Asheville's South Slope
(January 30) - Once again, a new brewery is coming to the South Slope, Asheville's unofficial and very busy brewing district. HiveMind Brewhouse will locate in the former Asheville Music School building at 101 S. Lexington Ave. The brewery founders are keeping a lot of the details under wraps. But the project will include a brewery, taproom, restaurant and "educational facility." Complete Story
Virginia’s 100th brewery opening in Carytown next month
(January 29) - Garden Grove is not just another brewery in town when the vision is this distinct. When it opens Feb. 14 in Carytown, Garden Grove will bring a new element to Richmond’s beer scene, as well as a new choice for consumers. Given the brewer’s affinity for wines and the tasting room’s thoughtful touches for women and families, they may even win a few new converts to the craft scene. Complete Story
Western Michigan University to offer degree in craft beer brewing
(January 29) -Western Michigan University is considering adding a new major to its curriculum, one that is sure to interest beer drinkers. The proposed Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Craft Brewing has been approved by the WMU Board of Trustees. The university will make a final decision on the program later this month. West Michigan has one of the highest concentrations of craft breweries in the country including Bells, Latitude 42, Arcadia, Saugatuck, and Founders. Complete Story
Beer Good For Our Brains: Chemical In Beer Prevents Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s
(January 29) - The brewpub craze that has been sweeping the nation in recent years is now heading to the high seas. Industry giant Carnival on Thursday said its next ship, the Carnival Vista, will have a pub with a working brewery -- a first for a North American line. The 4,000-passenger vessel's RedFrog Pub will serve up three house-made beers that passengers can watch being made in tanks behind a wall of glass, Complete Story
Brew Dogs: Grand Rapids a 'beer mecca in the frozen wilderness of Michigan'
(January 29) - Brew Dogs, Dickie and Watt, travel the U.S. in search of unique beer culture, make a creative or locally-inspired brew during each episode. In Michigan, they brewed the “ultimate Midwestern winter beer” — an eisbock that involved cutting a hole in the Higgins Lake ice and dropping a mashtun under the surface with a special rig. Complete Story
A brewery on a cruise ship? That's the plan at Carnival
(January 29) - The brewpub craze that has been sweeping the nation in recent years is now heading to the high seas. Industry giant Carnival on Thursday said its next ship, the Carnival Vista, will have a pub with a working brewery -- a first for a North American line. The 4,000-passenger vessel's RedFrog Pub will serve up three house-made beers that passengers can watch being made in tanks behind a wall of glass. Complete Story
It's Washington Beer vs. Massachusetts Beer In The Super Bowl Of Taste Tests
(January 28) - Beer and the Super Bowl go together better than Bill Belichick and controversy. Americans reportedly drink 50 million cases of beer the day of the big game -- which translates into about six cans of beer per drinking-age adult. The Seahawks and Patriots both hail from states with relatively robust beer cultures, so why not upgrade your beverage game by serving beers from Washington state and Massachusetts? Complete Story
Boozy Root Beers Popping Up at Chicago Bars, Liquor Stores
(January 28) - Sprecher Hard Root Beer is an offshoot of its root beer soda. The company, founded in 1985 by former Pabst Brewing supervisor Randal Sprecher, also makes cream soda and cherry cola, along with a variety of microbrewed beers. Sprecher Hard Root Beer is aged in oak bourbon barrels. It's made in a limited batches and was introduced in March of 2013. Complete Story
Cahaba Brewing launching beer in cans, preparing to move to bigger space
(January 28) - Five friends started Cahaba Brewing in 2012 - for each, the brewery has been a part time job. But the brewery has recently taken on its first full-time employee as the brand has expanded. "We love our space, we just need bigger equipment," said Eric Meyer, one of the brewery's partners. Complete Story
Boulevard Brewing announces 2015 Chocolate Ale release dates
(January 28) - Boulevard Brewing says its most-popular seasonal beer, Chocolate Ale, will be available next week. Delivery of kegs of Chocolate Ale to area restaurants will begin on Monday, February 2nd. Delivery of cases of bottles of Chocolate Ale will begin on Tuesday, February 3rd, the brewery said in a statement. Complete Story
Warped Wing Brewing named best new brewery in Ohio
(January 28) - The Dayton region has been bubbling with the recent arrival of a dozen or so breweries. And now, one of these newcomers is getting national attention after being named the top new brewery in the state. has released it national brewery rankings and Warped Wing Brewing located in downtown Dayton, has claimed the title of best new brewery in Ohio. Complete Story
Brewery begins construction inside historic building in Saline, Michigan
(January 28) - Salt Springs Brewery plans to open this summer inside of the historic 115-year-old Stone Arch building in Saline. The 7,000 square-foot building formerly was home to a church. The former Stone Arch Arts and Events building in downtown Saline has been purchased and will be the new home to Salt Spring Brewery. The owners – Saline residents Mark Zadvinskis, Ron Schofield Jr. and Ed Brosius – closed on the purchase of the building last week. Complete Story

