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Arizona's women brew a craft beer for women’s shelters(February 20) - In partnership with a statewide collective of women brewers who convened in Tucson last month to help craft a special beer to raise funds for charity, Barrio Brewing Company announced that subsequent sales of its commemorative State Bird Double IPA raised $10,000 for women’s shelters. Complete Story

 What's new at Georgia's Oldest Craft Brewery - Red Brick Brewing Craft Beer of the Day:
Red Brick Brewing's HOPLANTA IPA

Red Brick Brewings Hoplanta IPA

BrewDog Breaks Into U.S. With Its Biggest Bar To Date(February 20) - Irreverent craft brewery, BrewDog, today officially lands in the booming craft beer scene across the pond with the launch of its first US bar, DogTap Columbus. With its brewery in Ohio on the verge of launch, DogTap will whet the appetite of beer aficionados across the state, teeing them up for the highly-anticipated opening of BrewDog’s first international brewery, which will open in Spring. Complete Story

Fruit Is Attracting New People to Craft Beer(February 19) - There was a time where I cringed at the sight of a raspberry wheat or berry blonde beer. I just thought it was too dainty and affected, and frankly, not worth purchasing. But when you start with a great beer, if done right, fruit in beer can be refreshing and flavorful, and a perfect sipper during the warmer months. Complete Story

How big was MadTree's grand opening? They ran out of beer(February 17) What does it take for one of Cincinnati's largest craft breweries to sell out of beer? A grand opening and more than 15,000 people.MadTree Brewing Co. opened the doors of MadTree 2.0– its $18 million expansion into Oakley – on Feb. 11. To say it was well-attended would be an understatement. MadTree spokesman Mike Stuart told me the brewery completely sold out of beer. That's 385 kegs of beer. Complete Story
AleSmith to Offer Speedway Stout in Cans(February 17) Ever want a 12 percent ABV roasty, toasty Russian imperial stout in a can? Doesn’t matter — San Diego-based AleSmith just put their signature Speedway Stout into cans. And not just any cans, but badass single-serving, 16-ounce, all black cans. Complete Story
Uinta Brewing Announces Beer Brewed to Support Our National Parks(February 16) - Uinta Brewing announced this week that they will be releasing a new Golden Ale dedicated to the National Park system in the U.S. The Salt Lake City–based brewery, which identifies itself as “a brand powered by adventure,” plans to release several iterations of the Golden Ale, each containing packaging honoring one of the nation’s National Parks. Complete Story
Sweetwater Brewing That Lost Bet With Samuel Adams Brewery Followed Through In Excellent Fashion(February 16) - It was one of the more well known bets that took place prior to Super Bowl 51. Samuel Adams brewery in Boston made a bet with an Atlanta based brewery, the loser had to put out a beer honoring the champs. SweetWater Brewing Co. followed through with their latest beer that honors the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. Complete Story
Richmond's Hardywood brewery ready to tap Charlottesville's craft-beer market on Saturday(February 16) - Hardywood Park Craft Brewery will be opening its Charlottesville pilot brewery and taproom on Saturday. The 3,600-sf space at 1000 W. Main St. will serve as the brewery’s main hub for research and development. Pilot recipes will be brewed on-site for patrons to taste and share their feedback, and popular beers tested at the brewery will be considered for wider production. Complete Story
