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Western New York and Ontario brewers to join forces for CanAm Craft Beer Fest(April 28) - The Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association and Ontario Craft Brewers got the barrels rolling by holding a "draft" that paired 17 American and 17 Canadian breweries to brew batches together for the festival. Each brewery will create a collaborative batch on its own turf, as well as one in their neighboring country. Complete Story

 Baseball Craft Beer of the Day
Bell's Oberon Ale
 Green Card APA Collab - DC Brau, Hop Head Farms & Firestone Walker
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Craft beer trends: Lighter, better, and German hops
(April 28) - “I hope that there will be a new trend in the U.S. of brewing pilsner,” said Dr. Johann Pichlmaier, president of Verband Deutscher Hopfenpflanzer to a large crowd gathered at the German Hop Growers hospitality suite. He’s banking on the fact that American craft brewers will use German hops to brew those pilsners. Complete Story
12-foot inflatable Oberon bottle stolen in Kalamazoo
(April 28) - An inflatable bottle of Bell's Brewery's Oberon, worth $2,000, was stolen in Kalamazoo early Tuesday morning, the day after the annual release of the seasonal wheat ale, police said. The bottle stands more than 12 feet tall and was stolen at about 4:30 a.m. Complete Story
It took a lot of beer to get here: At 20 years, Firestone Walker is bigger than ever
(April 27) - From a vantage point atop the massive outdoor tanks at Firestone Walker Brewing Co., one can see the past, present and future of the Paso Robles brewery. The original building, the red-roofed old SLO Brewing Co. brewhouse with a 20,000-barrel capacity, runs down the center of the complex. Complete Story
Man arrested for running into house fire to ‘save’ his beer
(April 27) - What items would you grab if your house was on fire? For this South Dakota man, the answer was two cans of Bud Ice Premium, which he braved a blaze to retrieve. Complete Story