Wrecking Bar to begin canning beer, opens first Gwinnett(Georgia) brewery(January 28) - Gwinnett County’s first brewery will allow Wrecking Bar Brewpub to expand its distribution and begin canning beer. The Atlanta brewpub will build a brewery on 65 acres near Loganville, and Wrecking Bar owner Bob Sandage said he expects to be selling four to six beer styles in stores in a year and a half. Complete Story

Chatterhouse Brewery taps into the Green Bay craft beer market
(January 28) - A year ago Terry Taylor was a regional director for Windstream Communications; today he's owner and head brewer of Chatterhouse Brewery, the latest craft brewery to open in Brown County. Taylor set up the brewing operations near his home in Denmark but craft beer enthusiasts can get a taste of Chatterhouse brews at George Street Connection in De Pere. Complete Story

A new twist in Colorado beer: Oskar Blues’ Pinner
(January 27) - If you’ve ever popped opened a beer and smelled hints of marijuana, there’s a horticultural reason for that. Just ask Dale Katechis (he of Dale’s Pale Ale fame), who founded Colorado favorite Oskar Blues Brewery in 1997. “Like a lot of our beers, the hop character and the aroma has always reminded people of cannabis,” Katechis told The Cannabist. Complete Story
Harpoon Brewery Suspends Production Due to Blizzard
(January 27) - For the first time since its founding in 1986, Boston’s Harpoon Brewery is suspending production of its beer, citing the imminent blizzard. “We based this decision on concerns for the safety of our colleagues, and consideration for emergency personnel and snow removal crews working on the roads,” said Al Marzi, the company’s chief of brewing operations, in a statement. “We are timing this shutdown in such a manner that we can control the process of brewing and packaging to assure the highest quality.” Complete Story

Wormtown brews up something special
(January 25) - Worcester's Wormtown Brewery has been hard at work getting its new 72 Shrewsbury St. location up and running, and today marked a huge step forward as the team is underway with its first batch. It is also closer to fulfilling its hope of opening on St. Patrick's Day this year. This is the brewery's first run with a new system in its new 10,000-sqare-foot location in the building. Complete Story
Stone Brewing might help lure BrewDog to Columbus
(January 25) - The Stone Brewing Co. chief executive and Pataskala native isn’t going to build his next brewery here, but he might prod one of his friends to. In a short post on Stone’s Facebook page on Friday, Koch aired his hope of bringing Scottish craft brewer BrewDog to the U.S. He touted the two runners-up for Stone’s East Coast brewery — Norfolk, Va., and Columbus — as great sites for a project. Complete Story
A-B buying Seattle craft brewer Elysian(January 25) - Anheuser-Busch is bolstering its craft beer portfolio once again by acquiring a growing craft brewer, Seattle’s Elysian Brewing Co. A-B said it was buying Elysian and its four brewpubs in Seattle for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition is set to close by the end of the first quarter. Complete Story
Terrapin brewery opens new tasting room in Athens, GA
(January 25) - Terrapin staffers recently commemorated yet another institutional wrinkle, a new-and-improved tasting room featuring a wall-to-wall celebration of lovingly recovered hardwoods, zig-zagged tap stations, a gift shop and a small stage for the ever-present performers who serenade visitors on brewery tour days. Complete Story
Craft beer fans go to great lengths to buy top-rated brew
(January 25) - To understand the phenomenon that is Heady Topper — the world’s best beer, some say — show up at Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier on a frigid Thursday morning and wait in line. That’s how the guys who drove all night from South Carolina and slept in a parking lot scored a few cases. And that’s how the guy who left Natick, Mass., at the crack of dawn so he could be in line before 9 snagged his. Complete Story