Walmart sued for allegedly selling craft beer that isn't(February 15) - Sensing the way the beer winds were blowing, Walmart started selling its own line of craft beers early last year, the Washington Post reports. Now the retail giant is being accused of selling fake craft beers in order to trick customers into paying more in a lawsuit that calls Walmart's craft beers "wholesale fiction." Complete Story
Avery Brewing Barrels into 2017, Builds Around White Rascal(February 15) - Adam Avery isn’t running away from risk. “We jump the shark more often than we need to, but without jumping the shark, you don’t know what is possible,” says Avery, who started his namesake brewery in Boulder, Colorado, a quarter century ago with his father, Larry. “We need to do the things that we want to do and not be afraid.” Complete Story
25 most important American craft beers ever(February 15) - Last month, the magazine asked 21 beer industry luminaries to rank the most important craft beers of all time. Not the best, which would have been a ridiculous and impossible undertaking. The most important. Complete Story
8 Beautifully Minimalist Craft Beer Designs(February 14) - When it comes to craft beer labels, the offensive, animalistic, and downright frightening get a lot of attention. While those are all head turners, nothing really stands out like minimalistic design. A minimalistic beer label makes a statement on whatever overcrowded craft beer shelf it’s on. It’s bold, it’s simple, and among all the wacky designs out there, it’s eye-catching. Complete Story
Ghostfish Brewing Launches in Oregon and Earns Two Medals at the Best of Craft Beer Awards(February 14) - After recently expanding its distribution to Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho with the Odom Corporation, Ghostfish Brewing Company is excited to announce its launch into Northern Oregon. Ghostfish Brewing’s draught and packaged beers will be distributed by General Distributors. Complete Story
New Braunfels Brewing releasing Two New Beers this Month(February 14) - Bier No.217 is a blend of 80% Blondine and 20% Uber refermented in oak with brown sugar. Aging time is around 8-10 months (9 months for this release) after which we transfer the beer to a brite tank and add juniper berries for 10 days before packaging. Complete Story
Stone Brewing Unveils Stone Jindia Pale Ale and Stone Pataskala Red X IPA(February 14) - Today, Stone Brewing announces two seasonal additions to its 2017 lineup of offerings with the brand new Stone Jindia Pale Ale, and the return of the much loved Stone Pataskala Red X IPA. Making its debut as a Stone Imperial Seasonal, Stone Jindia Pale Ale is a double IPA, instilled with ginger, juniper berries, lemon peel and lime peel. The botanicals mix miraculously well with a double dose of the most delectable hops. Complete Story
Another craft beer cap that’s bad for business in North Carolina(February 13) - The explosion of fine local breweries – the Charlotte area now has more than two dozen – wouldn’t have happened without the N.C. legislature deciding that it was standing in the way of entrepreneurs a decade ago. Then, the Pop the Cap movement convinced lawmakers to lift an antiquated rule that limited how much alcohol brewers could have in their beers. Now, another old rule is blocking the state’s $1.2 billion craft beer industry from becoming an even greater success. Complete Story

