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Independent Craft Brewer Seal Has Momentum(July 20) - Since its release on July 27, the Brewers Association’s new independent craft brewer seal is garnering a great deal of attention. As your association, we are very excited to confirm that many in the beer community have taken immediate steps to sign the license agreement and obtain the art. Importantly, more than 1,250 brewing companies have signed the agreement. Complete Story

  U.S. Open Beer Championship
Announces the Medal Winners
 Craft Beers Being Taken Over
By Big Beer Companies
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Bipartisan beer caucus hops into debate over tax reform
(July 20) - A surprising cause might play a role in bipartisan tax reform later this year: beer. Members of both parties are expressing support for craft brewing, with a caucus even forming in the House to champion it. The House Small Brewers Caucus has 225 members, more than half of the chamber, making it the largest bipartisan caucus on Capitol Hill. Complete Story
Sam Adams bringing mentor program to Chicago, releases beers from participating brewers
(July 20) - A few months before Chris Spinelli was ready to open the doors to Roc Brewing Co. in April 2011, the former financial advisor faced a conundrum: He didn’t have the $10,000 he needed to buy a keg washer, a device that -- you guessed it -- cleans and sanitizes kegs. Complete Story
Craft Breweries Across the US Unveil Their Beer Recipes in New Guide Launched by the American Homebrewers Association
(July 20) - Love beer? And your nearby brewery? Celebrating local, independent breweries, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA)—the leading community for homebrewers—today unveiled its inaugural 50-State Commercial Beer Clone Recipes Guide. The AHA compiled the list, which features recipes scaled down to 5 to 10 gallon batches, after reaching out to breweries nationwide. Complete Story
Big beer is evil: Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch explains
(July 19) - Greg Koch is loud and he recognizes not only the power of his voice but the platform he has to use it on. If there were a Mount Rushmore of craft beer, the co-founder and executive chairman of California brewing behemoth Stone Brewing would be on it. Complete Story
Coronado Brewing to purchase Monkey Paw Brewing
(July 19) - The craft-brewing industry is in a state of flux, forcing companies within it to reexamine their business models and, in the case of larger operations, alter them in order to thrive or, in some cases survive. Complete Story
Sam Adams bringing mentor program to Chicago, releases beers from participating brewers
(July 19) - A few months before Chris Spinelli was ready to open the doors to Roc Brewing Co. in April 2011, the former financial advisor faced a conundrum: He didn’t have the $10,000 he needed to buy a keg washer, a device that -- you guessed it -- cleans and sanitizes kegs. Complete Story
Shmaltz Brewing Announces Collector’s Edition Star Trek Beer Release
(July 19) - Shmaltz Brewing Company goes to Comic-Con International with a unique Collector’s Edition release commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 2017 marks 30 years since Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered in September 1987, and Shmaltz Brewing kicks off the anniversary festivities during Comic-Con (July 20 – 23). Complete Story
Once A Craft Beer Darling, New Belgium Brewing Is Struggling To Go From Niche To National
(July 18) - In January 2013, Kim Jordan, the cofounder and CEO of New Belgium Brewing, called an all-hands meeting and stunned employees by announcing that the company had been sold. Once the gasps subsided, she told staffers that the envelopes on their chairs contained the identity of the buyer. Inside they found a mirror, Jordan's way of informing them that they were the new owners of New Belgium through an employee stock-ownership plan. Complete Story
A Brewery Made a Pink-Bottled 'Beer for Her' and People Aren't Happy
(July 17) - Ginger Johnson, the founder of the website Women Enjoying Beer, has literally written the book on marketing beer to women, because she says that beer companies have no clue how to do it without being disrespectful at best, clueless at worst. Complete Story 