Woody's Brewing already sees business booming in Redding, California(January 25) - Woody's Brewing Co. in downtown Redding on Oregon Street has been open for less than a month and they're already seeing business increase. Woody's is Redding's first gastropub, meaning they offer craft beer and savory food. "That's how we are a little bit different. We have a nice atmosphere, good food, quality beer to offer the public," explained Andrew Wlordarczyk, the operations manager. Complete Story
The beer can turns 80 this weekend, celebrate by cracking open a cold one
(January 24) - Beer cans may be a staple of college culture and backyard barbecues but they haven’t been around forever. It’s hard to imagine a time when you couldn’t head to the convenience store and pick up a 24-pack for an impromptu party. Complete Story
Brewers Gone Wild: Taming Unpredictable Yeast For Flavorful Beer
(January 24) - Crack the vast menu at any self-respecting beer bar, and you're bound to run into a scientific name among the descriptions: Brettanomyces, affectionately known as Brett. I've heard American brewers and beer geeks utter "Brett" in hushed, reverent tones before swooshing aromatic liquids made with it across their tongues. But this mysterious, mythic and increasingly popular strain of wild yeast also strikes fear in the hearts of brewers and microbiologists in the industry. Complete Story

Craft Beer Uses 4 Times As Much Barley As Corporate Brew
(January 23) - Most beers, industrial or craft, get their substance—what experts call body, or mouth feel, as well as any sweet and toasty flavors—from malted barley. (Malting is the process of germinating barley grains, which frees up their sugars for fermentation.) The USDA researchers crunched data on the US barley and beer markets, and found that craft brewers on average use four times more barley per barrel of beer than the giants do. Complete Story

Virginia’s 100th brewery gets going in Carytown(January 23) -A new Carytown brewery helped Virginia’s beer industry hit a milestone last month and has struck a deal with an expanding distributor. Garden Grove Brewery became the 100th actively licensed brewery in Virginia, after getting its license from the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in December. Complete Story
Eight New Production Facilities in NYC Keep the City Hopping
(January 23) - It isn’t too early to call it part of a New York brewing renaissance. Not since the early 1960s, when nearly 10% of the nation’s beer was produced in Brooklyn, has the city seen this much brewing activity. Threes is one of eight new craft-beer production facilities that opened within the five boroughs in 2014. Complete Story
10 Super Bowl craft beers that deserve more airtime
(January 23) - Besides, with 3,200 licensed brewers throughout the country, craft beer gets a huge boost in NFL markets packed with breweries. Not only is the Seahawks home in Seattle saturated with great breweries like Elysian, Georgetown, Schooner Exact and Fremont, but the state of Washington’s 201 craft breweries in operation at the end of 2013 ranked No. 2 in the country behind California’s 381. Complete Story
Terrapin Beer Co.’s Mosaic Releasing Now
(January 23) - Terrapin Beer Co. has boldly stepped into 2015 with the release of Seasonal Sessions brew Mosiac Red Rye IPA. Making this release especially notable is that Mosaic is packaged in 12 oz. cans, launching a new direction for the brewery’s seasonal line. Starting with Mosaic, all Seasonal Sessions beers will be released in cans. Complete Story