The Building Breweries Podcast Hosts Craft Automation & Uinta Brewing
(April 27) - Big show this week! I speak with Ryan Stockinger of Craft Automation about robots—well, kind of. We talk about automation technologies in the beverage industry, how they impact production and how they ultimately might keep craft brewers “creative by automating the mundane.” We also touch on automation being a potential dirty word in some brewing circles. Complete Story
Tony Gwynn Jr. follows dad in brewing as well as baseball
(April 26) -Wearing safety goggles and glancing at his watch, Tony Gwynn Jr. waits for the right moment to add hops to a kettle of boiling water and malted barley as he tweaks his craft beer recipe on a two-keg system dwarfed by giant tanks at AleSmith Brewing Co. Complete Story
Founders Brewing Joining Detroit Craft Beer Scene
(April 26) - Detroit’s quickly growing craft beer scene will welcome Founders Brewing Co. later this year. The Grand Rapids-based company has announced it will open a 14,000 square foot fully operational brewery, restaurant and retail taproom in the Cass Corridor this winter. Complete Story
Why Do People Wait in Long Lines for Craft Beer?
(April 25) - Whether the craft beer industry is booming or fading seems to be up for debate, but one thing is certain: No matter the larger trend, true aficionados are as excited as ever about new and rare brews. Last October, Brooklyn-based Other Half Brewing and Canton, Massachusetts-based Trillium Brewing teamed up on a limited edition IPA called Like Whoa. Complete Story
Study: Santa Rosa is microbrew capital of the United States(
April 25) - There is no better place in America for craft beer than Santa Rosa, according to a new interactive database that ranks local beer scenes by measuring the quality of beer produced in a community and the number of craft brewers it supports. Complete Story
Craft Brew Alliance Releases 2016 Annual Sustainability Report
(April 25) - Craft Brew Alliance, a leading craft brewing company, announced today the release of its fourth Annual Sustainability Report, providing an in-depth look at the company’s accomplishments in three focus areas: carbon intensity, waste prevention, and local community giving. Complete Story
Dogfish Head, the Official Beer of Record Store Day
(April 22) - Music has been a part of Dogfish Head since before Dogfish Head. So it’s a natural fit for a brewery that makes ‘Analog Beer for the Digital Age’ to be the Official Beer of Record Store Day, a celebration of the unique culture of record stores and the special role they play in their communities. Complete Story
Craft Beer "Punks" BrewDog Announce $1.24 Billion Valuation, Partial Acquisition by Equity Firm
(April 21) - BrewDog, the self-proclaimed "infamous" craft brewers known for all manner of media stunts, made another shocking announcement last week: 23 percent of the Scottish craft brewing company has been acquired by an investment firm for $264 million, valuing BrewDog at $1.24 billion. Complete Story
How craft beer saved the bookstore
(April 21) - Craft beer and books go together like F. Scott and Zelda. At least it seems so. Books and Brews, a brewery and used bookstore combination, is a love story that is expanding quickly through Indiana. Complete Story
How craft beer has helped transform West Sacramento’s image
(April 21) - West Sacramento has become seriously cool, and you can thank craft beer for the image upgrade. Tiny Bike Dog Brewing made terrific beer right out of the gate and the owners gave off such a welcoming vibe that many customers began to see the brewery’s humble tasting room as that special “third place” where you can hang out with your dog and your kids and see all your friends. Complete Story
20 Years of SweetWater: How 420 and Hop Hash Built the Southeast's Biggest Craft Brewery
(April 21) - By and large, in my experience as a beer writer and beer drinker, people don’t really think of Atlanta’s SweetWater Brewing Company as a “big brewery,” especially outside the state of Georgia. The company has consciously projected an easygoing vibe since it opened in 1997, as evidenced by both their obvious nods to stoner/pot culture and mottos such as “Don’t float the mainstream.” Complete Story
Oskar Blues, other Texas breweries at risk of losing current taprooms with proposed law
(April 20) - Texas brewers have been pushing for a number of beer-related bills to become state law — namely, that production breweries will be able to sell beer to go from their taprooms — but one of the first pieces of legislation up for debate might actually put some of those taprooms in danger of disappearing in their current form. Complete Story
Brooklyn Brewery's Beer Mansion coming to eight cities
(April 20) - At house parties, expect beer. At mansion parties, expect craft beer — and higher expectations. Beer Mansion, a two-day festival presented by The Brooklyn Brewery Mash, opens its doors in Brooklyn at The Monto & The Well on Friday and Saturday before heading to London, Paris, Philadelphia, Gothenburg, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Boston. Complete Story
Pontoon Brewing coming to Sandy Springs
(April 20) - Atlanta startup, Pontoon Brewing, which has been brewing beers such as its No Pants Pilsner under contract at Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville, SC, and Coastal Empire in Savannah, GA, is set to open a new brewery in Sandy Springs. Complete Story
A new beer from Atlas Brew Works, DC Brau and REI supports local bike trails
(April 19) - The Capital Trail Coalition, an ambitious plan to connect more than 360 miles of local hiking and biking trails across the region, has a $500,000 funding grant from outdoor retailer REI. And now it's going to get support from a more unlikely source: Its own beer. Complete Story
New York Craft Beer app a great guide to breweries
(April 19) - One of the coolest things I learned at the conference is the New York Craft Beer app. The free app works for both Android and iPhone. Most people don’t realize we have more than 300 breweries in New York state. Complete Story
Center Ice Brewery Will Bring Craft Beer, and a Hockey Theme, to Midtown
(April 18) - Entrepreneur Steve Albers is giving St. Louis a new place to indulge in two of its favorite things: craft beer and ice hockey. Albers is the brains behind the Center Ice Brewery, a new tasting room and brewery he hopes to open by mid-to-late May. Complete Story
Brewers Association Chief Economist: Data suggests microbreweries with tasting rooms grow faster than those without
(April 18) - Does a tasting room help you grow your brand in distribution? In 2016, 9.4% of sales from small and independent brewers occurred at the brewery—up from 7% in 2015. Complete Story
18 breweries, 10 days of events mark Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2017
(April 18) - For the sixth year, Pittsburghers can indulge in a week of limited release craft beers and beer-related events. Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week runs April 21-30 with 18 participating breweries, 42 featured events and nearly 100 other festivities throughout the 10-day "week." Complete Story
40 of the Best Colorado Beers
(April 18) - Since Paste began hosting large-scale blind tastings of craft beer styles in 2015, it’s safe to say we have tasted a lot of beers. The sheer numbers are mind-boggling even to us, reaching beyond the hundreds and into the thousands of separate brews. Complete Story

