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Scholar Turned Brewer: The Story of Black Tooth Brewing Company(August 23) - Black Tooth Brewing Company brews more than 700,000 cases of beer each year, making it the largest brewer in the state of Wyoming. The company distributes its beer in all 23 Wyoming counties and to some surrounding states. But Black Tooth Brewing Company almost didn't happen. That's because its founder graduated from Montana State University with a degree in political science. Complete Story

Oldest Craft Brewery in Colorado
Boulder Beer Company
 Starr Hill Brewery Releases
Two New Fall Seasonals‏

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Here's How Boston Beer Co. Can Start Growing Again
(August 23) - Recently, I had the pleasure of editing and publishing Rich Duprey's "Is It Time for Boston Beer Co. to Be Taken Private?" to In it, he lays out the case for Jim Koch, the founder of Boston Beer Co. -- the maker of Samuel Adams and numerous other craft-beer labels -- to take the brewer off the public market. Complete Story
Stone Brewing Releases 20th Anniversary Encore Series: Beachwood / Heretic / Stone Still Unapologetic IPA
(August 23) - Stone Brewing has spent the past 20 years building a reputation with bold, big-character beers…including many groundbreaking IPAs. So it’s no surprise the San Diego-based craft beer company is revisiting one of its hoppiest Stone Collaboration beers for the latest installment of the Stone 20th Anniversary Encore Series. Complete Story
SweetWater to begin first international distribution in Ireland
(August 22) - SweetWater Brewing Co. inked a deal with Ireland’s Rye River Brewing Co. to put SweetWater beers in pubs all over Dublin starting Sept. 1, marking the Atlanta brewery’s first international distribution. Complete Story
What's it like when your startup craft brewery gets bought by Anheuser-Busch?
(August 22) - As in most industries, the purchase by the behemoth company has brought all of them added resources and operational knowledge. But in the craft-brewing world more than in almost any other sector, it also has brought heaps of scorn from drinkers who are tremendously loyal to local companies and want nothing to do with AB-InBev, the maker of Budweiser and Bud Light. Complete Story
Appalachian Mountain Brewery Announces Record Growth
(August 22) - Appalachian Mountain Brewery announced record revenue growth for second quarter 2016, in addition to reporting significant increases in both retail and wholesale operations. Complete Story

Wicked Weed Brewing Announces the release of Xibalba Imperial Pumpkin Ale
(August 22) - Wicked Weed announced on their web site the return of theirImperial Pumpkin Ale, Xibalba. The beer is brewed using cacao nibs from local Asheville, NC French Broad Chocolates . In true Wicked Weed style the beer also features Ancho Chiles, and habanero peppers. Complete Story
Stone on a roll: Craft brewer turns 20 with ambitious plans in the pipeline
(August 21) - “Ambitious,” “bold” and “collaborative” are three words often used to describe Stone Brewing’s signature hoppy beers and marketing (see its Arrogant Bastard line). But those words are also apropos for the craft beer maker’s approach to creating its brews and expanding its business as it celebrates two decades of making beer. Complete Story
New Report Shows Craft Beer Industry Still Growing
(August 21) - This good news comes from data provided by Brewer’s Association, the not-for-profit trade association and craft brew advocate. It recently released its mid-year data along with optimistic statements from Bart Wilson, the chief economist. Complete Story
Why this community bank is jumping on the craft beer bandwagon
(August 21) - United Community Bank is adding a craft beer vertical to its offerings. They won’t be installing taps in their branches, but brewers can apply for SBA and Department of Agriculture loans. The Blairsville, Ga.-based bank’s new vertical will fund working capital, real estate purchases, construction loans, inventory, premises improvements, equipment and installation. Complete Story
Chicago Craft breweries like Piece, Half Acre start delivery service
(August 20) - Though businesses like Drizly have attracted much of the buzz in the budding realm of booze delivery — finally, no getting off the couch for that bottle of Jagermeister! — the most exciting development for Chicago beer drinkers has been the quiet emergence of home delivery straight from breweries. Complete Story
Cincinnati State adds new program on craft beer and brewing
(August 20) - Cincinnati State Technical and Community College is offering a certificate program designed to help interested folks find employment in the booming and increasingly competitive field. The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) has approved a new certificate to be offered for the first time this fall semester, although classes have already been offered -- and taken. Complete Story
10 California Craft Beers That Cost a Bundle on the Black Market
(August 19) - We want to reiterate that private second-hand beer sales are 100% illegal. But if you're going to buy some black-market beer, you may as well get an education out of it. For fans of U.S. craft beer, there are few places better suited for starting that education than California. Complete Story
Transforming Glass from a Headache to an Asset
(August 19) - Glass is endlessly recyclable. The most common products made from cullet can be reborn, without sacrificing purity. Recycling it also makes sense from a conservation perspective. Recycling a ton of glass saves over a ton of natural resources; every 10 percent of cullet used in manufacturing translates to about 3 percent less energy cost. Complete Story