The Stocks Behind the Best-Selling Beers of 2017
(July 17) -Beer is big business in the United States. Americans spent $34 billion on these alcoholic beverages in the last year, or about a third of the budget that they dedicate to water purchases. Complete Story
Canadian beers win at US Open Beer Championship
(July 16) - Canadian breweries were among the winners at the 2017 US Open Beer Championship held at the beginning of July. In a statement, the US Open Beer Championship says there were more than 6,000 beers – representing more than 100 different styles – from breweries from Vermont to Vietnam that entered the competition this year. Complete Story
Late to the craft beer scene, Milwaukee’s small brewers are a big hit
(July 16) - The question arrived early on a Saturday at Good City Brewing, which opened less than a year ago near Milwaukee’s handsome, weathered downtown. During a wave of brewery openings in a city most familiar with the classic brands made there — Miller, Schlitz and Pabst — Good City has been particularly popular. Complete Story
Craft beer craze inspires Leetonia's Knucklehead Hop Farm
(July 16) - More and more breweries are popping up around here and as the demand for local beer increases, so does the demand for everything it takes to make beer. That's where a place like Knucklehead Hop Farm comes in. If you drive by Jon Rydarowicz's place in Leetonia, at first glance you might wonder just what he's doing back there. Complete Story
Coney Island Brewery is Making Cotton Candy Beer
(July 14) - Are you an adult who loves the taste of cotton candy, but feels a little childish walking around in public with a cloud of sugar? First of all, have no shame, but second of all: You're in luck! New York's own Coney Island Brewery just debuted a cotton candy-flavored beer for you to sip on all summer long. Complete Story             
As universities offer beer courses, what do teachers prefer to drink?
(July 14) - With Virginia Commonwealth University recently joining the University of Richmond in offering courses about beer and the craft beer industry, we wondered: What are the beer preferences of the teachers and professors? Complete Story
Fieldwork Brewing in Napa, Brewsters Beer Garden in Petaluma put family back in craft brews
(July 14) - wo new North Bay craft-beer-focused restaurants are taking a page from Old World beer-garden culture to create New World family-friendly environments. Fieldwork Brewing Company opened three brewpubs and taprooms in West Berkeley, midtown Sacramento and at Napa’s Oxbow Public Market over a two-year period. Complete Story
You Asked, We Answered: Is N.H.'s Craft Beer Hype Actually Brewing Big Business?
(July 14) -If you’ve visited the grocery store beer aisle lately, you might have noticed a growing number of beer options, many of them brewed right here in New Hampshire. These hoppy IPAs, porters, and session ales are all part of the craft beer movement. Complete Story
New label craft beer upside down
(July 13) - With the rise in craft beer brands that have been bought by larger producers, including Anheuser-Busch InBev, more people are standing in beer aisles, squinting at the tiny type on the labels to see who actually bottles their beer. Complete Story
Coppertail Brewing will trade you one of your mass-produced beers for their Independent pilsner this summer
(July 13) - The Tampa craft brewery is bringing its Industrial Beer Amnesty Program to Miami, exchanging a can or bottle of mass-produced beer for one of their Independent pilsners — all brewed, bottled and distributed in Florida. They started the program in their Tampa taproom last year and are now taking it on the road. Complete Story
How Barack Obama Became the First President to Brew Beer at the White House
(July 13) - Who was the first president to brew beer on White House grounds? The tempting answer is a Founding Father or president from the pre-Prohibition era, but home brewers didn’t practice their craft at the White House until 2011. Obama was the first president to host a White House brewing session, and Sam Kass, Obama’s former senior adviser for nutrition policy, was instrumental in making that happen. Complete Story
 What a case of beer will cost you in every state
(July 13) - Summertime is finally here. With the warm weather, that usually means barbecues, pool parties, or some sort of social event that may require you to BYOB. But how much will that cost? Turns out, it can vary significantly depending on the state you live in. Here at Simple Thrifty Living, we wanted to try to find out how much beer costs throughout the country. Complete Story