Deschutes Brewery to Open Tasting Room in Downtown Roanoke
(April 17) - Deschutes Brewery has unveiled plans to create a tasting room in downtown Roanoke. The Oregon-headquartered brewery, which announced it will be creating an east coast facility in Roanoke last year, is looking forward to sharing beers and interacting with local craft beer fans. Complete Story
Beer Camp Is Back: Festival Tour & Collaboration Craft Beers Coming In June
(April 16) - Now, with the summer of 2017 on the horizon, it should please you to know that Beer Camp is back. This year, in addition to a new eight-city festival tour, Sierra Nevada is releasing a new international collaboration 12-pack, dubbed Beer Camp Across the World. Complete Story
Top 4 takeaways from Craft Brewers Conference Day 2
(April 16) - Craft beer is becoming a bigger tent by the day (literally two new breweries open every day, going by the stats), which isn’t news as sharp growth has been the story of the industry for almost a decade now, but at this 2017 Craft Brewers Conference, much of the focus is on managing that bigger tent — who is in it, what are they doing, are they doing things the right way and how can the tent continue to grow without compromising its structure? Complete Story
Lagunitas Brewing Co. sees craft beer opportunities while others fret
(April 14) - While many large players in the craft beer industry are signaling angst over slowing growth, Tony Magee of Lagunitas Brewing remains bullish. Magee, founder of the Petaluma-based brewery that is the nation’s ninth largest, remains optimistic as his company opens up its new taproom east of L.A. in Azusa. Complete Story
DESTIHL Brewery Announces Grand Opening of $14 Million Expansion
(April 14) -The brewery's, located on 6 acres at 1200 Greenbriar Drive, plans to open its new Beer Hall to the public on Saturday, May 27, 2017. The 6300-sq.ft. Beer Hall, which is the public portion of DESTIHL’s massive 47,000-sq.ft. new brewery, will accommodate well over 200 guests in a communal setting inside the long, open, brick-walled hall reminiscent of the industrial brewery age. Complete Story
City Star Brewing Releases Belle in Bottles: Sour Whiskey Barrel Aged Passion Fruit Pale Ale
(April 14) - The latest in City Star's Barrel Aged Series will be released in the City Star taproom on Saturday, April 29th: Belle, a sour oatmeal pale ale aged 2 years in whiskey oak barrels and aged 3 months with golden passion fruit. Careful, you might just lose your horses while drinking this brew. Complete Story  

Limited releases important pieces of Ohio’s burgeoning craft-beer industry
(April 14) - Craft-beer enthusiasts know, when breweries do a limited release, it means something special. Take, for example, Northeast Ohio’s premier holiday brew — Christmas Ale from Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood. By its very nature, it’s a limited-time offering simply because it was made to pair with seasonal fare. Complete Story
How One Brewery Is Defining Southern Beer
(April 13) - At Fullsteam in Durham, NC, local ingredients are used to revitalize an industry, and make delicious beer. Fullsteam Brewery was launched in 2010 with a mission to create distinctly Southern beer that celebrates the culinary and agricultural traditions of the South. Complete Story
BA to Crack Down on Offensive Beer Labels
(April 13) - At a press briefing held during the Craft Brewers Conference on Wednesday, the trade organization announced steps to prevent breweries that use offensive or sexist names and labels from marketing their businesses with the industry trade organization’s intellectual property in regards to World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Fest awards and medals. Complete Story
Sibling Revelry Brewery makes its first gluten-free beer(April 13) -
Sibling Revelry Brewery has released a gluten-free beer, and brewmaster Pete Velez is pleased enough with the initial effort that a second one is planned. The pilot batch of Em Sav Saison - named after Velez' wife, Ellen - is the brewery's first gluten-free beer. It is not a common brew in Northeast Ohio. Complete Story