Dogfish Head's Chateau Jiahu on its way back
(January 23) - In keeping with historic evidence, Dogfish Head uses orange blossom honey, muscat grape juice, barley malt and hawthorn fruit to brew Chateau Jiahu. It's fermented for about a month with sake yeast until the beer is ready for packaging. A fresh batch will be hitting taps and shelves over the next few weeks. Complete Story
Sit, stay, fall over: Brewery markets ‘dog beer’
(January 23) - Take a swig of this beer and you might start feeling a little rough. Belgian company Happy Animal Planet has developed a “beer” — quote marks intended — brewed for dogs. It’s called Snuffle, and it’s expected to be available in European markets in the next few weeks. A couple of bottles of Snuffle, the “beer” for a dog who dreams of paying too much for nourishment. Now let’s be clear, this flavored drink made in a real brewery won’t get your beloved furry best friend bleary-eyed and stumbling. Complete Story

Penrose Brewery to release second set of barrel-aged Wild ales Saturday
(January 23) - GENEVA – Geneva-based Penrose Brewing Co. will release its second set of bottled barrel-aged Wild ales Saturday, but – this time – the brewery is doing things slightly different.Wild VII and VIII will be released at 11 a.m., similar to the Dec. 20 release of Wild V and VI, but the brewery will have Wild VII and VIII on draft in the taproom, available in 4-ounce pours, so more people will be able to sample the brews. Complete Story

New Oberpfalz Brewing opening German beer hall in downtown Griffith, Indiana
(January 23) - Dan Lehnerer's craft brewery, New Oberpfalz Brewing, is expected to open its 1,800 square-foot taproom Thursday at 121 E. Main St. Lehnerer has invested more than $600,000 in the brewery after securing a U.S. Small Business Administration-backed loan. New Oberpfalz focuses on largely German-influenced brews, such as an Octoberfest that will be available year-round. Pints, 4-ounce samplers and 64-ounce to-go growlers will be available in an uber-modern beer hall that features a lot of wood and open space. Complete Story
TUPPs Brewery ready for business after renovating historic McKinney mill in Texas
(January 23) - Co-founders Keith Lewis and Tupper Patnode were homebrewers with corporate jobs when they decided to put together a business plan to open their own place. They were hoping to find a brewing facility out in the country, but when they stumbled on a 110-year old cotton mill on the east side of McKinney, they knew they had something special. Complete Story
Lunacy brewery opens in Magnolia, New Jersey
(January 23) - South Jersey's newest craft brewery, celebrated its grand opening Saturday in Magnolia. "It was off the chain. It was awesome," said Lunacy Brewing Company co-owner Ed Gledhill. "They just drank us dry. We went through more than 30 kegs. We've got to build up our reserve now."  Complete Story
Bell’s Brewery to mark 30th anniversary with festival
(January 23) -Bell’s Brewery plans to celebrate 30 years of commercial sales of its beer during a September event in Kalamazoo. The Bell’s 30th Anniversary Funvitational Beer Festival is scheduled for Sept. 12 at Homer Stryker Field and will feature more than 100 breweries. Organizers say in a statement that all breweries in the Kalamazoo area are among those being invited. Some will be from out of state. A final list will be released later.
Nine Giant Brewing to open in Pleasant Ridge in Ohio
(January 23) - Brothers-in-law Brandon Hughes and Mike Albarella are working to open Nine Giant Brewing, a microbrewery and gastropub, in Pleasant Ridge. If all goes well, they'll be serving their beer and what they're calling "elevated bar food" by late summer at 6095 Montgomery, near the intersection with Ridge. Complete Story
U.S. Open Beer Championship Announces 2015 Dates(January, 2015) - The entry date for the 2015 U.S. Open Beer Championship will be June 12, 2015 with the winners announced on July 4th. The U.S. Open is the only brewery competition to include professional breweries and award-winning home brewers. Last year, Breweries from Australia to Iceland sent in more than 3,000 beers and ciders representing 81 different categories for the 2014 U.S. Open Beer Championship. Complete Story
"Sierra Nevada Founder Grossman Becomes Billionaire on Pale Ales"
(January 21, 2015) - Ken Grossman is working the taps. Clad in a trucker cap, blue jeans and Keen sandals, the 60-year-old is doling out samples of Hoptimum and Harvest Single Hop, two imperial pale ales made by his Sierra Nevada brewery. For many of 3,300 people who’ve paid $65 to attend the Portland, Maine, beer tasting with 117 breweries, Grossman’s the star attraction. Complete Story