These two North Carolina craft breweries are tops in the country
(July 11) - Two North Carolina breweries cleaned up at the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship and rank among the best in the country. Lynnwood Brewing Concern in Raleigh came in at No. 3 in the contest, and Appalachian Mountain Brewery in Boone came in at No. 7. Complete Story
California May Soon Let Colleges Sell Beer Brewed By Students
(July 11) - A bill headed to Gov. Jerry Brown would allow California colleges that teach brewing to sell the beer they make. The proposal builds on laws that already let schools raise funds selling wine they’ve produced. Complete Story
BrewDog lose legal battle with Elvis Presley’s estate over the name of one of their beers
(July 11) - The beer firm launched their grapefruit and blood orange Elvis Juice IPA in 2015 and they say it has become one of the company’s best-selling products. Complete Story
Lots of “craft” beer is brewed by Anheuser-Busch — here’s how to spot the real stuff
(July 11) - As Big Beer has snapped up craft breweries, it’s grown harder to tell who the true indies are. But a new industry effort hopes to clear up the confusion by declaring their ownership right on the bottle. More than 800 breweries — including Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada and New Belgium — will soon begin printing seals on their beers that identify them as “Certified Independent Craft.” Complete Story
Cubs Fans’ New Craft Beer Destination Opens Tuesday Next to Wrigley Field
(July 11) - While the slumping Cubs lick their wounds during All Star Break, hope is coming to Wrigleyville for craft beer fans: Lucky Dorr opens on Tuesday. Matthias Merges’ (Old Irving Brewing, Billy Sunday, Yusho, A10) new bar sits on Wrigley Field’s new plaza and offers fans plenty of outdoor seating and exclusive collaborative beers from an impressive group of Chicago’s best brewers. Complete Story
U.S. Open Beer Championship Announces Grand National Champion & Medal Winners
(July 10) - Oxford, OH (July 10, 2017) – Breweries from Vermont to Vietnam sent in more than 6,000 beers representing over 100 different styles for the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship, which announced winners today. The competition includes professional breweries and award-winning home-brewers, with judges from England, Canada and the United States. The complete winner’s list can be found at U.S. Open Winners List.

Mikkeller to Open Brewery and Restaurant Inside New York Mets’ Stadium
(July 7) - Danish gypsy brewer Mikkeller is planning to open its second U.S. brewery this fall, complementing its San Diego location with an east coast operation in Flushing, Queens. This brewery won’t just be about beer, though: Mikkeller NYC is being built out inside Citi Field, the home stadium of the New York Mets. Complete Story
Ghostfish Makes a Gluten Free Breakthrough
(July 7) - Jason "Ig Jones" Yerger is the head brewer of Ghostfish Brewing, a 100% gluten free brewery and pub in Seattle, Washington. He's about as guarded as a vacant lot. He wants to spill his secrets, in fact, he’s dying to. Complete Story
Legislative Update: Delaware Increases Alcohol Tax; North Carolina Approves ‘Brunch Bill’
(July 7) - Delaware lawmakers earlier this week agreed to a state budget that includes an increase in the tax on alcohol, tobacco and real estate sales, which Gov. John Carney signed on July 1, according to Delaware State News. Complete Story
San Diego Is Getting an Official Beer
(July 6) - “72 and Hoppy” is a Session IPA featuring Mosaic, El Dorado, and Ekuanot hops, “which lend bright citrus notes to the IPA style that has become a calling card for San Diego beer,” according to the tourism organization. Complete Story
King Harbor Brewing in Redondo Beach boiling up craft beer reminiscent of marijuana
(July 6) - Is the logical evolution of the rapidly growing craft beer and recently legalized marijuana industries a convergence that could provide a potent pint of liquid pot? You might think so after tasting King Harbor Brewing Co.’s Lupulin IPA, a dank, juicy, intense India Pale Ale that threatens to overwhelm the taste buds with a redolent, almost piquant, fruit-forward richness that’s devoid of bitterness. Complete Story

Oakland overflowing with beer gardens
(July 6) - On a recent weekday in Oakland, only a few hours before the Temescal neighborhood’s post-work crowd found its way to Arthur Mac’s Tap & Snack, Walter Pizarro, 36, and his wife, Regina Chagolla, 31, sat down at a picnic table in the shop’s beer garden. Complete Story
Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week Statement on Brewery Participation
(July 5) - Since the founding of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, the goal of the 10-day celebration was to “Support and promote craft beer in the Greater Pittsburgh area.” This is a mission statement that we, the current board for the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Alliance stand by today. Complete Story
Vietnam's booming craft beer scene
(July 5) - Vietnam's craft beer scene is booming, having welcomed more than a dozen micro-breweries in the past two years. "The beer culture in Vietnam starts with Bia Hoi," Hao Tran, managing editor of lifestyle website Vietcetera, tells CNN. The craft beer scene that has evolved has done so from people drinking beer in the Old Quarter in Hanoi or Bui Vien Street in Saigon, he says. Complete Story
Four Maine brewers fight EPA plan to repeal clean water regulation
(July 5) - Four Maine breweries have signed on to an effort to fight the Trump administration’s plan to repeal a rule that gave the Environmental Protection Agency wide authority to regulate pollution in wetlands and other bodies of water that run into major rivers. Complete Story

