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Terrapin Beer Co. and Cigar City Brewing Do the Monster Mash(September 4) - Terrapin Beer Co., whose Monster Beer Tour line of high-ABV seasonal brews have long been coveted by big beer fans, has for the first time invited a fellow craft brewer to help create a new breed of Monster. Terrapin has joined forces with southerly neighbor Cigar City Brewing to release Vapricot Apricot Ginger Imperial IPA as the fall selection of Terrapin’s Monster Beer Tour.  Complete Story

 Craft Beer of the Day: Deschutes'
27th Anniversary Imperial Porter
Craft Brewery of the Day:
Surly Brewing - Minneapolis, MN
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Top Projects: Surly Destination Brewery
(September 4) - While Surly always has been widely heralded among beer geeks, its new “destination brewery” takes the brand to another level. Built not just as a brewery but also as a regional attraction, the Surly Destination Brewery seats hundreds on two floors and has an undeniable, and intentional “wow” factor. The building looks nothing like its warehouse neighbors. A long line of bike racks leads visitors from the parking lot to an entrance with an outdoor fireplace and rock-encased fountain. Complete Story
The Beer Belly Is a Myth
(September 4) - It’s time to clear up a major myth about the bodies of beer drinkers: The “beer belly” is bunk! Ironically, as much as the terms ‘beer’ and ‘fat’ are mentioned together, beer does not even contain fat. Say what!? That’s right. Beer is fat-free, people! Complete Story
Joe Sixpack: 8 genius inventions for drinking beer
(August 3) - From time to time, I like to check in with the U.S. Patent Office for a progress report on the exciting field of beer inventions. Over the years, we've seen brilliant ideas, ranging from tooth protectors on beer bottles to beer pong tables that keep your beer cold. Honestly, if we could channel some of that ingenuity into, say, theoretical aerodynamics, we'd have those rocket packs by now. Complete Story
Bring Back The Funk! Samuel Adams’ One-Of-A-Kind Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru
(August 3) - The brewers at Sam Adams announced today that they will be taking their special limited-release Belgian style ale, Kosmic Mother Funk (KMF) Grand Cru, on a second annual Tasting Tour across the country. This batch of KMF Grand Cru will be poured at a limited number of bars and restaurants in 20 cities, with the final stop on the tour determined by drinkers who will vote for their city online. Complete Story
New Belgium Brewing to Tweak Abbey and Trippel Recipes
(August 3) - Two of New Belgium Brewing’s longest running beers, Abbey Belgian Style Dubbel and Trippel Belgian Style Ale, are being reimagined and updated for a new era. Both beers started life as homebrew recipes more than 25 years ago and new developments in hop and malt manufacturing have been incorporated. Subtle recipe tweaks will allow the malty and hoppy characteristics of each beer to shine through. Complete Story
6 Facts Every Self-Respecting Beer Drinker Should Know
(August 3) - There was a time in (very recent) history where the depth of knowledge required to order the perfect beer for you was knowing whether you wanted it in a real bottle, or one shaped like a bowling pin. We now live in the midst of a beer renaissance, though, and between all the sours, lagers, stouts, Belgians, and reds out there, getting the right beer means expanding your knowledge. Complete Story
Brewery, restaurant opening near Lambeau Field
(August 3) - After sitting vacant for several years, some new life is brewing in an old restaurant property just blocks from Lambeau Field. Leatherhead Brewing Company - a restaurant and brewpub - is renovating the old Marty's Boston Crab restaurant in the 800-block of Lombardi Avenue. Complete Story
Harpoon’s newest brew offers up a taste of the Charles River
(September 2) Harpoon Brewery’s senior brewer, Ken Hermann, stood on a metal platform Tuesday morning and peered into a tank of swirling hot water destined to become part of the company’s latest creation. After stepping down from the platform, he turned a spigot and poured some of the water into a large plastic cup and examined it, holding it up to the light shining through the windows. You would never know that the crystal-clear liquid came directly from the Charles River. Complete Story
Scottish craft beer maker BrewDog expands into US
(September 2) Brewdog, an independent craft beer brewery based in Scotland, will start producing beer at a U.S. site, the firm said on Wednesday after announcing a £6 million ($9.17 million) mini-bond sale earlier this week. The Scottish company, which was formed in 2007, said it has bought a 42-acre site in Columbus, Ohio, where it will build a 200 barrel production facility. Complete Story
Blue Blaze Brewing highlights Charlotte's growing craft beer industry
(September 2) Eyewitness News discovered plans for a brand new brewery in west Charlotte. Blue Blaze Brewing is the first tenant at Savona Mill. The old textile mill was purchased by Argos Real Estate Advisors in 2012. The 100-year-old building will be refurbished for office, retail and residential space. Complete Story
MillerCoors celebrating 160th anniversary of Miller Brewing Co. during month of September