Maui Brewing Co. Plans for 2nd Brewpub on O‘ahu
(August 19) - Maui Brewing Co. has announced it will be opening a restaurant in Kailua’s newly redesigned Lau Hala Shops in early 2018. The restaurant will be the craft brewery’s second location on O‘ahu. The first, located at the Waikiki Beachcomber, is expected to open this winter. Complete Story
Stone Brewing to Open a Craft Beer Hotel in San Diego
(August 18) - Brew fiends, rejoice. In addition to beer-focused cruises and microbreweries popping up everywhere from Denmark to India, there's one more item to add to your beer travel bucket list: A brewery hotel. That's right: In 2018, Stone Brewing will enter the hospitality industry with a $26 million, 100,000-square-foot, 99-room hotel in Escondido, California. Complete Story
Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest Returns in 16-Ounce Cans
(August 18) - The beer is Oaktoberfest, a 5 percent ABV “Paso märzen bier” that is brewed with ingredients sourced exclusively from Germany, including pilsner and Vienna malts as well as hallertau tradition hops. The oktoberfest-style ale was first released in 2008, but was not packaged last year, and is a fall seasonal release from the Paso Robles, Calif.-based brewery that will be available through November. Complete Story

Grapevine Brewery Is Not Closing, but It Has Ceased Distribution of Its Beers
(August 18) - Grapevine Brewery announced on Tuesday that the North Texas craft brewery will no longer sell its beers for distribution to Texas wholesalers. The decision means that Grapevine's beers will only be sold in the brewery's taproom and beer garden in Grapevine, according to a press release. Complete Story
Meet the Five Women Revolutionising the Craft Beer Game in Mexico
(August 18) - For centuries, beer was a woman’s affair. While men went out to hunt, women were in charge of fermenting this precious elixir that was such an important part of their families’ nutrition. The industrial revolution, however, took brewing out of their hands and placed it in factories. Complete Story
Green Flash Grand Opening in Virginia Beach Announced‏
(August 17) - The $20-million craft brewing facility in Virginia Beach includes a 58,000-square-foot brewery, family-friendly tasting room with 30 Green Flash beers on tap, a beer garden, food trucks, retail store, and a private-event room and garden. Complete Story
New Belgium Offers Four New Releases
‏‏(August 17) - New Belgium Brewing has four new releases to help make the fall transition a little easier to bear. The beers include Pumpkick, a fall festival favorite; Le Terroir, one of New Belgium’s favorite wood-aged sours; Bretta IPA, which crosses wild Brettanomyces yeast with fruity hop varieties; and Fruit Fly, a refreshing stainless steel sour. Complete Story
Coronado Brewing Company's Punk'In Drublic is Back!‏‏‏
(August 17) - It might feel like summer, but autumn is in the air with Coronado Brewing Company's highly anticipated autumn release, Punk'In Drublic. Part of the 'Crown Series' seasonal offerings, Punk'In Drublic Imperial Pumpkin Ale is crafted to stand out from your garden variety pumpkin beer. Complete Story
Opinion: Is too much choice slowly killing craft beer?
(August 16) - You could list a different “Top 10 beers” every day for a year and still only get to about half of what’s available in stores alone. I can’t honestly say I’m immune to the lure of the beer listicle — the list-form article that groups beers together through some common, near-arbitrary thread. Complete Story

Today's Craft Beer Lovers: Millennials, Women and Hispanics
(August 16) - As craft beer continues to rise, so does the amount of data to digest. The ever-present question is, “Who is the craft beer lover and what makes them tick?” Complete Story