Wise Man Brewing opens in Winston-Salem, craft beer industry continues to boom in North Carolina(April 13) - The craft beer industry continues to boom in North Carolina, with new breweries opening all the time. ​FOX8 visited the newest to open in the Piedmont Triad, Wise Man Brewing. They offer different kinds of beer from milkshake IPAs to coffee and chocolate infused beers. Complete Story
As Goose Island expands globally, it tries to retain its connections to craft beer community(April 13) - Goose Island Beer Co. President Ken Stout knows a little something about competition. The youngest of 15 children growing up in the Beverly neighborhood on Chicago's South Side, he was also a tenacious walk-on for DePaul University's basketball team in the 1980s. Complete Story
Fruit invasion at craft breweries blurs lines of traditional beer styles(April 12) - Bob Malone spent weeks perfecting Great Divide Brewing’s newest beer, the Roadie Grapefruit Radler, but don’t expect to see the veteran brewer drinking it. Made with loads of grapefruit puree, the roadie is a take on a shandy, a beer blended with juice or soda. Complete Story
Evil Genius’ Wild Brews Find A Permanent Fishtown Home (April 12) - Craft brewery Evil Genius has been around town before in pop-up form, and as of today, their permanent Fishtown location is open. Practically underneath the El, not far from Berks Station, the 6,000 square foot space is a big, open, post-industrial affair — the Inquirer’s Michael Klein likened it to Philadelphia Distilling Company’s also-reclaimed space not too far away. Complete Story
Maui Brewing Founders, Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxley Awarded State's High Honor(April 12) - Maui Brewing Company is privileged to announce the U.S. Small Business Administration has selected Maui Brewing Company's Founders, Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxley, as the "2017 Small Business Person(s) of the Year for the State of Hawaii". Complete Story
Sam Adams and Miller Fight Over Future Of Craft Beer(April 11) - The companies that make those beers, Boston Beer and Molson Coors respectively, have found themselves in a war of words after The New York Times published an op-ed by Boston Beer founder Jim Koch in which the brewer lamented the effect Big Beer mergers have had on the craft beer industry. Complete Story
BSG And ASU And AMB Present "Honor A Veteran" Fundraiser(April 11) - BSG and the Principles of Fundraising class at Appalachian State University hold a fundraiser for Veterans at the “Honor A Veteran” event at Appalachian Mountain Brewery on Wednesday, April 12 at 6 p.m. Complete Story

Is It Last Call for Craft Beer?(April 10) - Today, America is home to over 5,300 small, innovative craft breweries making unique, flavorful, creative brews. After years of 15 percent growth, the craft sector is down to the single digits. Part of that is to be expected in a maturing part of any market — but it’s also a result of a pushback by a handful of gargantuan global brewers, aided by slack government antitrust oversight. Complete Story
Brewdog sell 22% equity stake to US private equity firm for $123million (April 10) - In a message to the Equity Punks shareholder group this morning, BrewDog co-founder James Watt announced that private equity company TSG Consumer Partners has acquired “approximately 22% of [BrewDog] in a transaction where £100million in proceeds went into the Company for continued expansion and the balance to create early shareholder liquidity. Complete Story
Nickel Brook Brewing Releases Spring Seasonal Beers(April 10) -Three of Nickel Brook’s spring seasonal beers are now available in the LCBO, and at various retailers throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, New York, DC, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Immodest Imperial IPA, Maple Porter and Winey Bastard Imperial Stout have all begun hitting the shelves in time for the first day of spring. Complete Story
White Street Brewing Releasing Hopical Island(April 10) - White Street Brewing Co. has found a getaway from the daily grind in its new limited release, Hopical Island. For those in search of a quick escape, White Street offers the light malts and grapefruit flavors of this Tropical Session IPA. Discover for yourself the lush oasis of pineapple, mango, and grapefruit aromas in its exotic hop blend. Complete Story