(September 2) MillerCoors is celebrating the 160th anniversary of Miller Brewing Company throughout the month of September at its Milwaukee Brewery. Founded in 1855, Miller Brewing has been an important part of the Milwaukee community for 160 years. Complete Story
A-B's growth may leave craft brewers fewer options
(September 1)Anheuser-Busch InBev’s acquisition of two prominent Colorado beer distributors has industry professionals worried the aggressive growth will leave more than 200 Colorado craft brewers with fewer options for selling their beer. Complete Story
Starr Hill Celebrates 16th Anniversary with Hopfetti Triple IPA
‏(September 1) - Starr Hill Brewery is celebrating its sixteenth anniversary this September with the release of several rare beers, including the brand new Hopfetti Triple IPA, as well as a number of special events at the Tap Room in Crozet, Virginia. Complete Story
Meet A Vermont Brewery That Only Makes Coffee Beers
(September 1)Coffee beer: it’s a no-brainer. Some of your favorite porters and stouts are probably brewed with coffee. At the very least their tasting notes will mention it; a lot of the roasted malt flavor jives with the undertones of a rich cup of coffee. The Drew Carey Show even had a plot line about it. Complete Story
Russian River Beatification 2015 Release Details
‏(September 1) - Russian River Brewing just dropped details on the upcoming bi-annual release of Beatification. According to Russian River, this beer is very unique and inspired by breweries in the Lambic region of Belgium and, especially, our friends at Cantillon. It is 100% spontaneously fermented, meaning yeast is not added. Complete Story
Judge holds fate of Covington's Historic Bavarian Brewery
(September 1)The fate of the historic Bavarian Brewery in Covington is now in the hands of a Kenton County judge. Attorneys with the city of Covington and the property’s owner, casino and hotel operator Columbia Sussex, on Wednesday argued in Kenton County Circuit Court whether the 100-year-old brewery building should be torn down. Complete Story
Not Your Father's Root Beer keeps City Brewery in La Crosse hoppin'
(August 31) - Workers at City Brewery in La Crosse are toasting the success of a root beer on steroids because it is ensuring their jobs during a season when lager production often lags. Their job security comes from Not Your Father's Root Beer, which has alcoholic content by volume ranging from 5.9 percent to 19.5 percent and is vanishing from shelves faster than a rainbow after a spring rain. Complete Story
Auburn University's first brewing class celebrates graduation
(August 31) - Auburn University faculty and doting families gathered at Red Clay Brewing Company in Opelika to celebrate the graduation of 14 nontraditional students who made up the school's inaugural Brewing Science and Operations graduate certificate program. Complete Story
Builders and Brewers Look to Tap Into Brooklyn’s Beer Heritage
(August 31) - Besides its name, there is little about Schaefer Landing, a 350-unit apartment complex in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that betrays its history as one of New York City’s foremost breweries. No commemorative plaques, antique kegs or neon signs hang in the lobby or on the grounds to explain that, from 1915 to 1976, this was the site of the F&M Schaefer brew works, one of the largest and most advanced in the world. Complete Story
Microbrewery owner first Alabama woman to complete Auburn Brewing Science program
(August 31) - When the intricacies of brewing beer came up at Singin’ River Brewing Co., Michelle Forsythe Jones sometimes found herself wanting to ask questions. She and her husband, Rob, opened the first microbrewery in the Shoals, but while Rob brewed beer in college, her background was in business and finance. Complete Story
Sprecher Brewing marks 30th anniversary with 2-day bash in Juneau Park
(August 28) - There's a case to be made that Sprecher Brewing is the grandfather of Milwaukee's craft brewing scene. "They were one of the pioneers," said Mark Garthwaite, executive director of the Wisconsin Brewers Guild. "Sprecher probably got the jump on everybody." Complete Story

How Brewers Are Churning Out Tangy Sours Without The Hefty Price Tag
(August 28) - If you're tuned into the world of beer, you may be aware of sour beers — a loosely defined style that has been made for centuries but is gaining fresh appreciation in today's craft beer renaissance. Brewers make these beers by deliberately adding bacteria and, sometimes, wild yeast to the brew, then letting them age slowly. Complete Story
Ranking America's best-selling beers
(August 27) - According to VinePair, these are the 10 best-selling beers in America, listed from least to most popular: Heineken, Busch, Michelob Ultra, Busch Light, Natural Light, Corona Extra, Miller Lite, Budweiser, Coors Light, and Bud Light. Complete Story
Terrapin Beer teams up with ‘Walking Dead’ for Blood Orange IPA
(August 27) - If you’ve walked the downtown Athens streets at 2 a.m. on a weekend, it’s clear drinking too many beers turns some people into zombies (of sorts). So news of Terrapin Beer Co. releasing an official beer for “The Walking Dead” has a certain kismet to it (sort of). Complete Story
Joe Paterno beer: Is the highly anticipated commemorative beer worth the wait?