How The Story Of Beer Is The Story Of America
(July 4) - If you crack open a beer this Fourth of July, history might not be the first thing on your mind. But for Theresa McCulla, the first brewing historian at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, the story of beer is the story of America. Complete Story
Craft brewers assert their independence as fireworks erupt over who’s making the beer
(July 4) - When it comes to the beer business, the Fourth of July weekend is as big as it gets, with consumers spending a billion dollars on beer by some estimates. So, perhaps it's fitting that as beer drinkers reach for a few cold ones this weekend, there are fireworks erupting over "independence" in the beer industry. Complete Story
Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale manufactured to hydrate drinkers
(July 4) - For decades, beer has been marketed as a thirst-quenching, refreshing drink. But there's really only sketchy evidence that beers — even though they may taste great — actually are true thirst quenchers. That hasn't stopped the imaginative beer makers at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery from trying to set a benchmark. Its new SeaQuench Ale, a tart, slightly sour lime-infused low alcohol beer with a dash of sea salt, is the result of more than two years of research. Complete Story
The end of 3.2 beer in Utah could be decided by other states
(July 3) - The state of Utah could be forced to no longer sell 3.2 beer because other states are abandoning it. Kansas is the latest state to consider doing away with it. That state's legislature is considering House Bill 2282, which would allow grocery and convenience stores to sell stronger beer. Compromise legislation could be voted on by the Kansas State Legislature in May or June, said Jessica Lucas, a lobbyist and spokeswoman for the group "Uncork Kansas," which supports the change. Complete Story
Craft brewers assert their independence as fireworks erupt over who’s making the beer
(July 3) - When it comes to the beer business, the Fourth of July weekend is as big as it gets, with consumers spending a billion dollars on beer by some estimates. So, perhaps it's fitting that as beer drinkers reach for a few cold ones this weekend, there are fireworks erupting over "independence" in the beer industry. Complete Story
A local craft beer that best describes each SEC team
(June 2) - There’s nothing better than enjoying a cold beer while watching college football on Saturdays. Whether you’re at a tailgate, watching at your favorite sports bar or local brewery, or even at the game itself, it’s nice to crack open a beer and cheer on your favorite team. Complete Story
Vermont brewery uses solar power to brew beer
(June 2) - Rock Art Brewery raised its glass this week and made history by being the first brewery to can the benefits of sunlight. Matt Nadeau, the owner of Rock Art, says it's always been a dream of his to use sunlight to make beer. After six months of prep work, the big switch happened. Complete Story

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Brooklyn Brewery Announces Hong Kong Joint Venture(July 1) - Brooklyn Brewery announced its fourth international brewing venture this week with the formation of HK Yau Brewing Company in Hong Kong. The project is the latest partnership between the New York craft brewery and Danish brewer Carlsberg. Brooklyn Brewery president Robin Ottaway told Brewbound that Carlsberg was a natural fit due to its strong existing on-premise game, distribution ties and expertise in the market. Complete Story
A-B InBev's brewers come out swinging against new craft brew seal
(July 1) - The world's largest brewer has unleashed its marketing team on the Brewers Association after the trade group unveiled a new seal of approval for independent craft brews. Complete Story
Meet The Indiana Jones Of Ancient Ales And Extreme Beverages
(July 1) - He is sometimes known as the Indiana Jones of his area of research — ancient ales, wines and extreme beverages. Others call him Dr. Pat. Patrick McGovern has spent decades searching for and analyzing the residues of fermented drinks that can be hundreds or thousands of years old — and then re-creating them. Complete Story


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