8 Questions for the Smithsonian's New Beer Historian(April 8) - In January, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History announced that McCulla would be the Smithsonian's new "brewing historian." In that role, McCulla works with a team at the museum's American Brewing History Initiative. For National Beer Day, TIME talked to her about what's brewing on the research front. Complete Story
Barrel-aged in oak, this Green Bench saison is flavorful(April 8) - Green Bench Brewing Co. in St. Petersburg continues its line of Belgian-inspired beers with this dark, red-tinged saison that’s barrel-aged for exceptional flavor. Saison de Banc Noir exhibits much of what you’d expect in the farmhouse style, only darker, with notes of stone fruit, roasted wheat and peppery spice. Complete Story
National Beer Day: Here’s to Choice, Freedom and the American Way(April 7) - Right? You will no doubt see this comment — or think it to yourself — after hearing that April 7 is dubbed National Beer Day. The day is marked in the United States as the effective date of the Cullen-Harrison Act, which, prior to the official end of Prohibition on December 5, 1933, Americans could return to purchasing beer that was no stronger than 4.05 percent alcohol by volume. Complete Story
Behind the Brewery: Bone Hook tests the limits(April 7) - Bone Hook Brewing has been open just three months and already the Naples-based microbrewery is doing interesting things. First on that list? Bone Hook brought in a brew master from Shanghai, Josh Deitner, who spent the last 3 1/2 years as the head brewer for the Shanghai Brewery, at one time the largest craft beer maker in China. Complete Story
Collective Barleywine is featured at 8 breweries in west Minneapolis(April 7) - The result is a beer called the Collective Barleywine. And the group formed to make it is called the West Side Brewers Collective — Birch’s on the Lake Brewhouse in Long Lake, BSG CraftBrewing in Shakopee, Enki Brewing in Victoria, Excelsior Brewing in Excelsior, Lupine Brewing in Delano, Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild in Minneapolis, Schram Vineyards & Brewery in Waconia, South Fork Brewing in Delano, Waconia Brewing in Waconia and Wayzata Brew Works in Wayzata. Complete Story
Celebrating the beauty of beer at Wisconsin Brewing Company(April 7) - At the end of any given workday, Kirby Nelson can be seen occupying the same table in the northeast corner of the taproom at Wisconsin Brewing Company, his back often turned toward the customers drinking the beer he’s brewed. Complete Story
Central City Brewing announces the 12 unique craft beers for the Red Racer Across The Nation Collaboration(April 7) - Last month, Central City Brewers + Distillers along with 12 other Canadian craft brewers announced the Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration 12-pack which commemorates Canada’s 150th birthday celebration. Today, the breweries announced the all-star craft beer lineup which makes up the #Canada150 collaboration, as well as #Canada150 celebration tasting events that will be held at each brewery across the country. Complete Story
How Craft Beer’s Popularity Is Hurting Craft Beer(April 7) - The Brewers Association, a trade group that represents the nation's craft brewers, reported Tuesday that volume increased 6% to 24.6 million barrels in 2016, a slowdown from the double-digit increases the industry had been posting in recent years. Volume had increased 13% in 2015 and 18% in the preceding two years, but the BA admitted those heady days were likely in the past. Complete Story

At Scratchtown Brewery in Ord, Nebraska, locals drink to newfound success of once-dying town(April 6) - “This is a happy place where people come to talk. To connect,” says Caleb Pollard, one of the brewery co-owners, as he lounges on the Scratchtown patio in the late-afternoon sun. “It was our dream to bring people here, from Ord and from all over, to break bread in our taproom. Our bread just happens to be beer.” Complete Story
Samuel Adams Releasing Cincinnati-Inspired American Lager 513(April 6) - Cincinnati holds a special place in the heart of Samuel Adams. Not only is it the hometown of Sam Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch, but in the 1940’s Jim’s father apprenticed at the Hudepohl brewery in Cincinnati, which Sam Adams purchased in 1997. Complete Story
Why are so many out-of-town breweries opening in Charlotte?(April 6) - Then, 2016 brought announcements that regional and national breweries Catawba Brewing, Fat Head’s Brewery and the new Southern Tier Brewing/Victory Brewing joint venture, Artisanal Brewing Ventures (ABV), were all opening breweries in Charlotte, with ABV even placing its headquarters here. Complete Story

10 Brewery Pranks That May Have Fooled You on April Fool’s Day 2017(April 5) - You wake up Saturday morning, browse your social feeds on your phone, seeing unbelievable story after unbelievable story — then it occurs to you: it’s April Fool’s Day 2017, and you’ve been had. Breweries and beer websites didn’t let the day go by without pulling some pranks at their followers’ expense. Complete Story

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These are the most popular breweries in Massachusetts(April 5) - Massachusetts has seen a craft beer boom in the last few years with nearly 100 breweries across the state. Harpoon Brewery, one of the top breweries in the United States, is the most popular brewery in Massachusetts Complete Story
Jolly Pumpkin to take over Bastone Brewery, Vinotecca space in Royal Oak(April 5) - Bastone Brewery is one of the most decorated craft breweries in Michigan, having received over 200 awards for our Belgian beers," said David Ritchie, managing partner. "This renovation and partnership with Jolly Pumpkin will allow us to 'return to our roots' and focus more on Belgian-style dining and brewing while still catering to the varying tastes of Royal Oak diners." Complete Story


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