(August 27) - Over the course of the next few weeks, Joe Paterno beer will be for sale and on tap at more than 70 beer distributors, supermarkets and restaurants in Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry and Lebanon counties. Complete Story
Boulder's Fate Brewing Sues Arizona Brewery of the Same Name Over Trademark
(August 27) - Fate is a funny thing. And in this case, fate it has determined that two companies, both called Fate Brewing, would end up in court. Just days after Arizona's Fate Brewing opened a second major brewpub in the Phoenix area, Boulder's own Fate Brewing has filed suit against the company in U.S. District Court, claiming that the Arizona brewery is infringing on its trademark. Complete Story
Gluten-Reduced Beer Doesn't Have To Suck: Try Stone Brewing's Delicious IPA
(August 25) - For beer lovers with gluten allergies or an intolerance, there are now more ways to quench your thirst—either through cider or the growing number of gluten-free or gluten-reduced beers. One newer entry into the gluten-reduced beer market is Stone Brewing’s Delicious IPA. Delicious is quintessential Stone—driven by the appropriately-named newer hop varietal Lemondrop, it’s an endlessly drinkable beer, full of lemon candy, herbal and tropical fruit flavors balanced by the beer’s moderate bitterness. Complete Story
Anheuser-Busch to deliver more than 50,000 cans of water to firefighters in Washington, Northwest
(August 25) - Anheuser-Busch announced Monday that it is going to provide 2,156 cases of emergency drinking water — or 51,744 cans — for use by firefighters battling forest fires in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest. The company said a truck loaded with water will arrive this week in Wenatchee, Wash. Complete Story
Canadian Men, American Women Dominate Beer Mile World Classic
(August 25) - Current world record holder of the Beer Mile, Lewis Kent won the men’s elite race in 5:09, helping the Canadian team to first place, with American Brian Anderson six seconds behind him in second. On the women’s side, Caitlin Batten, of Charleston, South Carolina, took the women’s race in 6:48, leading a U.S. podium sweep that included second- and third-place finishes by former world record holder Chris Kimbrough and Bay Area local Lyndsay Harper. Complete Story
Not Your Father's Root Beer keeps La Crosse brewery hoppin'(August 24) - Workers at City Brewery in La Crosse are toasting the success of a root beer on steroids because it is ensuring their jobs during a season when lager production often lags. Their job security comes from Not Your Father’s Root Beer, which has alcoholic content by volume ranging from 5.9 percent to 19.5 percent and is vanishing from shelves faster than a rainbow after a spring rain. Complete Story
Tivoli Brewing reopens in Denver on Auraria campus
(August 24) - One of Denver's oldest breweries was resurrected Saturday with an eye on serving as a catalyst for the future of the city's craft beer industry. Nearly 50 years after ceasing operations, the Tivoli Brewing is up-and-running in the historic Tivoli building where the Rocky Mountain Brewing and successor Tivoli Brewery churned out beer for more than a century. Complete Story
21st Amendment Brewing Creates Pop-Tart Beer
(August 24) - Pop-Tart beer is the latest breakfast food brew craze. San Francisco brewer 21st Amendment created a new flavor of beer that tastes like a Pop-Tart. It's an homage to the history of its new facility, which was formerly a Kellogg's factory.The Pop-Tart inspired beer will be released Aug. 29. 