Brewery brotherhood thrives
(January 21, 2015) - Brian Hansen was sitting on a bar stool at Red Door Brewing,  drinking a beer on a recent Friday afternoon. The 57-year-old playground installer from Bosque Farms usually has his lunch at Chama River Brewing Co. While eating there one day, a bartender suggested Hansen try Red Door Brewing Co., a new brewery that opened this past October. Complete Story
Dogfish Head Raison D'Extra Returns After 8-year Hiatus
(January 21, 2015) - Raison D'Etre was one of Dogfish founder Sam Calagione's first brews in 1996, designing it to be the perfect partner for steak by including plump raisins in the recipe to mimic the character of steak's other great ally, red wine. D'Etre also contained beet sugar, an ingredient traditional to many Belgian-style ales, which are commonly made with a unique type of fructose called Belgian Candi Sugar made through a secret process from caramelized beet sugars. Complete Story
Capital Brewery Celebrates their 18th Annual Bockfest
(January 21, 2015) - The event that thousands of people look forward to every February to cure their cabin fever….Capital Brewery Bockfest 2015…. a one of a kind, not to be missed, winter mardi gras type event held at the Capital Brewery Bier Garden in Middleton, Wisconsin! Bockfest 2015 will feature Capital Brewery beer, fun, great food, costumes, live music, and the annual Running of the Blondes 1K Race. A must see if you can’t make it to the Boston Marathon. Music will be provided by Hello Weekend. Complete Story

2nd Annual Nebraska Hop Cup, Hosted by Nebraska Brewing Company - Benefit for NHGA & NCBG‏
(January 21, 2015) - For the second year in a row, Nebraska Brewing Company is proud to host the Nebraska Hop Cup. The Nebraska Hop Cup is an annual Nebraska craft brew competition in benefit of the Nebraska Hop Growers Association & the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild. The 2nd annual event will feature 14 Competing Nebraska Breweries and their specially created beer made with 100% Nebraska grown hops, which will compete in a 'Peoples Choice' competition on Saturday January 24th, 2015. Complete Story
Schilling Beer Co. named a best 'ski town' brewery by Ski Magazine(January 19) - Less than two years old, the Schilling Beer Co. has earned still more praise for its brews based on centuries-old European recipes with Ski Magazine recently naming SBC one of six craft brewers in the U.S. who are “perfecting the craft — literally.” Complete Story
Self-service beer taps coming your way
(January 19) - Goodman, 36, recalled the exact moment in late 2008 when his frustration boiled over. "I was hanging out with my friends at a Baltimore sports bar before an Orioles game," he said. "We just couldn't get another beer served to us quickly." Even more than being annoyed, Goodman was struck by how much money the bar must be losing. Almost immediately, he got to work on a self-service beer concept. Complete Story
Another Day, Another Seemingly Ridiculous Brewery Squabble
(January 19) - Boozemakers seem mighty litigious these days. Now Kendall-Jackson winery has sent a cease and desist to owners of the small Cambria Beer Company on the North Coast for having the gall to name their brewery after the town where they live — a name that the winemaking giant has trademarked. Complete Story
Nation's first college sustainable brewing programs offered in Kalamazoo(January 18) - Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo Valley Community College are teaming up to offer the nation's first higher education programs in sustainable brewing. The programs will be offered starting in fall 2015, both colleges announced Friday. Complete Story
Elevation Brewing Company shines brightly amidst the craft beer industry
(January 18) - Perched up on a hill overlooking highway 50, Elevation Beer Company stands out not only because of its intimate, authentic setting, but because of the exceptional beer they brew. Among the many delicious brews customers have to choose from is First Cast IPA. First Cast IPA is by far the smoothest IPAs I’ve had in a while, and you can barely attach any assumption that it is too hoppy or dominates the taste buds. Complete Story
Saint Arnold Releases 2014 Production Info, Announces Plans for Canning
(January 18) - “We celebrated our 20th anniversary year by releasing 10 new beers, hosting some epic parties and raising over $250,000 for community organizations,” said Brock Wagner, founder/brewer of Saint Arnold Brewing. “We have several new beers in the pipeline for 2015 and are currently busy putting together our canning line – it’s like playing with an erector set for grown-ups. We are focused on continuing to foster the community of craft beer where Saint Arnold is sold.” Complete Story