Maui Brewing Co. Partners with Monkey Rum(February 13) - Maui Brewing Company is finalizing details on partnering with Monkey Rum, a portfolio of barrel aged, naturally sourced, award-winning premium rums to produce a very limited edition of barrel-aged craft spirits. Complete Story
Built for brewers: Eugene welder finds niche in beer-making systems(February 13) - Aaron Keeney about a decade ago fused his welding skills with a brewing hobby, creating a Eugene company known in the craft beer world. Keeney’s Synergy Brewing Systems makes stainless steel beer-making equipment for home-based and commercial brewers. The equipment, which includes three kettles and propane burners mounted on a stand with wheels, can make from five gallons to 30 gallons or more. Complete Story
Colorado leading canned craft beer surge(February 12) - Cans or bottles? That’s a growing conundrum for craft beer consumers. “For the longest time, the canned beers were mostly all American lagers,” said Brewers Association  Bart Watson. “Everything else you were buying came in bottles.” Complete Story
Meet Nick R Matt – the family tradition continues…(February 10) -As New York States 2nd oldest brewery and one of the oldest continuously family run breweries in America, the FX Matt Brewing Company in Utica NY has recently added one more Matt to the industry, Nick R Matt, son of Chairman and CEO Nick Matt and cousin to President and COO Fred Matt. Complete Story
Ohio got 40 more craft breweries last year, but still has room for many more(February 9) - Ohio closed 2016 with 194 craft breweries in the state, up by 40 from the year before. Counting federal permit applications for breweries yet to open, Ohio rises to 236 as of today with more surely to come. Meanwhile, the national count is well over 5,000 with breweries. Complete Story
This is what a $139 growler looks like(February 9) - The uKeg 64 retails for $139 at Amazon and the Growlerwerks website. A typical glass growler is $5-10. But, as you'll see, this is no ordinary glass growler. Is it worth the high price? That depends on the utility derived by the user. Complete Story
Craft beer does educational foundation good(February 9) - The “Brews and Bros” event at the Upland airport featured rows of tents offering tastes from more than 40 craft breweries along with wine and cider. Food trucks provided tasty morsels. Fun was a key factor but so was the sense of community and helping provide funds to the Claremont Educational Foundation, supporting art, music and technology. Complete Story
Bombers Away: Why brewers are abandoning big bottles(February 9) - Included in Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s January announcement about the release of its bourbon-aged imperial brown ale, Bravo, was this little nugget: Every beer in the brewery’s Vintage Reserve line—a group that includes beloved barrel-aged beers like Parabola, Sucaba and Velvet Merkin—will move out of 22-ounce bomber bottles and henceforth will only be bottled in the 12-ounce format. Complete Story
Rhinegeist Brewery Grows 80 Percent in 2016(February 8) - Cincinnati’s Rhinegeist Brewery continued its impressive growth in 2016, increasing production more than 80 percent, to 56,500 barrels. In a recent year-in-review, shared with Brewbound, co-founder Bryant Goulding said his company released 96 different offerings last year, including 24 pale ales and 17 IPAs. Complete Story
Insight BrewingGoing Solar With Beer(February 8) - A Twin Cities brewery is stepping up to reduce their carbon footprint. Insight Brewing in northeast Minneapolis will be Minnesota’s first brewery to offset 120 percent of its energy usage with solar power. WCCO’s Molly Rosenblatt caught up with the owner to find out how they’re making it happen. Complete Story
Hop Lovers Rejoice as Slipknot IPA is Released in 6-Packs(February 8) - Full Sail Brewing Company’s Brewmaster Reserve Slipknot IPA is now available in 6-packs. This three-time gold medal winner features a big Northwest hop aroma and robust bitterness balanced with a full malt body. Complete Story
Stone Brewing Addresses Fate of Old Guardian & Imperial Russian Stout(February 8) - Last month, Stone Brewing unveiled their 2017 release calendar. Many longtime Stone fans noticed that both Stone Imperial Russian Stout and Old Guardian Barleywine Style Ale did not show up on the product matrix. Word began swirling from retail and wholesalers that these two longtime strong ale staples were to be discontinued this year. Complete Story
Brewers Experiment by Distilling Beers(February 7) - Ever since Independent Distilling Co. moved in across the street from Three Taverns Craft Brewery, the two Georgia beverage makers wanted to find a way to work together beyond aging beer in used whiskey barrels. “Our brewmaster, Joran Van Ginderachter, who is from Belgium, had read about 3 Fonteinen distilling a batch of beer that had matured badly,” explains Three Taverns founder Brian Purcell. Complete Story
Sierra Nevada to launch Beer Camp across the world(February 7) - In June, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. will release Beer Camp Across the World, a variety 12-pack featuring collaboration beers with six American breweries and six international breweries. Complete Story
11-Hour Lines for a New Ale? Fans Wait, Breweries Worry(February 7) - Shortly before 11 on a Friday night in January, Justin Saurer parked his car on a gritty Brooklyn street that was best known for its McDonald’s and proximity to the toxic Gowanus Canal until Other Half Brewing Company opened in 2014. Mr. Saurer craved a first crack at the special India pale ale that Other Half had created to celebrate its third anniversary. Complete Story
CU grad who caught craft-beer bug in Boulder opens Jordan’s first microbrewery(February 7) - Yazan Karadsheh pours pints of beer from the Carakale Brewing Company taproom, looking out on tranquil hills as the sun disappears behind them. Karadsheh, 32, is the brewery’s founder, CEO and master brewer. Now, as the brewery grows — it celebrated its third anniversary in November — Karadsheh is realizing his dreams. Complete Story

