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Brewers hopeful for craft beer tax reform(June 22) - The bill is called the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act. Craft breweries like Stillmank  currently pay what's called the excise tax. "This is a tax that's levied on the amount of beer that we actually make and then sell either through retail or wholesale channels," said Brad Stillmank, owner of Stillmank Brewery. Complete Story

 Happy 160th Anniversary
Stevens Point Brewery in Wisconsin
  BrewDog: Crowdfunding the
Craft Beer Revolution
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Michael LaLonde Promoted to CEO of Deschutes Brewery
(June 22) - Yet another established craft brewery founder has stepped away from day-to-day CEO responsibilities. Deschutes Brewery founder Gary Fish has turned his CEO position over to Michael LaLonde, who had been serving as the president and chief operating officer for the Bend, Oregon-based craft brewery. Complete Story
Portland’s Beer Festival Season gets Contentious
(June 22) - This weekend looks to test the Portland market for beer festival oversaturation as the old guard beer fest Portland International Beerfest goes up against the newly reimagined Organic fest now called BrewFest in the Park. Portland International Beerfest is also being forced to change venues while the Brewfest in the Park is a spinoff replacement of the Organic Beer Fest. Complete Story
Mikkeller and Great Leap collaborate to produce "Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy" IPA to benefit Russian LGBT Network
(June 22) - It seems that aside from producing excellent beer the Danish brewery Mikkeller is in possession of a sense of humour as well. And it’s not afraid to ruffle some feathers for a good cause. In collaboration with the Chinese microbrewery Great Leap Brewing, Mikkeller has come up with a beer that may very well irk certain beer drinkers in Russia and the US. Complete Story
Firestone Walker plans another expansion in Paso Robles
(June 21) -The Central Coast beer giant just finished its $15 million visitors center and brewery. Now it’s undertaking an $8 million fermentation tank facility in the old Nu-Way Cleaners building on Vendels Circle, near its main campus on Ramada Drive. Complete Story
Bourdain HATES craft beer!
(June 21) - "Bourdain HATES craft beer!" This is what I heard about dozen times over the last week. And while that may be the prevailing opinion on the man, based on what I personally saw on Saturday, that's not really true. Complete Story

Tropical trend for summer: coconut IPAs
(June 21) - Recent affinity for hops that impart tropical flavors of melon, pineapple and passionfruit seems to have brewers on island time. Coconut, typically an ingredient reserved for darker stouts and porters, has become a more common addition to IPAs and double IPAs as summer approaches. Complete Story
Stone Brewing to team up with punk band NOFX
(June 21) - NOFX can easily considered one of the most successful independent bands of all time. Formed in 1983 by bassist Fat Mike and guitarist Eric Melvin, the band has never signed with a major label. That kind of independence is very familiar to California’s Stone Brewing. Perhaps that’s where Stone Punk in Drublic, a collaboration with NOFX rises from. Complete Story