New Miami-Dade craft breweries open in time for South Florida Beer Week
(January 18) - South Florida’s craft beer scene is off to a robust start to the new year, with new breweries opening this month in Doral and Wynwood. M.I.A. Brewing Co., which stands for Miami-Inspired Ales, is the work of partners Eddie Leon, Kevin Smith and Johann Beckford. With more than 15 beers on draft at its Doral taproom, M.I.A. is the city’s second craft brewery to open in recent months, after Biscayne Bay Brewing Co. Complete Story

Another brouhaha: Tiny brewery changes name after winery action
(January 18) - It seems as soon as one craft beer controversy goes flat, another one comes to a head. Days after the brouhaha surrounding a trademark lawsuit by Lagunitas Brewing of Petaluma against Sierra Nevada of Chico, a tiny beer maker on the Central California coast has found itself in search of a new name after being told by one of California’s biggest wineries. Complete Story
AB InBev launches app for one-hour home delivery of beer(January 16) - Anheuser-Busch InBev SA on Thursday is launching an e-commerce app called Bud Light Button that will make it possible for consumers in Washington, D.C. to stay on the couch while someone else makes a beer run.It is the latest push by a major brewer to enter the world of e-commerce and jump-start alcohol delivery. MillerCoors LLC in November paid $20,000 to the alcohol e-commerce startup Drizly Inc. to provide free delivery of Miller Lite in Boston, New York, Seattle and Washington, D.C. Complete Story
Warped Wing to release massive Porter at anniversary party
(January 16) - Dayton's biggest craft brewery is about to celebrate its first year of operation in a big way. Warped Wing Brewing Company had an impressive year in 2014, outpacing all its most ambitious goals in production, tap-room sales and distribution, and needing to double its space before the year ended. Complete Story
New Hampshire measure would allow minors on beer labels
(January 16) - In New Hampshire, it is illegal for brewing companies to sell its ales, stouts, porters and lagers with an image of a minor on a label. However, one lawmaker is going to work to change that law. New legislation proposed in the Granite State would make it legal for breweries like Founders Brewery Co. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to sell a beer with a minor on the label. The brewing company makes a bottle of Breakfast Stout that features a baby plastered around the bottle. Complete Story
5 Craft Beer Brewers Who Have Lost Their Craft Privileges(January 15) - There are more craft beer brewers today than a year ago, but there are still a bunch of brewers formerly known as craft feeling left out of the club. Last year, the Brewers Association craft beer industry group cut some slack to brewers who use maize, corn or rice as adjuncts in their brewing process and increased their ranks considerably. Before that, the Brewers association — which also runs the Great American Beer Festival and the American Homebrewers Association — was leaving out some of the oldest independent breweries in the country. Complete Story

Black Eagle Brewery joins Montana craft beer sector
(January 15) - The 15-barrel capacity Black Eagle Brewery is seeped in locally grown, two-row barley, and the rich, industrial history of its neighborhood. Taps began pouring Black Eagle IPA, Smoke Stack Scottish Ale, Smelter Men Blonde Ale, Copper Nail Nut Brown Ale and Roe River Pale Ale on Saturday. Complete Story

Highland Brewing switches to solar power
(January 15) - That next bottle or pint of Highland Gaelic Ale was brewed with 100 percent solar power. Highland Brewing, Asheville's first craft brewery, has switched to a solar system, generating all the power needed to make its craft beers and to operate the plant. It's the latest in a growing number of breweries using solar power or alternative fuels. Complete Story