Budweiser doesn’t like this brewer’s ‘Queen of Beer’ campaign
(August 24) - Budweiser is an American lager that thinks itself as the “King of Beer.” It also wants to dethrone a purported queen. There is a bit of a turf war brewing between Budweiser brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev and a tiny California craft brewer named She Beverage Co., which last year registered “The Queen of Beer” phrase and began to launch sales at retailers and restaurants in April. Complete Story
Flat 12 Bierwerks will fetch you a beer for your dog
(August 20) - Craft beer is going to the dogs. No, no — the microbrewery bubble hasn’t burst. It’s really, seriously going to the dogs. Flat 12 Bierwerks has launched Indianapolis’ first “dog brew,” a non-alcoholic beer made especially for your canine companions. The beer is officially premiering Friday at the brewery’s pet adoption and supply drive for Heaven After Hell Rescue Shelter. Complete Story
(August 20) - Sativa IPA won't get you high, but it will almost certainly cause a healthy buzz at the Great American Beer Festival next month. The beer, made by Dad & Dudes Breweria in Aurora, is infused with cannabidiol oil, a non-psychoactive hemp extract. Although there are several hemp beers made in the United States, this may the first beer made with CBD. Complete Story
Craft brewers tap down resistance to Wall Street investors
(August 20) - Brooklyn Brewery, the craft beer maker operating from New York City's most populous borough, resisted taking money from investment firms for almost three decades, according to co-founder and Chairman Steve Hindy. Now the brewer of Brooklyn Lager is having second thoughts. Complete Story
Ghost Train Brewing, Birmingham's newest brewery, to launch first bottles this weekend(August 20) -
Husband and wife team Taylor and Paige DeBoer started Ghost Train Brewing in Birmingham earlier this year, and its first two beers will launch in bottles Saturday at Hop City. The DeBoer's are starting with their Devil Golden Ale and the Terminal Station Brown Ale, which are the pair's two session beers, meaning beers with lower alcohol by volume. Complete Story
Wanna bet? Sun King challenges New England brewery to wager on Colts-Patriots game
(August 17) - Enough with the "quarterback sux" insults. Indianapolis-based Sun King Brewery is ready to put its money where its mouth -- actually not its mouth, but the bottom of its beer can -- is. Taking to Twitter Friday, Colts-loving Sun King issued a challenge to rival, Patriots-loving Blue Hills Brewery, in Canton, Mass. Complete Story
This Saturday, Nebraska Beer Fest
(August 17) - The 7th Annual Great Nebraska Beer Fest will take place on Saturday, Aug 22 at Werner Park in Papillion. The event will feature 90 different breweries and about 500 different beers! We'll meet with Nebraska Brewing Company Co-Founder and Vice President Kim Kavulak and UNMC Development Director Jessica Feilmeier to talk about the event, and how it will benefit UNMC's Truslen Eye institute. Complete Story

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COZY NEW TAPROOM PUTS GRAPEVINE CRAFT BREWERY ON THE MAP(August 17) - In truth, what put Grapevine Craft Brewery on the map was probably its Lakefire rye pale ale, whose use of Cascade and Centennial hops balances with a sweet maltiness and subtle fruitiness. But in its new and expanded location near downtown Grapevine, the taproom is going to put butts in seats for the budding brewery, especially once the sun ceases its annual roast. Complete Story
GABF tickets sell out in 1 hour, 17 minutes
(August 15) - General public tickets for the Great American Beer Festival went on sale at 10 a.m. Wednesday, July 29th. And by 11:17 p.m., those tickets were sold out (something that shouldn't come as a shock to anyone who has tried to snag a spot at this highly sought-after event). Complete Story
Brewing mishap yields beer's offbeat name
(August 14) - Mike Brenner and Brenner Brewing Company took their first turn behind the tasting table at last weekend's Great Taste of the Midwest beer festival. It might surprise you that his Butterfly Farts beer wasn't the oddest name among the 160 breweries represented. Complete Story


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