Zymurgy Magazine Announces 2017 “Best Beers in America”
(June 20) - The streak is over! After eight straight years of Russian River Brewing Company’s double IPA Pliny the Elder dominating the top spot, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale was named number one in the 15th annual Best Beers in America survey, conducted by Zymurgy magazine. Complete Story
40 ounces of Alesmith
(June 20) - For a brief time this summer, one of San Diego beer's most recognized brands will be selling brew in a 40-ounce bottle. AleSmith Brewing has teamed up with Long Beach reggae-punk band Sublime to release a co-branded Mexican lager. Sharing a name with Sublime's first album, 40 oz. to Freedom, the beer's July release is timed to commemorate the record's 25th anniversary. Complete Story
Local hops growers help Virginia brew a booming craft-beer industry
(June 19) - Unlike the thirsty visitors who roll off bustling U.S. Route 15 to sample them, the hops grown at Black Hops Farm don’t travel far. Not 200 yards past the plot of green vines climbing their 20-foot trellises, a sprawling new brewery boasts shiny vats that deliver beer, flavored with hops from those bitter plants. Complete Story
Czech 'beer train' concept coming to US and China
(June 19) - Having been tested successfully on beer-loving Czechs, the beer train is heading for the United States and China. Just imagine: You order a pint of beer, or even a cool glass of orange juice, and your drink is served by a model freight train arriving at your table. Complete Story
Even in tighter market, craft brewers have room to grow(June 19) - For those who drink beer, it's hard to imagine a better time. But as consumers enjoy more styles of beer and more places to enjoy locally produced lagers and ales, craft brewers face more competition than ever. Complete Story
 Women, beer and what comes between us
(June 18) - Simply talking about 'women and beer' can outrage people. Then there's all the popular myths, that women don't like beer or only drink lager. Or the one about female palates preferring sweet to bitter tastes, meaning the ladies can't appreciate a hoppy brew, and the strange idea that we only like something light and golden and couldn't possibly want a porter, stout or black IPA. Complete Story
Amazon's $13.4 Billion Acquisition of Whole Foods Could Be "First Big Domino to Fall" in Brewing E-Commerce
(June 18) - Neither company here is exactly new to the beer business. Whole Foods has established a reputation for building shelves bolstered by strong craft offerings, and has even launched a house brand of its own in Austin, Texas. Amazon has been exploring online alcohol delivery services in a number of different markets, to varying degrees of success and failure. Complete Story
Ohio’s craft beer boom: $2 billion increase in 2 years
(June 16) - A new biennial economic impact study commissioned by the National Beer Wholesalers Association and the Beer Institute shows that industry growth exploded in recent years, contributing more than $13.2 billion to Ohio’s economy in 2016. That’s a $2 billion increase from 2015. Complete Story
Savor DC Might Be the Coolest Craft Beer Event of the Year
(June 16) - The tenth-annual Savor Event—dubbed “an American craft beer and food experience”—took place earlier this month in Washington, DC, where 86 indie brewers descended upon the city’s National Building Museum for two days of glorious craft beer hedonism. Complete Story
Craft beer's big impact on small towns and forgotten neighborhoods
(June 15) - When Neil Gurnsey grabs a drink at his favorite bar, he’s delighted when nobody knows his name. Gurnsey loves to see his new watering hole, the taproom at Hand of Fate Brewing, packed with people from outside Petersburg, Illinois, a small bedroom community of roughly 2,200 near the capital, Springfield. Complete Story
"Brewer Ratings" on RateBeer are Broken--And They Have Been for a While
(June 15) - Last week, I was contacted by a Paste reader with something very interesting and unusual to share about RateBeer. It’s safe to call this person, a criminology professor with a background in quantitative methodology, something of a statistics geek. Complete Story
Ninkasi Brewing Raises $37K For Non-Profits With Its Beer Is Love Campaign
(June 15) - Launched January 2017, independent brewer, Ninkasi Brewing Company, kicked off a four-month campaign to donate a portion of its seasonal beer sales to three national nonprofit organizations. Through its Beer is Love donation program, the brewery pledged a donation of $1 per case and $7 per keg sold of its Believer Double Red to Team River Runner, Women Who Code and Conscious Alliance. Complete Story
New Belgium Brewing Releases its 2017 Transatlantique Kriek, a 100% Wood-Aged Sour
(June 12) - New Belgium Brewing’s 2017 blend of Transatlantique Kriek is out now and it’s the first time the beer is 100% wood-aged. The sour is a mix of 50 percent New Belgium Foeder-aged Golden Sour and 50 percent Authentic Kriek Lambic from Brewery Oud Beersel in Belgium. Complete Story

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How Craft Beer Took On Anheuser-Busch's St. Louis Monopoly(June 12) - Bud Light is still the country’s best-selling beer, but America is starting to broaden its horizons. 2.3 American breweries opened every day in 2016, and even though craft beer accounts for only 13% of the American beer market, its presence in the nation’s largest cities and smallest towns is expanding. Complete Story
New Belgium confronts culture shift as brewery goes national
(June 5) - Fat Tire made it to the backwoods of Maine this spring. The arrival officially brought New Belgium Brewing to all 50 states. Complete Story
Three Floyds launching WarPigs beer in Chicago with Danish brewer Mikkeller
(June 5) - The fourth Floyd has arrived. His name is Mikkeller. Three Floyds and Danish brewer Mikkel Borg Bjergso, founder of the renowned Mikkeller beer brand, are teaming up for a new operation in the U.S., WarPigs Brewing, which will launch in Chicago this week. Complete Story


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