Liquor stores, beer distributors challenge Florida brewery licenses
(January 15) - Florida liquor stores and beer distributors are challenging the way the state issues licenses allowing craft breweries to sell their products in tasting rooms, a move that brewers say could put dozens of breweries out of business or, at the very least, halt rapid growth in the industry. Complete Story
Growing beer industry's growing problem in New York
(January 14) - New York state's frothy craft beer market could go flat in the next 10 years if it can't find a better way to grow malt barley. Along with water and hops, malted barley is one of the key ingredients used to make beer, and it's also a key ingredient in making bourbon. But farmers in the Capital Region and across New York state are finding it difficult to make money on malt barley, which can be easily ruined by moisture, mold and severe weather. Complete Story
Yonkers Brewing is ready to open
(January 14) - After a year of contract brewing at Thomas Hooker in Connecticut, a Kickstarter page, months of renovations and a whole lot of DIY efforts, Yonkers Brewing Co. is finally ready to open. The new Yonkers brewery is near the downtown waterfront, in the historic trolley barn space at 92 Main Street. And at 1 p.m. on Saturday, January 17 the grand opening offers a chance for eager beer drinkers to raise a glass to the newest Westchester brewery. Complete Story

Covington bans owner from tearing down Bavarian Brewery
(January 14) - Once again the owner of the Bavarian Brewery in Covington asked to be allowed to demolish the historic building. Once again, city leaders denied the request. On Tuesday night, Covington City Commission voted unanimously not to allow Columbia Sussex to demolish the 19th century Bavarian Brewery along Interstate 71/75. This upheld a decision in November from the city's Urban Design Review Board that denied the demolition permit. Complete Story

Stillwater's oldest home to house new brewery and taproom
(January 14) - As soon as Tod Fyten toured the basement of the Brunswick House, the oldest house in Stillwater,Minnesota he knew he had found the perfect spot for St. Croix Brewing's new microbrewery and taproom. The basement features quarry-tile flooring with a slight angle. "It's the first thing a brewer looks at: Are the floors sloped to drain and what are they made of?" he said. "The water's got to go down a drain. Complete Story
Narragansett Brewery's New (Love)Craft Beer Is a Horror
(January 14) - To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Providence, R.I.'s Narragansett Brewery has created a new line of craft beers in honor of a local legend who shares the same birth year (1890): H.P. Lovecraft. H.P. Lovecraft spent most of his life in Providence as a struggling author, only achieving literary fame posthumously. Commonly referred to as the "Father of Modern Horror." Complete Story

Top Selling Craft Beer and Brewery Books

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7th Annual Pike's Chocofest 2015(January 13) - It's been called "the best event of the year!" Now in its seventh year, what started as a gathering of beer and chocolate lovers in Pike's Museum Room, has turned into a nationally recognized and anticipated feast of the senses. This romantic event takes place on Sunday, February 8, 2015, on three levels and includes local and imported beer and chocolate, wine, cider, mead, and spirits, along with desserts, oysters, and savory foods. More Info
Capital Brewery succeeds with Fishin’ in the Dark
(January 13) - HThe brewery has always made excellent doppelbocks, offering a whole line that includes Dark, Blonde and Oktoberfest (Autumnal Fire) doppels. Fishin’ in the Dark continues that tradition as an imperial schwarzbier, a German-style black beer. Schwarzbiers, despite their color, are very different than stouts — lighter in body with less bitter roast and coffee notes. Those expecting a heavier beer will be surprised at how drinkable they are. Complete Story
Jester King releasing two collaborations with out-of-state breweries this weekend
(January 13) - Jester King teamed up first with Evil Twin Brewing’s Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø “to make a beer inspired by one of his favorite coffees, without actually adding any coffee to the beer,” according to Jester King’s blog. World’s Worst Twin, a 5.5 percent ABV ale, was fermented in oak barrels for six months, then re-fermented with blueberries grown in East Texas and conditioned in bottles and kegs. Complete Story
House Speaker Stumbo Files Bill to Prohibit Brewery-Owned Distributorships in Kentucky
(January 13) - House Speaker Greg Stumbo has filed House Bill 168 to specify malt beverage licenses and prohibit brewery-owned distributorships. The bill comes after brewer Anheuser-Busch’s disputed purchase of a distributorship in Owensboro. Businesses and organizations across the state and nation believe allowing Anheuser-Busch to distribute in the area gives it an unfair advantage over local craft breweries. Complete Story

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