Craft Beer Scene in Rio
(August 16) - Brazil is the land of picanha and cachaça but as you’re about to see, Brazilians are now letting craft beer go to their heads. There was a time not long ago when beer in Brazil came down to four mass-produced suds. Complete Story
Scofflaw is Atlanta’s newest craft brewery
(August 11) - Matt Shirah, owner of Atlanta’s new Scofflaw Brewing Co., graduated from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and spent most of his career as a corporate turnaround executive before deciding to get into the beer business. Complete Story
Good People Brewing Co. Announces Sour Beer Program
(August 11) - Funk Farm is Good People’s program for brewing mixed-fermentation sour ales. Unlike the year-round offerings, beers in the Funk Farm series are fermented with nontraditional microbes and wild yeast to produce a variety of complex flavors. Complete Story
Old Pabst shipping building sold in Milwaukee for MKE Brewing and other uses
(August 11) - Local real estate investor Scott Lurie today is buying a large former Pabst Brewing Co. shipping center near downtown Milwaukee and will rehab it into a new space for Milwaukee Brewing Co., offices and self-storage units. The roughly 176,000-square-foot building is at North Eighth Street and West Juneau Avenue, in the former Pabst Brewing Co. corporate campus. Complete Story
Wiseacre co-founder wants to move brewery into Coliseum
(August 11) - Wiseacre Brewing co-founder Frank Smith used the words “crazy” and “goofy” to describe his idea to transform the Mid-South Coliseum into a mixed-use development anchored by the Memphis-based brewery. Complete Story
Why Should We Care About BrewDog USA?
(August 10) - Along with the announcement that BrewDog is about to set up shop in Columbus Ohio, is that they will be crowd funding via their Equity for Punks program. I have read through it a few times, and they are really selling shares of their company, and offering some trivial perks depending on how many shares are purchased. ​Complete Story
Growing Hops in Abandoned Lots? Pittsburgh Will Drink To That
(August 10) - The humble hop—that vigorous perennial, which steadily climbs upward, thriving on water and a string—is the main character of a story, one that will hopefully be told in other areas of this city’s landscape,through Hops on Lots Pittsburgh, a project started after Pete Bell attended a community garden class by Grow Pittsburgh. Complete Story
Charles Towne Fermentory Set to Open This Fall in Charleston
(August 10) - Charles Towne Fermentory will soon house a 15BBL brew system in the old Lyerly's Dry Cleaning building at 809 Savannah Highway. The location will include a tasting room and a kitchen prep-space that will allow for a rotation of options from various food trucks, chefs, and other local food businesses. ​Complete Story
How to Start Your Own Craft Brewery
(August 10) - There are now more than 4,000 small breweries and brewpubs scattered across the U.S. But like any business, surviving long term can be a real challenge, particularly because the market has become so crowded over the past 20 years. Complete Story
Sam Adams's Secret Weapon For Winning Back The American Craft Drinker
(August 9) - Off the coast of Finland, tucked away on sunken ninth-century Viking ships, divers have found bottles of an ancient ale called sahti. It is one of the oldest continually brewed beers in the world. According to historical records, women were the ones who concocted the beverage in farmhouses while the men went off to explore the world and fight battles. Complete Story

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New Belgium Announces Colorado State University Stadium New Belgium Porch(August 9) - Two Fort Collins stalwarts – Colorado State University and New Belgium Brewing Company – today announced that the iconic brewery is donating $4.3 million to CSU’son-campus stadium project. Complete Story
Stone Releases New Double IPA To Celebrate 20th Anniversary
(August 9) - For two decades, Stone Brewing has demonstrated a passion for brewing and an obsession with hops, resulting in two decades of beers that have both challenged traditional styles and rewritten expectations for beer. So it’s only fitting for Stone to commemorate its 20th Anniversary by crafting an awesome new celebratory double IPA: Stone 20th Anniversary Citracado IPA, brewed with avocado flower honey and Citra hops. Complete Story

Phyllis Schlafly loses trademark dispute with nephew's craft brewery
(August 9) - The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, in a decision last week, sided with the St. Louis Brewery, which applied for the Schlafly trademark in 2012 as its sales began to take off outside of Missouri. In her opposition to the trademark application, filed four years ago, Phyllis Schlafly argued that the brewery — which was co-founded in 1991 by Tom Schlafly — shouldn’t be able to trademark a name that she made famous after decades in the public eye. Complete Story
Widmer aims at beer geeks with new 'innovation brewery
'(August 6) - The new 10-barrel system is fully computer-controlled and unique to Widmer. It's designed so any recipe that the three-man crew in the experimental-focused brewery dreams up can be replicated across the street at the large-scale brewery Complete Story
Prepare Your Best Sales Pitch for Samuel Adams' American Dream Competition
(August 6) - For the third year in a row, food and beverage small-business owners from across the country have the opportunity to submit their best sales pitch for the Brewing the American Dream Pitch Room Wild Card, hosted by Samuel Adams and Entrepreneur Media. Complete Story
6 Recent Craft Beer Mergers and Acquisitions
(August 5) - Think Anheuser-Busch is the only beer conglomerate on the prowl for craft breweries? Think again. MillerCoors has made some big moves in 2016, and we’re seeing more private equity firms get into the craft beer game by purchasing majority stakes in small companies and spearheading mergers between some of our most beloved craft breweries. Complete Story
BrewDog brewery raising $50M from the crowd to secure U.S. expansion
(August 5) - With plans for a new brewery and aggressive expansion in the biggest craft beer market in the world, Scottish brewery BrewDog* turned to BankRoll to raise investment to, er, bankroll its U.S. expansion plans, with a hefty $50 million round of equity crowdfunding. Complete Story
Karl Strauss to Open New Brewery in Anaheim, California
(August 5) - Karl Strauss Brewing Company today announced it would open a new satellite brewery and brewpub in Southern California next month. Located across from Angel Stadium in Anaheim, the company’s new brewery — its 10th brewing location — will include a 7-barrel brewhouse, two 14-barrel fermentation tanks and three 14-barrel brite beer tanks. Complete Story


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