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Craft beer maker Lagunitas to convert Charleston brewpub into a taproom(July 1) - One of the nation’s largest makers of craft beers has struck a deal to invest in and take over Southend Brewery and Smokehouse in downtown Charleston while mixing in a novel twist for nonprofit groups. Lagunitas Brewing Co. announced on its website Wednesday that it has signed a contract to convert the longtime brewpub at East Bay and Queen streets into Lagunitas Taproom and Beer Sanctuary. Complete Story

Google Talks: "The Craft Beer Revolution"
Brooklyn Beer's Steve Hindy
2016 U.S. Open Has
Record Number of Women Judges

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The Alchemist opens new Stowe brewery
(July 1) - In 2013, when the Alchemist brewery announced it would stop retail sales of Heady Topper at its Waterbury brewery, the Alchemist's website crashed — an indication of people's love for and devotion to the double IPA in 16-ounce cans. Complete Story
Russian River Brewing Co. moves forward with new Windsor brewery
(July 1) - Russian River Brewing Company is ready to expand its empire. Owners Natalie and Vinnie Cilurzo have secured financing to proceed with the construction of the popular Sonoma County brewery’s second location. The Cilurzos closed escrow this month on a 15-acre plot of land in Windsor, about 7 miles from their original downtown Santa Rosa brewpub. Complete Story
Craft beer drinkers are the healthiest kind of drinkers
(June 29) - According to the survey, 80 percent of craft beer drinkers between the ages of 21 and 34 consider beer a treat (77 percent of those between 35 and 44). Of craft beer drinkers between the ages of 21 and 34, 60 percent say they only drink it on the weekends. According to the poll, those who favor other types of alcohol are less likely to think of their drinking habits that way. Complete Story
Sen. Klobuchar continues push to protect your craft beer choices
(June 28) - U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar is again pushing to make sure Minnesota’s craft brewing industry can grow and prosper. This comes as the federal government considers granting regulatory approval for a merger between the world’s two largest beer companies – Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) and SABMiller. Complete Story

Beer + Ice Cream: 5 Simple Beer Floats You Simply Have to Try this Summer
(June 29) -When it's this hot out, there are only a few ways to cool down that satisfy, and a frosty beer or scoop of ice cream definitely top our list. Both are true treats that taste great on their own, but if you’re not mixing the two together, you’re missing out on what is certainly the best dessert you enjoy this season. Complete Story
MSU’s century-old barley revived to make Michigan beer
(June 29) - In the waning days of prohibition, Congress legalized 3.2 beer, opening up a new market for Michigan farmers. For years they had been growing Spartan barley, a grain developed at Michigan State College in 1916, and sold it to soup makers and producers of livestock feed. Complete Story
3,300 cases of beer stolen from Atlanta brewery(June 22) - More than 3,000 cases of beer were stolen from an Atlanta craft brewery early Tuesday. Two trailers that contained 3,272 cases of beer were taken from SweetWater Brewing Company on Ottley Drive, company spokeswoman Tucker Berta Sarkisian said. Each trailer contained 20 pallets of SweetWater’s Summer Variety Pack, she said. Complete Story

Fort Collins Brewery Ditches Glass Bottles to Package Exclusively in Cans
(June 22) - Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) is excited to announce that they will be moving their entire lineup to cans starting with their 2015 GABF® Gold Medal Winner Oktoberfest, to release in August. Complete Story
10 Bed and Brews Changing Beer Travel
(June 22) - Today, travelers have ample lodging choices that range from upscale resorts to cozy bed and breakfasts. But thanks to the growth of small and independent craft breweries, we’re starting to see more and more breweries on hotel grounds offering options for traveling beer lovers. Complete Story
Founding brewer for MIA Beer Company killed in car crash(June 22) - A well-known brewer in Miami’s craft beer scene was killed in a car crash over the weekend. Piero Rodriguez, one of MIA Beer Company’s founding brewers, was killed in an accident early Sunday, owner Eddie Leon confirmed. He was 34. Complete Story

Off Grid Ales to produce beer using solar and wind energy(June 22) - Off Grid Ales is getting ready to start production on new brews that promise to be greener than anything offered on St. Patrick's Day. That's because the Harvey Lake brewery will be powered by solar and wind energy. Complete Story 
Judge Dismisses Blue Moon “Craft Beer” Lawsuit Against MillerCoors (Again)
(June 22) - Last year, a California man sued MillerCoors over its continued labeling of its Blue Moon brew as a “craft beer.” In October, a federal court threw out the case against the mega-brewer. A federal judge has now ended the argument once and for all, dismissing an amended complaint the plaintiff filed after the first case was tossed out. Complete Story