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Craft beer class offered at Sonoma State(February 7) - Sonoma County has long been a destination for wine enthusiasts, but many don’t realize that Sonoma County is also known worldwide as a craft beer destination. The county is home to many world class breweries such as Russian River Brewing Co., Moonlight Brew Co., Bear Republic Brewing Co. and New Albion Brewing Co. Now, Sonoma State University is offering a 10 week course in Craft Beer Appreciation through the School of Extended & International Education. Complete Story

Boulevard is now ‘official craft beer’ partner of the Royals(February 4) - The Boulevard Brewing Company announced Wednesday that the Royals have named Boulevard as their “official craft beer” partner. The Royals said the agreement means more types of Boulevard beers will be available at Kauffman Stadium. Complete Story

Nebraska Brewers join forces against proposed bill limiting craft beer business(February 4) - Brewers of craft beer in Nebraska are mobilizing after a proposed bill could put a bottleneck on business. "Why do you think they would do this?" asked Don Granese. "Well that's the mystery. We're not entirely certain of the motivation behind the introduction of this legislation," said Kim Kavulak, owner of Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild. Complete Story

Craft Beer Hits New Heights at This SpaceX-Adjacent Brewery(February 4) - Craft beer has officially come to Hawthorne. The South Los Angeles city flanked by beer bigwigs like Torrance is now getting into the game itself with the official arrival of Los Angeles Ale Works, a patio-friendly newcomer right around the corner from SpaceX. Complete Story
6 Michigan breweries take home medals in Craft Beer Awards(February 4) - Michigan's growing craft beer industry is getting some much deserved recognition. Six Michigan breweries took home medals at the annual Best of Craft Beer Awards, which includes beers from around the world. Held in Oregon, judges taste beers in more than 150 style categories. Complete Story
Dogfish Head Announces Beer To Drink Music To ’17(February 2) - In celebration of the upcoming 10th anniversary of Record Store Day, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is releasing Beer To Drink Music To ’17, a tropical blonde ale, and will unite with Crosley Radio, architect of the iconic turntable, to kick off a two-month city tour of independent record stores and beer bars, sharing the love of vinyl, analog music and delicious craft brews. Complete Story
Boulder Beer Co to release Irish Blessing Oak-Aged Coffee Stout(February 2) - Irish Blessing is a dark coffee Stout brewed with an abundance of black and chocolate malts for a bittersweet chocolate finish, and OZO Coffee for rich roasted coffee notes. The beer is then aged on oak that’s been soaked in Jameson Irish Whiskey. It clocks in at 6.8% ABV and 40 IBU’s. This brand new release will be available exclusively on draft for a limited time. Complete Story
Melvin Brewing Co. Goes Off the Grid(February 2) - Melvin Brewing Co. co-founder Jeremy Tofte is an unconventional guy. He lives in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, which he drives to beer festivals across the country. The van has everything he needs: his mountain bike, snowboards, surfboards, TV and a PlayStation. Complete Story
Stone Brewing Begins Shipping Tangerine Express IPA(February 2) - Today, Stone Brewing announces the newest addition to its lineup of year-round offerings, Stone Tangerine Express IPA. Packed with whole tangerine and pineapple, this is Stone and this IPA is big, bold and not for kids. Stone Tangerine Express IPA will debut in bars, restaurants and stores where Stone beers are sold beginning this week. Complete Story
Yak & Yeti Brewpub Rebrands as Spice Trade Brewing(February 2) - The famed Yak & Yeti Brewpub, recognized as one of Colorado’s best Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan food restaurants and known for its award-winning beers, today announced its rebrand as Spice Trade Brewing Co. Complete Story
Meet the man behind the Warped Wing cans(February 1) - Every Warped Wing beer can tells a story. From the story of local engineer Ermal Fraze's invention of the pop tab, to a whimsical take on the historical Miami Canal, the downtown Dayton craft brewery's can designs both celebrate local history and borrow from the past to create a mythology of tales unique to the brewery's brand. Complete Story
Port City Turns Six, Releases COLOSSAL SIX(February 1) - Port City will release a new beer in its COLOSSAL series. COLOSSAL SIX, this year's addition, is a Russian Imperial Stout that fans can have for the first time at a two-day release party at the brewery this weekend Complete Story
Beer and Yoga Join Forces at the Bronx Brewery(February 1) - People who enjoy practicing yoga and drinking beer can now do both at the Bronx Brewery. People who enjoy practicing yoga and drinking beer can now do both at the Bronx Brewery. If you see people horizontal and facing downward at the Bronx Brewery, don't just assume they have had too much to drink.  Complete Story
If You Love Having a Beer in the Shower, This Brew Is for You(February 1) - We've all had a shower beer. Why? Because it's one of the few pure, unadulterated pleasures in life. And now, a Swedish brewery has created the ultimate shower beer, because it's designed specifically for that very purpose. Complete Story



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