Craft Beer Explosion: Do Big Players Want “In” at Any Cost?
(June 21) - The craft beer market has enjoyed incredible growth in the U.S. -- production has more than doubled to 24.5 million barrels over the past five years as the craft segment now lays claim to 12.2% share of total beer industry volume and an even more impressive 21% of sales volume. Complete Story
Christian Moerlein to release imperial hefeweizen
(June 21) - Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. will release an imperial hefeweizen made with blackberries to help celebrate its 1,000th batch brewed and Cincinnati Beer Week. The beer is called Thousand Weiss. The beer, available in a 22-ounce bottle and on draft, will be released first at a special tapping at 5 p.m. Tuesday (June 21) at Cappy's Wine and Spirits in Loveland. Complete Story
Stone RuinTen Triple IPA Celebrates Fifth Straight Year‏
(June 21) - The ever-popular Stone RuinTen Triple IPA otherwise known by Stone Brewing as “a stage dive into a mosh pit of hops” is back to satisfy palates of the highest order of hop fanatics. The triple IPA will make its annual return in 22-ounce bottles and on draft at select retailers, bars and restaurants where Stone beer is sold, beginning the week of June 20. Complete Story

Oregon coast brewery options grow by 3: Pelican, Public Coast, Reach Break
‏(June 21) - Well, in fact, three new breweries are popping up on Oregon's northern coast to expand your palate. Two are open in Cannon Beach — Pelican Brewing and Public Coast Brewing — and Reach Break Brewing is coming together for a late summer/early fall opening in Astoria. Complete Story

New Belgium Brewing to Release Second Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream-Inspired Beer
(June 20) - New Belgium Brewing and Ben & Jerry’s are teaming up once again to create a new ice cream inspired beer while raising awareness about climate change. Inspired by one of Ben & Jerry’s smash hits, New Belgium has developed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale, a special release beer to hit the shelves in the fall. Complete Story

Don't Believe the Hype. Craft Beer Isn't Dying(June 18) - There's no denying the industry is slowing as craft beer sales this year have risen at less than half the rate they did a year ago. And with more craft breweries in existence now than at any time in the past, it may be a case of the industry simply being diluted by its own success. Complete Story
Homebrewers Zymurgy magazine crowns Russian River’s Pliny the Elder best beer in America(June 18) - The results are in! For the eighth year running, Russian River’s well-known and beloved double IPA, Pliny the Elder, has been tapped for the top spot on Zymurgy magazine’s list of the Best Commercial Beers in America. Members of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA)—which publishes Zymurgy—were able to choose up to 20 of their favorite commercial beers available for purchase in the United States in an online voting system. More than 18,000 votes poured in. Complete Story

(June 18) - What’s more is that craft beer lovers also seem to be more interested in staying in shape, with 57% of those surveyed saying they exercise a few times a week, versus only 52% of normal booze-goers. Complete Story
Hamilton’s Municipal Brew Works open for business
(June 9) Hamilton’s first brewery in 80 years — Municipal Brew Works opened Wednesday as more than 75 people lined up to sample four brews that were on tap for the grand opening. Sean Willingham, the head brewer at Municipal Brew Works, was pleased with the early turnout and said the business is poised to for a long run in the city. Complete Story

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Brewers Association says Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Sam Adams and Yuengling are all down in sales so far in 2016
(June 6) - Large craft brewing companies that are do qualify for the Brewers Association definition, such as Yuengling, Boston Beer, New Belgium and Sierra Nevada, are all down a combined 4 percent. This surprising data could point to a shift from consumers drinking larger regional breweries and focusing more on their smaller locals. Complete Story

Aging Beer: The Basics of Cellaring Your Brews
(June 5) - Aging beer can have an enormous impact upon it. It can round out the flavors, tone down the hops, and lead to the development of new esters as the beer begins to take on different characteristics until it eventually becomes an entirely different beverage, sometimes almost nothing like its original, un-aged kin. Complete Story
Six Degrees Of Sep-BEER-ation
(June 4) -  I achieved beer nirvana…I would call it Beervana, but another beer festival has already claimed the rights on that one. A few months ago I suggested to Mrs. Healer that I thought it would be a good idea for me to grab a notepad and pen and head over to Melbourne for an “educational trip” to The Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular.  Complete Story
Temperature and its effect on packaged beer
(May 27) - People often ask how long a can or bottle of beer will last if they buy it now. It’s a bit of a loaded question because there are many variables to consider when trying to provide an accurate answer. But, it is asked frequently because there are a number of misconceptions and myths floating around. Complete Story




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